0 YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation

After getting a sample of this to try from the store, I fell in love totally with this foundation and ended up going back to the store to buy the full size bottle of this foundation. 

What I like about this foundation is that it is lightweight (I hate foundations that feel heavy on my skin), and for once I actually quite like the light scent of this foundation (the scent kinda reminds me of the scent of watermelon XD ). Being a lightweight foundation, the coverage it gives is towards to sheer side (slightly more coverage than the average tinted moisturizer but less than other foundations)

It also gives a nice dewy finish without looking too oily or shiny. It evens out my skin way much better than the MAC mineralized satinfinish foundation which also has a dewy finish (but I find myself turning shiny much faster when I use the mineralized satin as compared to YSL le teint touche elcat foundation). I am totally loving the finish it gives my skin - a dewy, flawless finish while evening out my skin @ the same time without turning patchy or cakey. And it does not oxidise on me.

I am an NC20, but I chose BR30 (which is a pink undertone) coz I wanted the pink tones in the foundation to neutralized my yellow tone in my skin and it works pretty well. BR30 (BR30 stands for Beige Rose btw) may look dark in the bottle, but it blends into my skin perfectly. Will be buying this foundation again and again. This is Holy grail status for me. I LOVE this more than the other foundations I tried. 

Do note that this does not have much oil control though, so if u have oily skin, but still wanna try this foundation, do use an oil control primer prior to this.

And btw... I am late butt... Merry Belated Xmas!

0 Tom Ford blush in #3 Flush

Got myself a Tom ford blush recently in #3 Flush, in the pan it looks very similar to MAC's foolish me (both being coral orangey blushers), however upon swatching, the TF blush in #3 Flush has more pink tones to it whereas MAC Foolish Me is more orange. Both blushers have similar textures with slight shimmers in it.

Lasting power : Lasted 8 hrs on me with some slight fading

Color pay off: Buildable

Suits most skintone colors from fair to very tanned. 

It's a nice color to have, but downside is that the price is pretty expensive for jus a blush. Buy only if u have spare cash or don't have similar colors to it in your stash. 

0 YSL 5 Color Harmony for eyes palette in #3

Quite sometime back, I bought an eye palette from YSL but didn't get around to using it until recently. The palette I bought belonged to the range called  ombres 5 Lumieres (Color harmony for eyes) which could be used dry only. (The other range of eye palettes which YSL carried was the Pure chromatics which could be used both Wet and Dry.)

I was attracted to #3 because I have a soft spot for bronze, orange and brown eye palettes. They just look so good in the palette together and these colors are so wearable for everyday.

In terms of texture and color payoff, 3 of the colors in the palette are towards the sheer side and (as shown in the swatch pic - the 3 middle colors) and require a base for them to appear more intense. I am in love with the first- a strong bronze orange and the the last - a dark reddish brown. These two colors have pretty good texture and color payoff is excellent and blendable. If they didn't include these two colors in this palette, I probably would not have bought this palette. These eyeshadows have a sheen to them, but nothing too glittery. 

Packaging wise as with all high end brands, it comes with 2 small eyeshadow applicators (which I don't use as I use my good ol MAC eyeshadow brushes to apply) and in a sleek luxe metallic gold compact - the signature packaging of YSL.

Overall review: 7/10 
Overall this is a pretty decent palette as all the colors can easily be worn. Only downside is the sheerness of 3 of the colors in the palette, But tht can be easily corrected by wearing an eye primer below.

0 MAC Guilty Passions Haul - Crushed metal pigments

I swear this yr's Holiday collection has to be the biggest holiday MAC haul that i've ever hauled. I find it quite confusing that MAC has divided up the holiday collection in to two parts - Fabulousness (Face kits, brush kits, Eye bags, Lip bags) and Guilty passions (which consist of the crushed metal pigments & lipgloss sets) . Eh why can't they just launch everything in just one big collection XD...

Initially i had wanted to pass on completely Guilty Passions, But when i saw the crushed metal pigments, I fell in love instantly with the colors and ended up buying the Tenderly warm crushed metal pigment set (Gold / Brown) and the Sweetly Smokey set (Purple/Pink). So far I've only used the Tenderly warm pigment set and I'm loving it, especially Ever elegant (the dark brown color). It is a perfect combo with Silk stocking (Gold) from the same set The other colors in the set kinda looks similar to some other colors from other crushed metal pigment sets which I own previously. 

Without further ado here are pics and swatches of the products. 

I feel that the star color for the Tenderly warm crushed metal pigment set has to be Ever elegant. Even though it's still quite chunky, but as compared to the rest of the colors in this set, It's not as glittery and has very good color pay off and blends very smoothly. To be honest, the main reason why I bought this set was because of Ever elegant.

As for the Sweetly smokey set, my  colors has to be Feminity. Feminity kinda reminds me of MAC Stars N rocket e/s but it's like a more sheer and frosted version of it. I really like the blue undertone in Feminity. It is also very pretty when u apply a bit of it on the lips when wearing other pink or fuschia or purple lippies. Feminity pairs very well with Dusty Desire giving a purplish bluish kinda smokey eyes. 

Tips for applying the crushed metal pigments:
1. Apply excess loose powder under the eyes before applying the pigments, so that if there's any fall out, the loose powder is able to catch the fallout and u can easily dust it away after completing the eye make up
2. Use either fingers or a synthetic brush like the #242 to PACK / press on colors. Blend out softly and gently. Don't blend too hard as it may cause excess fall out of eye
3. Can be used wet for a stronger color intensit.
4. Eye primer is higher recommended to use with the crushed metal pigments so that it can adhere to the eyes better

And last but not least I won't suggest using more than 3 colors of  the crushed metal pigments together on the eyes as it may be a bit too glittery or frosted. 

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