0 MAC Peacocky collection part I - Mega Metal Eyeshadows

I went bonkers for this collection and bought about 2/3 of the collection - 12 eyeshadows and 6 kissable lip colors and I am lovin all the colors that I bought. As I don't really like browns, I didn't buy the 3 browns e/s in this collection, but I bought all the rest....

Texture of all the mega metal eyeshadows are super smooth and blendable, and the darker colors like obalisque and noir plum and papparazz-she have reallly good color pay off on their own even without using a base. All colors swatched here are swatched without eye shadow base

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Top of Posh: A beautiful shade of pink with some light gold undertones in it. Can be used LIGHTLY as a cheek color or on top of other pink blushers to give a subtle pink glow to the face

Mating Call: Reminds me of a more toned down & metallic version of creme d violet e/s from the regular range

Noir Plum: The perfect shade of dark purple for purple smokey looks. Unlike some MAC purples which look dark in the pan but when applied, become sheer on th eyes. This is just as pigmented as how it looks like in the pan. What u see is what u get.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Dalliance: The perfect all over the eye base color. Great on both its own and combined with other e/s as well. A very versatile color. Kinda reminds me of Mineralism e/s from MAC's regular range, but without the glitter fallout and slightly more frosty

Peek at you: Great as a brow bone highlighting color, not a unique color though...I think it's pretty dupeable imho.

Prance: This also makes a beautiful wash of color all over the eyes. Has a slight taupe-pink undertone in it if u see it carefully in real life. Very pretty.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Odalisque: I love turqoises and teal e/s. And this is no exception. Great pigmentation and texture. It's somewhat of a cross between shimmermoss and parrot e/s

Ego: Looks greenish in the pan, but when swatched, the brownish grey undertones to it is more pronounced. I would imagine that this would work great with Club and Humid e/s from the regular range

Dandizette: An excellent navy blue for smokey looks. Blends better than Flashtrack e/s imho.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Tweet Me: Looks very similar to Expensive pink eyeshadow with the same pinkish goldish undertone. If u have Expensive Pink, you could skip this...

Paparazz-she: Bright orange with a brown under tone to it. Kinda reminds me of Firespot e/s from MAC's neo sci-fi collection

Sexpectation: Reminds me of MAC's cranberry e/s when i first swatched this on the hand....

Next part - the kissable lip colors from Peacocky collection which I bought.


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