0 Juicy Couture's Peace Love & Juicy Eau De Parfum

I am not really into perfumes and the previous one I owned was given to me by my mum and she was the one who finished it. One fine day, I decided to get a perfume for myself as I thought to myself, Hey I have too much make up already, It's time for me to get a perfume. So I asked for recommendations and my friend recommended me Juicy  Couture.

It happened that when I went down to the department store, this perfume Peace, Love & Juicy was just launched. And I kinda like the woody floral scent in this. It smells very fresh and kinda reminds of the fresh flowers in bloom in spring. The Sales person let me smell another juicy couture perfume (can't remember what was that though), I hated it. It was too sweet for my liking. I like something fresh and light and this is what i love about this Perfume.
Lasting power is ok, Longer than the usual eau de Toilette I've tried, but does fades off a bit after maybe about 4hrs or so. But no complaints. I really love the scent. And it comes in a really cute bottle with the juicy couture emblem on the glass bottle itself and some cute turqoise beads with charms on the bottle neck.


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