0 Colored eyeliner FOTD 21 July 2014

Recently I have been really lazy in doing colorful eye shadow looks, so I used colored liners instead to accentuate my eyes. Here is my latest make up look with a neutral eye and colored eyeliner. So next time if u wanna spruce up a neutral eye for work to a going out kinda make up look without much fuss, just change the colour of the eyeliner. It is so much more effortless like doing a smokey eye or a colorful eye makeup esp if u are a beginner to make up. 

Items used to recreate the look:

Urban Decay primer potion
MAC Honey lust eyeshadow (on whole eyelid)
MAC Saddle eyeshadow (on outer corner and socket)
MAC Hey eyeshadow (for highlight)
YSL Baby doll eyeliner in Patina blue (upper lashline)
Urban decay Urban eyeshadow from electric palette (on lower lashline)

MAC royal sunset blush

MAC Saint germain lipstick 

0 Name that Lippie

Decided to do a post of myself wearing a few different colors of lippies with different eye make up

1. MAC Strikingly Fabulous mineralized lipstick

2. All fired up lipstick (Retro matte)

3. Relentlessly red lipstick (Retro matte)

4. MAC Pink pigeon lipstick (Matte)

4. MAC Sweet and Sour lipstick (Satin)

5. MAC Viva glam Rihanna (Frost)

6. MAC Pleasurebomb lipstick (Matte)

0 MAC A Fantasy of Flowers lipstick haul

Bought 4 lipsticks from A Fantasy of flowers. All 4 lippies are of the lustre finish and have sheer colour payoff which requires layering for the color to appear. I would not comment on the lasting power as being Lustres (high shine texture), I would not expect them to last long on me. Anyway, I don't mind touching up my lippies.  The colours I bought were

Heavenly Hybrid
Dreaming Dahlia
Rose Lily

Of the 4 lipsticks I love Dreaming Dahlia the most and Rose lily the least (Rose lily no matter how much effort I tried in prepping my lips still appear patchy on me :( )

Snapdragon has a slightly shimmery finish which when applied makes it look like I am wearing a gloss with shimmers in it. I had to layer about 3 to 4 layers of this color to get it to appear more opaque. Its quite a nice colour, but I wished it could be slightly more opaque. It's strange that some Lustre lipsticks have more color payoff, whilst others are more sheer. Would not recommend this to people with very pigmented lips, as it would probably end up looking like u were just wearing a layer of whitish pink shimmery gloss with sheen  on lips with not much color payoff.

Heavenly Hybrid This has slightly more payoff than snapdragon and once again as it is a Lustre lipstick it applies more sheer on the lips than how it looks like on the tube (refer to the 2 pics above). For this lippie I needed only 1 - 2 layers for it appear on my lips.  It applied smoothy on the lips

Dreaming Dahlia It is not as bright as in a tube, and requires about 2 layers of application. But it is a very pretty coral colour and goes on pretty smooth. This is my favourite of the 4 lippies from this collection. Such a wearable everyday colour. 

Rose Lily I dislike this lipstick a lot. Not only is it sheer, but it goes on patchy on me no matter how much I prep and prime my lips. And I notice that I always have this problem with milky pink lipsticks of similar colours. But still I keep buying them Geesh. I think I must make it a point not to buy any more milky pink lippies. From experience, They turn out horrible on me... Patchy like u can see in this pic. I tried applying and reapplying several times to get a good pic, but alas this was the best i could get (Yeah I know it looks UNFLATTERING and not evenly applied, but this is the problem I have with this lipstick) If u were to ask me to rate this lippie. I would give it 1/5. Sheer and uneven application. :X

0 Neutral Eyes and Neutral lips FOTD

I am usually not a neutral eye / neutral lip person, but I am loving this neutral make up look I did quite sometime back. Here are some of the items that I used

Urban decay primer potion 
MAC Jest eyeshadow (whole eyelid)
MAC  Mulch eyeshadow (outer 1/3 eyelid)
MAC  Expresso eyeshadow (lower lash line & eyebrows)
MAC  Dazzlelight eyeshadow
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC For your Amusement casual colour lip and cheek colour ** Limited ed

MAC Go for Girlie Patent polish lip pencil ** Limited ed 

0 MAC Playland haul

When i first saw promotional pics for this collection, I knew I had to get most of the lipsticks and the 3 casual cheek and lip colours. I was naturally drawn to the pinks and coral lippies in this collections . I ended up getting the following

Enjoy It all lipstick  - Amplified creme (Exclusive to Asia only)
Happy go lucky - Amplifed creme
Sweet experience - Amplified creme
Toying around - Amplifed creme
Head in the clouds - Frost
Red Balloon - Amplied creme

Lots of laughs Lipglass
Pure Silliness Lipglass

Hi Jinx Casual colour lip and cheek colour
For your amusement Casual colour lip and cheek colour
Young at heart Casual colour lip and cheek colour.

Overall, I am loving everything that I bought ..with the exception of perhaps Sweet experience lipstick. Unlike the other amplified creme lipsticks in this collection which went on smoothly on my lips, this went on patchy on me with or without a lip primer and emphasized on the flakiness of my lips even more that I had to use a lots of laugh lipglass over it :( Alas it was a nice bubblegum peachy pink though.  This is a pic of me wearing For your Amusement casual colour (on cheeks), Sweet experience lipstick and lots of laugh lipglass.

Alhough Happy go lucky and Enjoy it all lipstick look very different in the tubes, when i wore them on, they do look quite similar (Enjoy it all is just a tad more muavey-purplish than Happy go lucky). Nevertheless I do like both of this colours as well. 

Toying around is the gem in this collection... a beautiful coral which I feel all skintones can carry off. It was no wonder that this was the first one to fly off the shelves at my local counters

Head in the clouds is the only frost finish lipstick in this collection... and unlike some of MAC other frost finish lippies which can be a tad drying n patchy on me , this is surprising smooth and creamy to apply. Thumbs up. 

Red Balloon kinda reminds me of MAC's All fired up lipstick which is a retro matte finish in terms of colour that both are red with pink undertones to it whilst Red balloon is an amplified and more creamy finish, more wearable for daily wear although it is still a bright colour. I love this colour as well

Unfortunately I haven't had the time to take swatches of the lipglosses and casual colour on colours myself (other than Young amusement casual colour), but I would have to say i am loving the colors of both the lipglasses i bought. They are a perfect match with the lipsticks that i bought.

As for the casual colours, I prefer to use them as cream blush on the cheeks as they give such a nice dewy flush of colour on the cheeks ( My favourite of the three is For your Amusement). I tried using them on the lips, but i felt they were a bit drying on my lips, so i will just stick to using the casual colour just on my cheeks for that healthy dewy flush of colours on the cheeks. Just like any other cream blushers, i use either my 187 stippling brush to apply or just my good old fingers to dab out and blend. Both ways work equally well for me, sometimes i use a combination of both the brush and fingers.

All in all i would rate this collection a 4.5/5 (-0.5 becoz of sweet experience). A very good Spring collection from MAC. 

Thanks for reading!

0 Illamasqua nail polishes in Nomad and Collide

I am quite a lazy person and seldom put on nail polish unless i have to. But if u were to ask me which brands do i like for nail polishes, other than YSL and OPI, I do like Illamasaqua's even though they are more known for their make up. 

Most of their nail polishes (why I say most, is because there are a few colours which still need serveral coats of layering before I get the opaque finish) give a opaque finish which just one or two coats. Secondly, the ones I bought all applied smoothly without streaking and I like that the brush is thick, so it helps me to apply the nail polish more easily .

2 of the colours I bought from them are Nomad (mint green) and Collide ( a neon pink with slight coral undertone to it). I love them both equally.  As for lasting power, HEHEHH,,,nail polishes NEVER last long on me regardless what brand I use (the max maybe about 2 or 3 days before chipping) because I tend to use my hands to do all kinds of stuff and I m not exactly a very gentle sort of person. But generally, I do like the colors of the illamasqua nail polishes which I bought. I currently own 7 of them

0 Purple Lips FOTD

Another of my favourite make up looks. I am so in love with MAC's heroine Lipstick which is a true purple and matte finish. So happy that they decided to make it permanent, but unfortunately it is still not available in my country. I previously got this baby from one MACs previous collection - Reel sexy. I feel it is a colour which most pple can wear this colour

Urban decay primer potion
MAC mega metal eyeshadow in Prance ** (Limited ed)
MAC wedge eyeshadow 
MAC ricepaper eyeshadow (Holy grail brow bone highlighter)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC Bad girl gone good blush ** (Limited ed from Riri <3 MAC fall collection)

MAC Heroine lipstick
Illamasqua ESP lipstick 

Illamasqua Jo'mina

0 Dark lips FOTD

Wow, it has been half a year since I last posted on my blog. And prior to this I've never posted any Face of the Day (FOTD) or make up pics of myself .... so I shall start off by posting one of my favourite make up looks wearing a dark lippie from MAC

Products used in this Face of the day:

MAC Her cocoa eyeshadowquad from Riri <3 MAC fall collection **(LE)
MAC point black liquid last
MAC Expresso e/s (for filling in eye brows and lower lash line)

MAC Hibiscus kiss blush from Riri <3 MAC fall collection ** (LE)

MAC Studded kiss lipstick - Matte finish from Punk couture ** (LE)
MAC Talk that Talk pro longwear lip pnecil from Riri <3 MAC fall collection ** (LE)

My suggested substitute shades for the lip products if u are looking for something similar to this lip color

Studded kiss  = MAC Diva lipstick from the permanent line
Talk that Talk = MAC Nightmoth or currant lipliner from the permanent line

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