0 The Matte Lip collection Lipswatches - Part 1

Close up pictures of Men Love Mystery, Tropic Tonic and D for Danger

Men Love Mystery on my lips

Comparison of Up the Amp (Amplified) and Men Love Mystery lipstick (Matte)

Tropic Tonic on lips

D for Danger on lips

D for Danger and Fashion revival comparison

0 Face of the Day - July 31st

Here's a smokey eye dark lip make up which i did last week on myself using colors from MAC cosmetics. 

Here are the items i used for this look. All items are from MAC cosmetics unless otherwise stated:

Illmasqua Empower palette (Fervent as base and Slick on whole eyelid over it up to socket)
Club e/s over Slick
Boom boom room dazzle e/s in the middle of the eyelids
Wedge e/s on socket
Rice paper e/s on brow bone

Mid tone sepia cream color base
Taupe blush

Nightmoth lip pencil
Instigator lipstick

0 Graphic eyeliner FOTD

Here's a pic of one of my latest Face of the day make up which  i did of a graphic eyeliner. The challenging part of this make up was balancing the both sides. But overall, I was pretty happy with the end result 

Items used in this Make up

MAC mineralized time check lotion
MAC BB cream spf 50

MAC #210 brush ( U need a very precise small pointy eyeliner brush to draw the edges)
MAC platinum pigment (on whole eyelid)
Inglot black gel liner for lining
MAC black tied eyeshadow as transition shade btw platinum pigment and the black color on the outer corner

0 Green eyeshadow and purple lipstick FOTD

Wow, it has almost been 1yr since i last updated this blog. And here's one of my FOTDs which i did since then and is also one of my favourites as i love the color combination of green and purple. (Those who know me well know that my favourite eye color is green

This is the pic of the eyeshadow which i used fro this fotd. Unfortunately it is LE from MAC 

Cheek color: MAC Hibiscus Kiss blush duo (LE from MAC riri hearts MAC)

Lips: MAC heroine lipstick and heroine lip pencil 

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