0 The Face Shop color shimmer lipstick in PK103

Had nothing to do, so was goin through my lipstick drawer to see what lipsticks I had which I didn't wore in a long time and rediscovered this color which I bought quite a long time ago. I had worn this a few times, but soon after forgotten about this after getting new lipstick colors. So on a whim, I decided to wear this color again and re ignite my love for this color

1.  Has a very smooth creamy and moisturizing texture. Feels somewhat like MAC's cremesheen lipsticks but less slippery than the cremesheen lipsticks

Color payoff:
1. A rose pink with very subtle golden shimmers with a slight glossy finish and medium coverage

Lasting power:
1. Average..... Matte lipsticks are still the longest lasting of all, but i don't really like them as sometimes they can be a tad too dry for my lips which are prone to dryness and flakiness.

Sorry about the flakes  on my lips in this pic. When this pic was taken, my lip happened not to be in its best condition and it's definitely on the dry side....

In general, this is one of those few blue toned pinks which I can get away without wearing much make up. (I cannot wear most pinks without makeup, they look somewhat weird on my yellowish skin) Would repurchase if I ever finish, but I highly doubt so as I have other lippies to finish as well...

0 MAC Krazy Kahuna Lipglass - LE from Surf Baby

At first sight this may seem like a very dark and scary color in the tube. But I actually like this color on my lips. I find this to be a color that suits most skin tones.

1. It applies as an orangey brown on the lips and complements warm colors such as bronze and gold very well

2. Kinda reminds me of Secret Identity lip glass from Wonderwoman but minus the shimmers 

3. It's highly pigmented. In fact it's more pigmented than some of MAC's lustre lipsticks that I own. Only a little is needed for the color to appear

Would re purchase if i ever finish this, but I won't, as I don't see myself finishing it and besides, it's LE.

From left to right: Krazy Kahuna, Secret Identity

From top to bottom: Krazy Kahuna, Secret Identity
Krazy Kahuna lipglass

Wonderwoman lipglass

0 MAC Pink tinge suntint SPF 15 - LE from surf baby

Didn't buy this myself but got it instead as a gift from my friend.

1. Comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted opening for direct lip application just like MAC's lipgelees 

2. It's a liquid lip balm so it's supposed to be moisturising for the lips and gives a very slight hint of color on the lips

  Pink tinge sun tint

1. It's quite sticky which I neither like nor dislike but at  least it doesn't leave flay bits which some sticky glosses do

2. Gives a very slight pale pink with very subtle gold shimmers on the lips (Very little color pay off though) and high shine (very glossy)

3. Definitely more sheer than the tinted lip conditioner


0 Elle magazine (SG version) Aug issue

Purchased the Elle magazine for this month mainly because of the beauty book that came along with it.... and it also came along with a free red and white striped make up pouch with the words "Beauty addict" on it which aptly describes me...

I love this beauty book. It really gives loads n loads of pictures of make up looks by different brands and make up tips and I love looking @ the beauty products featured in it. Not to mentioned there is also a section on fragrance, skincare and as well a section for maintain a healthy diet to maintain a good figure.
 And I'm diggin the make up pouch that comes with it.
1. It has a plastic covering over it to protect the cloth of the pouch, so that it won't get wet (so u can use this as a toiletries bag as well)
2. It is spacious enough for me to put my pressed powder, eye lash curler, blush, eyeliner and even a full size blush brush....
3. It doesn't feel  cheap, it has kinda spongy material  in its interior which provides a soft cushioning for fragile powders

Interior of the pouch. Have put my pressed powder, blush, lash curler, lipstick, eyeliner and even a full size blush brush and I still have space for more items :)

0 Make up storage - Muji Drawers

I personally find MUJI (A japanese brand by the way) has very good storage solutions although their prices are on the high side. I bought this 3 tier drawer plastic storage for my make up table to store skincare or make up samples, nail polishes and other miscellaneous items like sponges etc etc which are too small to be organized properly into my main dressing table drawer

The best feature which i like about this storage is that I can pull out the dividers and adjust them to the length that I want to store and organize my items.

 Ooops,,,sorry about the unsightly puff. I havened washed it yet, will do so soon. Anyway I hardly ever use puff for my powders anyway

First drawer: Nail polishes. I don't have many nail polishes as you can see.

2nd drawer: Samples of skin care and make up and other miscellaneous items (Sorry for the state of the puff!). You can see from this pic the adjustable divider. U can either take it out completely, or adjust the width to where u want

 3rd drawer: More samples and other miscellaneous stuff

In short, I feel this storage space is very good for :
1. People who have not much make up 
2. Storing nail polishes .... the size is perfect for my opi nail polishes
3. Storing accessories and tools e.g. sponges, puffs, curlers, tweezers, shavers etc etc.
4. Skincare samples or even pigment samples
5. Basically anything that is too small to put in a big drawer
6. Even though I don't store my mac pigments in here, I do find that this will make a good storage solution for MAC pigments as well...

0 You know you are a make up addict when you ....

Are u guilty of the following? I am guilty of everything :X

1. Spend your free time surfing & reading beauty make up blogs, checkin out product swatches and reading product reviews
2. Rush down to the MAC counter on the first day of launch to purchase the latest collection before they go OOS!
3. Spend @ least 1/4 of your salary or allowance each month on make up
4. Buy the same shade of e/s, lipstick or blusher again and again even though you already own a dozen of  similar colors in your collection 
5. You don't buy any other things but only make up and beauty products
6. Buying the latest beauty magazines to check out the latest beauty trends and make up looks
7. Customize a special storage space just to store all your make up and beauty products
8. Have many unopened items just because you haven't got about to finish your old ones or because u don't bear to use the new items because they look oh so pretty in the packaging.
9. Once someone get u started talking on make up, u cannot stop and keep talking about it on and on
10. Everyone around you says you have too much make up
11. You cannot stuff all ur make up products into one traincase
12. Checking out the make up collections of other make up / beauty junkies and oogling over them
13. When you go shopping, the first department you will head for is for the cosmetics department
14. Observing and looking at the make up of other women when you are outside
15. Cannot leave the house without make up... that includes just a lipstick or lipgloss :P
16. Creating your own beauty blog and reviewing your favourite products
17. Creating an excel spreadsheet to keeptrack of your cosmetic inventory and how much you have spent on make up.
18. Buying a clear display cabinet to display your make up in it just like that in a store..
19. Tear out the make up spreads in magazines and file them up for your own reference
20.  Can spend the WHOLE day surfing beauty websites

Feel free to add on to the list :)

0 Liquid illuminators - Benefit High Beam and MAC strobe cream

Both of these illuminators have pink undertones that are very similar to each other when swatched on the hand.

The main differences between these 2 liquid illuminators:
1. Benefit high beam is definitely thicker in texture than MAC strobe cream and gives higher shine and you only need VERY VERY little on this to enhance the cheekbone and t zone area)
2. MAC strobe cream can be used as a brightening make up base before make up (but use sparingly, Otherwise instead of glowy, you will look greasy) and has some hydrating properties that help to moisturise the skin

I do not have MAC strobe liquid, so I cannot compare the strobe cream to the strobe liquid though

How I like to use...
What I like to do for MAC strobe cream is that sometimes i do squeeze out a little from the tube and mix it with my liquid foundations, so that my liquid foundation will give a subtle illuminating effect. Of course, you can use it seperately before the foundation. But I find that this is less effective then adding on to my liquid foundation.

As for Benefit high beam, as it doesn't come in a squeeze tube like MAC strobe cream and also cos it is much more metallic than strobe cream, I don't mix it with my liquid foundation. I only selectively use it on my cheek bone area. I use the applicator to dab a feel dots on my cheek area and then blend it out using my fingers in dabbing motion.

Would suggest / recommend that the liquid illuminators be used after LF and just before powder

One thing to note that if u wanna highlight your cheek bones after powder, then do not use the liquid illuminators, because if not done well, it will make your base make up patchy. For such purpose, I would prefer the MAC cream color base such as pearl over powder make up for highlighting. 

Benefit high beam applicator
From left to right: Benefit high beam, MAC strobe cream

If your skin is very oily, I would not recommend liquid illuminators for highlighting. But if u still wan a dewy look, then you can try cream highlighters instead, but as I always like to say, Less is more. So use it moderately.

0 Magazine make up pictures ...

In my spare time, I love buying and browsing magazines for inspiration for make up colors. I especially like the 4 looks featured in this month's Cleo magazine because of the bright popping colors (I personally love bright cheery colors). Would like to share these pics with all of you. Pls click on the pictures for enlarged pics.

Green eyes, Fuschia lips. This is one of my favourite color combos of all time. Very Barbie like

Yellow eye shadow is another of my favourite color. It's such a bright, cheery and fun color.

Blue is a nice, but tricky color. If overdone, it can look a bit 80s. Nevertheless, i love blues as well

 Pink eyes, orange lips. I will have to try this combination on myself one day.

And i'm loving the eye make up from Chanel's advertisement for their latest collection...

Another of my favourite magazine I love to buy is the Make Up Store magazine. They feature many creative and yet wearable make ups in their magazines.  Due to copyright issues, I am only posting 4 of the bling bling eye make up here which was from one of the issues back in 2009. I love the placement of the crystals and also the constrast of the crystals against the eyeshadow colors. I would so wear any of these eye make up to a party. If u have any Make up Store in your country, I would highly recommend u to get their make up magazine. Very good source of inspiration for make up and not to mention their wide variety of colors as well

0 Kose Sekkisei lotion and Emulsion

Basically i am more of a make up junkie rather than a skincare junkie Bought these in the promotional size to try out (lotion - 100ml and emulsion 70ml) after hearing some raves about this range of skincare products esp for the lotion

The lotion is something like a toner which helps to clarify, brighten and prepare the skin for better absorbtion of the emulsion aka moisturiser

Some people like to soak the cotton pad with the lotion and than pat it onto the face, but i find that this waste a lot of the product and I prefer to pour some on the hands and then pat it on to the face and neck until is fully absorbed into the skin before applying the moisturiser.

1. Yes, it does make my skin fairer and brighter after 2 weeks of usage (but not too sure whether it is due to the lotion only or a combination of both the lotion and emulsion)
2. Skin also feels more smooth and firm

Do note for the emulsion, only one pump is need for the whole face and neck as using any more than that might be a bit too much and rich for the skin especially for those with oily skin.
One down point is that the lotion does contain alcohol on the 2nd list...so if those who are sensitive to alcohol in their skincare. Do take note of this..

0 Bobbi Brown Long wearing gel liner - Caviar Ink

So I finally ran out of my HG MAC blacktrack fluidline, (Have to wait for my payday to repurchase it as i've burst my budget for the month) luckily, a friend of mine gave this to me so at least I still have a liner to use. I hate using pencils for my upper lid. It just doesn't give the smooth finish that a gel or liquid liner does, at least for me.

So this is my review on this particular color Caviar Ink gel liner from Bobbi Brown.

Product feature:
1. It's kinda brownish greyish black (sorry that my cam isn't able to capture the brown in it as it appears more black in the cam), definitely softer than your usual black eyeliner.
2. It comes in a 3g glass jar (same amount as MAC's fluidline but @ a slightly higher price)

1. It's long wearing on my eye lids
2. Does not flake 
3. Smudge proof and water resistant but NOT water proof. Meaning that it can resist slight rain and tears, but u CANNOT swim in this
4. Takes a short time to set on the eye lid

1. I don't really like the texture. It's definitely more dry and less creamy than MAC's fluidline which I am used to, but if u have oily lids, u might prefer BB's gel liner though.
2. Because of the dryer texture of this, I foresee this to dry up faster than my MAC fluidline which i have no problems for keeping up to 2 yrs plus for it.

Personally, I prefer the texture of MAC's fluidlines, but I love the color of BB's Caviar Ink gel liner. It's black, but not black black and will appear softer on the eyes.

0 MAC mineralized satin liquid foundation SPF 15

Received this in a swap with my friend. It's quite a good product but definitely not for those with oily skin and those who need coverage. Here's my comment on the product:

1. Gives a natural sheer satin finish
2. Contains 72 minerals in it

Recommended for:
1. People with normal to dry skin as it's moisturising for the skin
2. People who want a lightweight foundation to even out the skin but do not need the coverage
3. People who want a dewy look

Not recommended for:
1. People with oily skin. It does not have much oil control unfortunately ....
2. If u need coverage, this is also not for you as it's also pretty sheer.

 Left side: no foundation, right side with foundation

As you can see from the picture (if u see carefully), this foundation has a satin finish with a slight sheen to it. So if u want a totally matte finish, this foundation is not for you, unless u use a mattifying face powder over it.

Generally, I like the lightweight texture of this foundation and would repurchase when I finish this. And it does not settle into my pores or fine lines like some liquid foundation do.

0 Covermark Basic formula foundation

Although Covermark says it's a foundation, but I find it too thick for my liking to be used on my whole face.

Here's the pic of the product.

Features of product (as stated on the Covermark's website)
1.Thoroughly covers dark spots, freckles, Dullness
2. Sweat and Water resistant. Long lasting
3. Blocks UV Rays. SPF33 PA+++
4. Breathable foundation that doesn't burden the skin ( Hmmm PROVIDED if u use Sparingly)
5. Contains plant extract (panax ginseng, peach kernel, hoelen, aloe) to keep the skin moist while wearing make up

Pros (My comments):
1. Does a wonderful job in concealing my horrible dark undereye circle, Would recommend this for people who need to conceal acne marks or pigmentation. as it has very good coverage
2. Non drying nor oily on the skin... has a very nice creamy texture

1. Quite thick, can bit a bit cakey if over applied. Have to blend well.
2. Tried using this as a foundation on my whole face, didn't really like the feeling -  Felt thick and heavy on my skin even though i used SPARINGLY.

Available in Japan and other Asian countries. Not too sure whether this product is available out of Asia though

0 Cargo blush - Rome, Tonga and Catalina

Cargo makes awesome blushers. Unfortunately just like nars, they are not available in my country. I bought these 3 online from a girl on a beauty forum and I love them!!!

1. Highly pigmented. ONE swipe is enough for the color to appear on the cheeks especially for Rome (if u use more than 1 swipe, u might end up with bozo the clown cheeks especially if ur skintone is on the fair side)

2. Long lasting, does not fade 

3. What u see in the pan, is what you will get on the cheeks. I especially like catalina, as it appears a true pink on me unlike MAC's pink swoon which turns peachy on me after applying... :X :X

4. Very smooth, blendable texture

5. They come in very very large tin pans with a generous amount of product. Only rant i have about the packagin is that the tin cover tend to come a bit loose after sometime, but otherwise no rant about the product itelf

Click for enlarged pic. From left to right: Rome, Tonga

Catalina blush

From left to right: Rome, Tonga, Catalina

0 Estee Lauder Cyber white Brillant Cells Full spectrum Brightening Moisture Creme

Am not really a skincare junkie, but I've to rave about this moisturiser because I really like this.

 What Estee Lauder says about this product:
1. Deep Down Hydration and extra comfort in a skin-cushioning creme
2. Helps strenghten skin moisture barrier
3. Skin immediately feels smoother suppler, looks brighten, more even toned
4/ Dermatologist and opthalmologist tested. Non acnegenic

My comments on this product:
1. Scent is light  (I kinda like this scent, but i can't tell what scent it is though..) and not overpowering with fragrance as some moisturisers are.  

2. Cream is lightweight on the skin (Is very important to me, because I'm living in a hot and humid place. So nothing too greasy nor too rich for me)

3. My skin feels hydrated, more smooth and firm after applying this. (can't help keep touching my skin after using this moisturiser)

4. Skin looks brighter 

As for long term effects of brightening dark spots and pigmentation, I cannot comment on this as I'm not using the full range of the Cyber white brillant cells skin care. But all i can say is that i really like this moisturiser. Would repurchase this again. Only thing is that it's kinda expensive but i don't mind as one jar of this would last me quite sometime.

0 MAC PRO chromaline gel eye liners in Primary Yellow and Marine Ultra

Being an addict for bright vibrant colors like yellow and blues, I got someone to CP this from the MAC pro store overseas. I actually wanted other colors as well, but alas, they were out of stock of the other chromaline gel liners, so this was what I ended up with but never the less. I love the colors. They are very vibrant (I wished MAC expanded the line of colors in their regular fluidline range though..) and intense.

Lasting power: Excellent (I love MAC fluidlines and I love my new chromalines too)

I used Primary Yellow more as a base to intensify my other yellow eyeshadows and as for Marine Ultra, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS as a eyeliner. It's the perfect shade of royal blue eyeshadow for me. It's bright, but yet not too bright for everyday wear.

Texture: Has a slightly thicker texture than the fluidlines esp for Primary Yellow.

Size: Comes in the size of a paintpot. So one of this will last you a long time, if u are not using this on other people.

By the way, this is water resistant (able to withstand sweat, slight rain and tears and oil) but NOT WATERPROOF. SO u cannot wear this for SWIMMING...  Tried it and this is my conclusion. Otherwise, this is a very long wearing liner.

Would definitely repurchase again if i EVER FINISH up these. But I'm lookin forward to add more chromaline gel liners to my collection.

Marine Ultra Chromaline gel eye liner

 Primary Yellow chromaline gel eye liner

 Left to right: Primary Yellow and Marine Ultra

0 Project 10 pan - 2011

Here's what I've finished up so far for the year 2011....

MAC Blacktrack fluidline x 2 (I use this EVERYDAY, so I finish this up pretty fast...well relatively fast as compared to other make up that i own. I cannot live without this in short.)
MAC lingering eye brow pencil x 1
MAC prep plus prime skin base visage x 1
MAC cleanse off oil x 2 (I use this A LOT to remove my make up as i wear make up EVERYDAY)
MAC brush cleansers x 2

Almost done with:
MAC studio sculpt concealer
MAC prep plus prime skin base visage 

Hit Pan:
MAC Studio careblend pressed powder
MAC mineralized cream foundation

Woah! I just realized all my hit pan products are all Base make up products and all from MAC!!!

Why why why??? :P It's not only because I love using their products but also....

Cause MAC is the only cosmetic brand that has a recyling policy called the Back To MAC program whereby u return every 6 MAC primary containers (does not include sponges, accessories, and if it's in holiday sets, u must return them as a set, not just one mini pigment or mini lipglass ) and u can get to change for a free regular MAC lipstick of your choice. But this does not include the sheen supreme, Pro long wear and LE lipsticks and of Course the Viva glam lipsticks.

Talkin about Viva glam, it's the HEART AND SOUL of MAC. MAC is the only brand that has a specific regular line up of lip colors that EVERY SINGLE CENT of the sales of the lipcolor goes to the MAC AIDS fund to help Men, Women and childen of all ages suffering from AIDS... So do your part, buy a VIVA GLAM lipstick or lipgloss today if you've haven't to help those in need. 

A true MAC addict will own at least ONE Viva Glam lip color in his / her collection. So go down to your nearest MAC counter in your area to check out the Viva Glam lippies!!!

Back to my Project 10pan, I really need to try and finish up at least one color make up for the year 2011....be it a lipstick or e/s (is impossible for me to finish a blusher for the yr 2011...the pans are so HUGEEEE and i've too many!!!). Perhaps I SHOULd start banning myself from buying make up unless I finish one, but i lack the self discipline to do so... Sigh... Temptations, tempations and more temptations from MAC with their LE collections ...

0 Lunasol 2011 LE summer eye shadow palettes

Being an avid collector of Lunasol's eye shadow palettes, I had to buy these, even though they kinda look similar to some of the other lunasol palettes that I already own (especially the brown one in Shelly Ocean).

Because they look so beautiful in the pan, I've not swatched them from my own palettes. And the letterings on the shadows are just an overspray, which means that once i swatch or use the colors, it'll probably jus disappear.

I did swatch n tested the colors @ the counter though. Like other Lunasol palettes, they are pretty shimmery with sheer to medium color payoff as with most japanese eye shadow palettes. But texture is smooth and buttery and easy to work with.

Click for enlarged pic. Shelly ocean scene eye palette

Click for enlarged pic. Vacation ocean scene eye palette

0 MAC semi precious - Mineralized eyeshadows

Wanted to get all the eyeshadows @ first, but as i've overspent for this month, I had to limit myself to only 3. And it was a very hard time for me choosing ONLY 3 MES to buy. So after countless of swatching @ the counter until my whole hand and arm was full of glitters/shimmers, I settled on Blue sheen, Unsurpassable and Hint of Sapphire. If there are still stocks @ the end of the month (which I highly doubt there will be any left), I might go back for more... but otherwise, this is all the MES i'm gettin from semi precious for now.

 Hint of Sapphire MES

Hint of Sapphire swatch. Left to right: Dry, Wet
Blue sheen MES

 Blue sheen MES swatch. From left to right: Dry, Wet

 Unsurpassable MES

 Unsurpasable MES. From left to right: Dry, Wet

Do note that as each and every Mineralized eyeshadow is hand baked, color might slightly differ even if they are the same MES, as the swirls and mixture of colors are different. And all MAC MES, can be used wet or dry. The color becomes more intense when used with a wet brush as can been seen from the above swatches. I especially love Blue sheen MES, as the blue is so beautifully dark smokey blue when it's wet. Definitely nothing close to any color that i have, even MAC deep truth cannot compare to this gem of a color. If u love smokey eyes, I think blue sheen is a must buy. I personally find that it's best to use a synthetic brush like the MAC 242 brush to apply if u wan the color to be more intense and without the glitter fallout. 

Will be skipping Fashion flower ........ cause am not attracted to the colors in the collection (I already own Lucky green e/s and alpha girl beauty powder from earlier collections). Money saved! Till the next collection!!! I seriously hafta save money.....
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