0 MAC antonio lopez 6 eyes Teal Palette

As compared to the purple eye palette as previously reviewed, in terms of color pay off and texture, this teal palette from antonio lopez is much better in my humble opinion.

Of all the 6 colors in this palette, Freshwater and nighttrain are repromotes from MAC's regular/permanent line. 

Sex and Disco (Lustre): For a lustre e/s, it has pretty smooth texture. It's somewhat of a duochrome color that has grey and pink undertones to it. 

Colorful life (Veluxe pearl): Smooth, blendable texture with decent color pay off. This is the  star in this palette (Ok I love teal e/s so I maybe biased towards this color XD )

Freshwater (Veluxe pearl): Repromote. If u like bright colors, this blue is one of the must have colors from MAC permanent line up. Buttery smooth texture and good colorpay off

Nighttrain (Lustre): Has the typical lustre texture, sheer color with slight glitters 

Sketchbook (Lustre): Black with gold shimmer. Sheer buildable texture, not as smooth and buttery as the  Colorful life and freshwater but still workable without too much effort

Fashion Legend (Lustre) Looks like MAC's beautymark e/s  in the pan (black with purple glitter) but definitely more pigmented and not as chalky as beautymark which is also a lustre finish

Overall review: Definitely a better buy than the purple eye palette as most of the e/s in this palette are pretty smooth, blendable and with decent color pay off. And all the colors complement one another. U can do a bright colorful eye with this palette and as well as a smokey eye with this at the same time. 

0 MAC Antonio Lopez - 6 eyes violet palette

This was yet another item I purchased from MAC antonio lopez. I was very attracted to the packaging and color combination in the palette. The palette features another illustration of of one of Antonio Lopez muses on the cover (diff girl from the face kit) and it contains 6 shades of color in a very compact casing.


But as to color pay off, some colors in this palette needed quite a bit of packing it on (and with an eye primer below) to get it to appear stronger, so it was kinda a disappointment as I had hoped that the colors especially the pink and the purple one would apply more smooth and more intense.

Lithe Spirit (Satin): Some what reminds me of a cross of Brule and Vanilla e/s in MAC's regular colors. It says it's a satin finish, but i feel this comes across more matte abeit a bit chalky.

Envisioning Pink (Satin): Applies slightly better than Lithe Spirit, but i still have to use a synthetic brush like MAC #242 and pack it on to get the color to appear better

Violet Impact (Veluxe pearl): The most disappointment color in the palette. I had wished for this color to be stronger, and being a Veluxe pearl finish I had expected this color to be buttery smooth in texture just as with MAC's other usual veluxe pearl finish eyeshadows. But not so in this case. It is quite chalky and as with the previous 2 colors I had to put in a little more effort to get this color to appear true to its pan

Showgirl (Veluxe pearl): Applies much better than the other 3 colors mentioned above. Kinda reminds me of MAC silver ring e/s.

Graphic style (Veluxe pearl): Smooth and blendable finish, just slightly darker than Showgirl.

Carbon (matte): I still prefer the very very old batch of carbon which I bought many yrs ago and which I still have up to today. The carbon in this palette and the new batches just cannot be compared to the old batches.

Overall review: I bought this palette mainly for the pink and the purple, but the color payoff of these 2 colors kinda disappointed me even though I can still with GREAT EFFORT (with an eye primer and a synthetic brush) get the colors to work but still i would have prefered if the texture of the pink and the purple e/s were not so chalky. It is a shame actually as the packaging is really cute but the colors is just mehz.... : (

0 MAC Antonio Lopez face kit in Coral

As mentioned in my previous post, this was the other face kit which i purchased from the MAC Antonio Lopez collection. Packaging wise it is the same as the pink face kit, with the same illustration of the same girl on the front and the same sliding out packaging. Whilst the pink face kit is leaning more towards the cool side, the coral one is definitely leaning more towards the warm side and imho, of the two palettes, this one suit more skintone colors than the pink kit

The face kit consists of the following shades
1. Smooth harmony beauty powder (med brown peach) => contour shade
2. Star! Irridiscent powder (Pale beige with shimmer) => highlight shade
3. Passion for calor (Coral pink) => blush

Smooth Harmony blush as compared to its counter part in the pink face kit is definitely much more pigmented and if used light handedly it can be used as a peachy orangey blush as well as a contour color at a same time. Star! Irridisecent powder on the other hand is not as shimmer/glittery as Belightful IP and gives more of a sheen on the cheekbones rather than glitter glitter. Passion for color somewhat reminds me of a cross between fleur power blush and Royal sunset (LE blush from MAC all about orange), not as pink as fleur power, but not as orange as Royal sunset. All three colors apply smoothly, color is medium-buildable and lasting power bout 8hrs of wear.

0 MAC Antonio Lopez face kit in pink

Being a fashion brand, MAC from time to time collaborate with fashion designers for their collection. For this yr, MAC specially released a collection featuring Antonio Lopez fashion illustration on their packaging for their face,eye and lip palettes. This collection also features a tote bag, a cosmetic pouch and also a #129SH brush.

For those who don't know who Antonio Lopez is (Well I also didn't know who he was prior to this collection as well), He was a  prominent fashion illustrator whose works was featured in various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's bazaar and the Elle. 

As for myself, I hauled both face kits and 2 eye palettes from the collection. I am very attracted to the illustration on the kits. It's somewhat whimiscal but at the same time fashionably chic as well For this post I will be reviewing on the face kit in pink. Both the pink and coral face kits feature the same packaging of the same girl

And inside each of the face kit, it feature a contour and highlighting shade and as well as a blush color. Perfect for people who are on the go and want all three in one. It is slidable so it is very compact and handy for travelling. Only down side, it is pretty pricey for these palettes. To be exact, it cost me $90 SGD for each of these palettes. Ouch, but I really like the illustration on this kit and the combination of the colors.

The pink face kit consists of the following;
1. Peaceful Beauty powder (Mid Tone peach) => contour shade
2. Belightful iridiscent powder (light bronze with gold shimmer) => highlight shade
3. Pure feminity powder blush (Mid tone blue pink, satin finish)

Peaceful beauty powder may look dark in the pan, but when applied it is much sheerer and is buildable. As for Belightful irridescent powder, it is a repromote. It has chunky glitters in it, so do not go overboard when u highlight with this. Less is more when it comes to highlighting with Irridiscent powders from my experience. Pure feminity blush also looks bright in the pan but applies more sheer and is buildable. Kinda reminds me of Nars Desire blush but a much toned down version of it. 

0 MAC Riri Loves MAC fall collection

It has been aeons since I last updated my blog and to all my readers I apologise for this as I have been having some personal issues of mine which has been somewhat settled. And as for my latest haul, Our country finally received the Riri Loves MAC collection and I got myself only 4 items from the collection. (I wanted to buy the #187 brush as well, But alas I busted my budget as I had  just earlier bought 4 kits from Antonio Lopez which cost me quite a bomb :( )

1. Riri Woo lipstick (Our country didn't receive this from the earlier collection so it was a 
   good chance for me to grab this lipstick before it flies off the shelves which it definitely
   would have by now

2. Good girl gone bad blush (MAC website describes this as a warm copper, for fair skinned
    ladies, this has definitely to be used with a light hand as it can look muddy if over 

3. Hibiscus kiss powder duo (I only wished the blusher part was bigger for this, as the 
    countour shade took up 2/3 of the compact and and I'm not a big fan of contouring nor
    bronzing. But on a positive note, the brown side is not that pigmented, so I can still
    use that as a cheek color abeit a bit peachy-brown on my NC20 skin tone)

4. Her cocoa eye quad ( Consists 4 neutral colors in shades of brown. It is a quad definitely 
    suitable for everyday wear and for all skintones. I can see myself wearing this daily, 
    Hence i bought it. I predict that this will be the first eye quad to be sold out from the 
    collection as it has such wearable colors esp in my country where most people are not
    adventurous with colors and wear most only neutral colors like this quad)

I am really love the rose gold color packaging of this collection and of coz the pink color signature of rihana on them. It makes it look so ultra chic and classy with a femine touch. Only downside is becoz of the chrome like packaging, it tends to attract fingerprints very easily. But other wise no other rants. I can deal with that easily

Here are some close up shots of the products

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