0 Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist & Anti-Aging Serum

For skincare, I keep mine to the most basic and minimal - Cleanse off oil, Facial foam, toner (which is the mist) and the serum (Moisturiser). I alternate the mist with my MAC's lightful softening lotion. 

I am been using the Anti-aging Mist and anti-aging serum from Intelligent Nutrients for one month plus now on a daily basis and I'm pretty happy with them. I have combination to dry skin and the combination of these 2 keeps my skin supple and hydrated. Plus, they are both organic -  free of silcones, parabens and petrochemicals and are very safe to use on the face.

 Anti-ageing mist and serum are in the two bottles in the middle

Anti-aging mist
It's a toner in a spray form and prepares skin for optimal serum / moisturiser application while providing refreshment for all skin types. Meaning, this can be used as a skin refresher as well, however, I find the glass bottle of this makes it pretty fragile to bring out. If u plan on using this as a skin refresher it's best to transfer into a smaller plastic  bottle.

The mist also contains functional aromatic essential oil blend (which relaxes and refreshes me greatly) and seed oil complex work together to deliver potent anti oxidant and anti ageing benefits.  For those who are curious... the below are the key ingredients of the facial mist: All very organic and nutritious for the skin!

Key ingredients:
  1. Black Cumin seed oil
  2. Pumpkin seed oil
  3. Red Raspberry seed oil
  4. Red Grape seed oil
  5. Cranberry seed oil
  6. Orange flower oil
  7. Everlasting flower  oil
  8. Carrot seed oil
  9. Ylang Ylang flower oil
  10. Bergamot fruit oil
Definitely more nutritious for the skin than the other conventional facial mists out there as it's a toner for the skin as well. Am loving the aromatic scent of this. Note: it does contain a bit of alcohol in the form of alcohol denat though.

Anti-Ageing Serum
They call this the anti-ageing Serum as it's very very rich and I would recommended this to be used only @ night. It may feel slightly oily on the skin upon application, but after the skin absorbs it (Overnight of course. Don't use this in the day though...it'll be too rich for day wear), it helps  the skin to remain supple, soft and very hydrated with NO OILY feeling @ all. Initially,Some may not feel comfortable with the oiliness of this serum, but honestly it has NOT broke me up and clogged my pores yet. And in fact, my skin feels more smooth and hydrated after using this in combination with the Mist. Only very little is need, 1 - 2 pumps (max) is needed)

Key Ingredients:
  1. Safflower seed oil
  2. Kernel Oil
  3. Red Grape seed oil
  4. Red raspberry seed oil
  5. Black cumin seed oil
  6. Pumpkin seed oil
  7. Orange flower oil
  8. Ylang Ylang flower oil
  9. Chamomile flower oil
  10. Geranium flower oil
  11. Rose flower extract
  12. Carrot seed oil
 All in all, I'm loving these 2 products, they are natural and organic and no clogging of pores or what so ever, Only thing that kinda puts me off is that the price is on the high side as with most organic products. But I will repurchase them again after I have finished mine.


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