0 MAC Pro longwear Foundation

Not really into foundations, but I decided to try this one out after reading good reviews about this foundation. 

It is supposedly to last up to 15hours and is sweat resistant and helps to control oil on the face and gives buildable medium coverage.
My comments after a week of using this foundation:

1. I find this to be a tad more orangy / yellow than my MAC mineralized satin and cream (using NC20 in both the mineralied satin and pro longwear foundation),

2. It looks very nice n flawless when first applied, but after a few hrs, it has a tendency (even with a primer) to cake up slightly. Not a nice sight especially when u have slightly dry skin as it will enhance the flakes on the skin...... :X :X
3. It does last longer on the face. Less touch ups is needed.

4. It is mattifying, Not recommended for people with dry skin.
Overall rating: 3/5

Would i repurchse this again: Probably Not. I personally prefer the mineralized satin / cream and face and body foundation to this as they don't cake up on my skin. 

0 Latest MAC haul....

Forget about make up bans. I will never be disciplined enuff to go on one what with MAC always releasing new and LE collections each month. I surrender :X :X 

Here's my MAC haulage from the last week or so.. As u can see, I'm very into bright e/s colors... I have a soft spot for them

Colorization haul:  Double feature 1 (yellow, purple), Double feature 2 (Lime green, Grey),
Double feature 3 (Turqoise, brown), Double feature 4 (Forest green, brown)

Pro longwear e/s:  Sunny outlook (yellow), Fresh flare (green), Sweet satisfaction (neutral), Tease with ease (Plumish pink)

Colorizations: Performance art (neutral), Waterfront (blue), Purple haze (purple)

MAC me over : Heirloom shadestick, Butternutty shadestick, Cakeshop shadestick, Tundra shadestock, Street cool shadestick, Stunner blush, Equilibrium blush

Will post review and swatches @ a later date... stay tuned :) No more make up for me this month....... HOPEFULLY....

0 Nars blush swatches in Oasis, Madly & Douceur

I know I'm supposed to be on a make up ban, but I guess when it comes to things like blushers and LE collections, I can't help breaking the ban >.< Got my friend to CP these 3 blushers from overseas when she went on a holiday recently. My aim is to collect all NARs blushers one day....

Here are the pic n swatches of the blushers. Pls click the pictures for enlarged picture

Has red undertone to it. Would describe this color more as a reddish brown. Fair skinned ladies have to be very light handed with this. Perfect for ladies with medium to tanned skin tones

Leaning towards the orange-brown side. Would say that this is more of a bronzing color rather than a blush. Fair skin ladies may have to apply this with a light hand as if over applied, it may be too orangey. Recommended more for ladies with medium to tanned skin tone

 Would describe this as a plum - brown shades. Helps to give the a slightly sculpted look. Do not apply this especially if u have a fairer skin tone as it might give a brusied look on the cheeks if u apply too much of this

0 Magazine makeup pictures 2 ...

Would like to share with u girls again some of my favourite make up looks from the magazines that I browse.... First 3 pics are taken past issues of this Taiwanese magazine called Nu Ren Wo Zui Da aka Queen Magazine

Look 1 : Purple / Pink / bronze look. I really like the combination of the colors in this monochromatic look.
 Click for enlarged pic

Look 2: Soft smokey brown look
 Click for enlarged pic

Look 3: Soft green look
Click for enlarged pic

Look 4: Yellow, orange and blue look .... I really love this contrasting color combi of e/s. If i had my way, I would so wear this look everyday. I love bright e/s colors
Hope this post will inspire u girls to play around with more colors of make up instead of just the usual neutrals. I believe everyone can wear colors, but just that you need to find out which color family, tone, tint or shade suits u most. Cheers!

0 Paul and Joe Blush in 11 & 08

Was quite surprised by the pigmentation of these 2 blushers from Paul and Joe as from experience their eye products tend to be on the sheer side. One swipe of blush is more than enough for the color to appear on my NC20 face.

Packaging: Typical Paul and Joe style with the flower motif on its cover. Mirror is also provided with the blush

Colors: Comes in one lighter and one darker shade. Can be used seperately or mixed. Lighter side can be used as highlightin color

Texture: Shimmery but with good color pay off 

Lasting power: About 3 hours. Fades off quite fast, definitely need to touch up for this.(I don't have to touch for my MAC blushers)

Not advisable for people with oily skin or people who hates shimmers, as the shimmers / glitters are pretty obvious on the face.

The packaging
 Face color in 11
From left to right: Dark side, Lighter side, Mixed
Face color in 08
From left to right: Brighter part, Lighter part, Mixed

0 MAC's older LE collections in special packaging

Some pics of the stuff I bought from MAC's older LE collections in special packaging. Most people liked or raved about Hello Kitty the most, but as can seen by the no of items i bought in these collections...I bought from Barbie Loves MAC the most. I honestly found and still find that collection to be one of the best from MAC's LE collections. All the shades are just so wearable....

Without further ado here are pics.

Barbie Loves MAC <3 <3 <3 this collection.... especially the blush and beauty powders!

 Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Sweet and Single lipstick, Style it up lipstick, Real doll lipstick, Happening gal lipglass, Malibu Barbie lipglass, Sweetness Lipglass, Fab blush, Don't be shy blush, Magic dust e/s, Moth brown e/s, Beautyburst e/s, Springtime skipper e/s, Perky e/s, Pearl Blossom BP, Pearl Sunshine BP

Star Product: Pearl blossom beauty powder and Pearl sunshine BP

Hello kitty .... Not much of a fan of Hello Kitty, So i didn't exactly went crazy over this collection as some people did.

 Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Popster TLC, Pretty Baby BP, Fun and Games BP Blush, Tippy BP Blush, Cutester lipstick, Nice kitty lipglass, Mimmy Lipglass, Lucky Tom Palette, Hello Kitty Kouture mystery powder

Star product: Fun and Games beauty powder blush

Note: The Hello kitty kouture mystery powder casing can fit in a MAC pan blush just nice.... I bought this mainly for the packaging. The hello kitty on the casing is embossed with Swarovski crystals.

 Lure  I love the Aqua packaging of this collection and it has a pearly finish to its packagin.

 Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Sea myth e/s, Mancatcher e/s, Waternymph e/s, Aquavert e/s, Maidenchant blushcreme, Lune blushcreme, Sex Ray Lipglass, Pink clash lipglass, Bait lipglass

Star product: All the four e/s (Very nice textures and color pay off)

Fafi  I actually like the illustration of the girl on the boxes, but I found the stickers on the e/s quad a bit tacky looking though...

  Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Cult fave lipglass, Verve a cious irridiscent powder, Sassed up Irridiscent powder, Hipness blush, Fashion Frenzy blush, Fafi eyes 2 quad 

Star product: Hipness blush 

0 Paul & Joe Lip gloss N in 06

I love coral / orange lip colors be it lipstick or lip glosses. And this gloss is one of my favourite orangey red lip glosses

- Sheer color payoff
- Deposits a high shine color on the lips making the lips look oh so juicy
- It's slightly sticky but not as sticky as MAC's lip glasses or dazzleglasses

It's pretty lightweight on the lips and doesn't leave or enhance the look of any unsightly flakes of dry or dead skin on the lips. This is one of the items which is always in my cosmetic pouch everyday.

0 Make up storage from Ikea

Was browsing through Ikea's catalogue. And saw this storage solution which I was attracted to for storing my cosmetics (I've ran out of space for storing my make up in my make up table even though it's big.... and need to find additional make up storage)

It has 3 shallow drawers and 3 drawers which are slightly deeper. I like this storage cause I like the depth of the drawers which is not too deep nor shallow for storing my make up.

Not to mention, it has a set of wheels which means I can roll away my make up to safety in case of any emergency. (Although I don't wish for any emergency to happen in my house...but one can never predict what will happen next). Am seriously considering buying this storage. Maybe probably next month on my pay day.

0 A boring MAC make up haulage

I decided to set myself on a no make up ban for at least the next 2 months, replacing only basic necessities when i'm done with them. But since I've just replenished my basic necessities with this haulage, I hope I can be self disciplined and not buy anything for the next 2 mths. But I strongly suspect my will power will be deeply tested by next month's new LE collections from MAC. But luckily, I'm not interested in the collections for this month...so i'm still safe for this month

Anyway here are the stuff which i bought, most of which are replenishments of my basic necessities and plus a few more mac brushes which I most often use and do not have enough of (I'm fast becoming a hoarder of MAC brushes. I buy multiples, but most often, I always use the same old one and refuse to use the new ones. It's a weird habit of mine... :X )

What I bought:

1. MAC prep plus prime skin base visage - My first and probably last holy grail primer. It's a silicone based primer which helps to smoothen out the face before make up application. Contains subtle shimmers which help to subtly brighten up the face. If u need oil control, try the Prep plus prime protection SPF 50 instead of this 

2. MAC studio sculpt concealer - My under eye circles are really horribly dark and I need a full coverage concealer on top of a corrector to conceal my panda eyes :X Or maybe, I should start slping earlier...

3. MAC Blacktrack fluidline - My holy grail eyeliner of all time. Lasts the whole day on me. Texture is creamy. Product does not dry up easily in the jar as compared to other brands of gel liner i've tried.... PROVIDED if u screw the cap tight or turn the jar upside down when applying to lessen exposure to air.

4. MAC msf natural - This gives a natural satin finish which a very very subtle hint of sheen which is hardly visible to the eye unless u look at it closely. Coverage is sheer as with most pressed powders. If u need oil control powder, u may wanna consider the select sheer pressed powder instead of it as it is more mattifying than the msf natural

5. MAC fascinating eye kohl - Can u imagine? I've never owned a single white pencil after all these yrs.... omg.... so I decided it's high time for me to own a white pencil ....

6. MAC Graphblack technakohl - Talking about this, the previous time I bought this pencil, I lose this after just ONE day and a ONE time usage. OMg...I can't remember how I lost it, but I hope I will not lose this for a second time. I find it applies more smooth than the powerpoints though.

7. MAC Pen highlighter in radiant rose - MAC's version of the all time cult fav YSL touche eclat. Bought this on a whim to try out to see if it works as well as my YSL touche eclat.

8. MAC cleanse off oil - Nuff said of this product. It's my holy grail product and I've previously posted a full review of this product. Have finished at least about 4 or 5 bottles of this. And will be repurchasing this again and again.

9. MAC 239 brush - Pls refer to my post on MAC brushes for my review on this 

10. MAC 217 brush - Pls refer to my post on MAC brushes for my review on this

11. MAC 116 brush  - Best for specific blush application. Applies product very precisely on the apples of the cheeks

12. MAC 129 brush - Has a bigger brush head than the 116. Very good for face powder application. Am using this on a daily basis to apply my pressed / loose powder. For people who have small faces, the brush head may be a little big for specific blush application

0 My oldest make up item - random post

I stil have the very first counter brand make up which my mum gave it to me. I think it was like 10yrs ago when I was still very new to make up and knew next to nothing about make up. I'm no longer using this palette, but still keeping it because it has some sentimental value to me. I've thrown out both e/s applicator which came with the palette as they were too worn out. Do you have any old make up which is expired or u are no longer using but are still keeping because of sentimental reason??

0 Origins Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind

A frequent sufferer of migraine and headaches and yet you don't wanna pop pills too often to relive the pain? If so, you can try Origins Sensory Therapy in Peace of mind to give on the spot relief for headaches

Key ingredients (not goin to list every single thing on the box as it is too long for me to list out, but I'll just pick out the key ones)
Water, rose flower water, peppermint leaf water, rosemary leaf water, peppermint leaf oil,basil oil, eucalyptus dives oil

How to use:
Massage the cream onto the back of the neck, temples, earlobes and breathe deeply 

General comments:
I love the cooling minty sensation of this cream (mainly from the peppermint leaf extract), which helps to relief my headache without taking panadol. After doing some googling on the internet, I found out from Wikipedia that Peppermint can be used for insomnia and it also helps to reduce pain sensing fibres (hence relieving headaches). Sometimes, even when I'm not having any headache, I love to use this on myself to clear my mind and relax especially when i'm having a not so good day @ work. Would definitely repurchase after finishing this. I would highly highly recommend this to people who suffer from frequent headaches and who do not want to rely on pills to relief the tension in their heads and also for people who wanna calm their minds and relax after a long hard day @ work.
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