0 MAC Force of Love lipstick VS MAC Viva Glam Nicky

At first sight in the tube, I found that Force of Love lipstick looks really similar to Viva Glam nicky - both being hot pinks with coral undertones. But about swatching, Force of Love is slightly more reddish coral than Viva Glam Nicky (Nicky being a bit more neon pink than Force of Love)

Here are the pics and swatches of both lipsticks...

0 MAC Vera Neumann Haul

Oopsss... Bought these 2 mths back but have not got about reviewing these till now...

Being a die hard blush addict, I bought both pearlmatte face powders in Sunday afternoon and flower fantasy. Just like the previous pearlmatte face powder from MAC in lilyland, these face powders have a sheer finish, reminiscent of the sheertone blushers, only that MAC has added in a highlighting area in each of the face powders. U can mix the colors or use the colors seperately by themselves. As the words and ladybird pic is embossed right into the powder, I don't have to worry that they will go away after a few uses.

 Flower fantasy pearlmatte face powder

 Sunday afternoon pearlmatte face powder

Being a sucker for greens and turqoise colors, I also bought the crushed metal pigment set in Butterfly party (loving the combination of purple turqoise, silver and blue in this set). Also bought Aloha crushed metal pigment (though Aloha kinda reminded me a little of the warm one in the one released from Spring color forcast). As the crush metal pigments are much more chunkier than the normal pigments which are much finer in texture, I usually will crush the pigment on my hand into smaller bits before patting the color on my lid either with a 242 brush or fingers. I find that synthetic brush like 242 works better for the crush metal pigments rather than brushes with natural bristles. Would advise patting on the lid rather than sweeping, as sweeping the pigments will cause quite a fair bit of fall out

 Butterfly party crushed metal pigment

Aloha crushed metal pigment

Also bought the plushglass in confetti. I like the coral-ness of this plushglass which provides some color on my lips and is non sticky, and as well as plump up my lips. I love coral lipstuff loadss..so I had to get this.

 Confetti plush glass

0 In Extra Dimension skinfinishes and eyeshadows

I know I am kinda late to the party and slow in posting, but late is better than never. heh heh.
I am totally loving the cream to powder texture of the skinfinishes and eyeshadows in this collection - super blendable with decent color payoff. But alas due to budget, I only could  buy all 3 skinfinishes and 3 eyeshadows :( If I had all the $$$ in the world, I would so buy this whole collection cause they are all super blendable. So I ended getting up Whisper of gilt, Glorfiy and Superb for the Skinfinishes and Havana, Grand Galaxy and Blue orbit for the eyeshadows. I am totally in love with these products.


These are shimmery but definitely not as glittery as ur usual mineralized skinfinishes (Plus pt = no glitter fallout ). They have a metallic kinda texture which looks really good on the cheek bone area, more so than the MSFs which can look a bit powdery at times if not blended properly. I am fair but I still bought Glorify cause it makes a beautiful bronzey gold eye color on the eyes. The pigmentation of this skinfinish is to die for. <3 <3

 Whisper of gilt skinfinish

 Glorify Skinfinish

 Superb skinfinish

As I have mentioned earlier in the posts, the texture of these shadows are of a cream to powder finish and color payoff is good and very blendable. Plus, they last the whole day on the eyes and do not crease @ all even without a primer. Definitely way much better than the metal x cream shadows imho. I wished I could have bought all, but unfortunately I am on tight budget for this mth, so I could buy only 3 and it was a very tough choice choosing 3 only :x


Grand galaxy

  Blue orbit

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