0 Amazing Cosmetics concealer

After finishing my previous concealer from covermark (it was a cream foundation but the coverage was good enough to be a concealer for me), I decided to give the concealer from Amazing cosmetics a try as I've heard some good reviews about it from a freelance make up artist friend of mine. Here's what I have to say about the concealer:

1. Excellent coverage for my horrible undereye circles (This would work well for concealing acne scars as well)
2. Long lasting, does not require touch ups

1. Texture is quite sticky, need a bit of time getting used to it
2. Can only use a little bit otherwise it will cake on the undereye.
3. Price is on the high side, but I don't mind paying if it works for me (They have both the small and bigger tube. I bought the bigger one which is about 15ml

I bought mine in light golden. Even though it looks darker on my hand, but as my under eye circles is really dark, I have to use a shade slightly darker than my original skintone to correct the dark circles.

This concealer provides maximum coverage so less is more for this. And would advise using a loose powder over this concealer instead of a pressed or compact powder for a more natural look.

For those people with sensitive skin, here's the key ingredients of the concealer, so if u are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed here, u might want to avoid this concealer even though it works pretty well for me.

Key ingredients:
Mineral Oil, Lanolin oil, Cucumber Fruit extract, Vitamin E, Silica, Titanium dioxide

0 YSL Effet Faux cils (Mascara volume)

I used to swear off mascaras coz I've tried a whole lot of mascaras from drugstore to high end and they didn't work on my super stubborn lashes.And ended up wearing only false lashes. Now my ex colleagues also had very stubborn lashes and she said this one worked on her. I trusted her (BTW she is quite hard to please when it comes to make up products) and headed down to the YSL counter to get one.

And I am very pleased to say that I have now found my Holy Grail mascara. It's kinda exp (well it's a luxury brand), but I don't mind paying for it coz it works for me.

1. It CURRLS my lashes without me using an eyelash curler
2. It helps my lashes to stay curled the WHOLE day (the previous mascaras jus weighed my lashes down after a while even though I didn't apply too thick).
3. Gives very good volumizing and lengthening effect that I have people thinking that I'm wearing false lashes.

1. Can get a bit clumpy, need to apply in zig zag motion and use a seperate brush to seperate the lashes
2. It is so waterproof that I have to put in quite a bit of effort to get it off but it's all worth it.

Would buy this mascara again and again. Lovin this!

0 Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate

I can't describe how much I loveee this serum, it may be expensive (well at least to me about SGD$90) BUT it works for me.

Key ingredients of this product:
1. Evening primose oil
2. Lavendar essential oil
3. Squalene
4. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids

I used to be skeptical about putting OILS  on my face to sleep and worried that this would clog my pores and break me out, but this has proved me wrong. I put this on at night (only 2 to 3 drops is needed for the entire face, anything more would be too much) and wake up with very smooth and supple skin with no feeling of greasiness on the skin. I have combination - dry skin for information. So if u have oily skin, I would recommend to limit the amt used to max 2 drops. It may seem little BUT it's essential oil..so 2 drops is actually more than enough esp if u have oily skin

Another pro about this product is that even though it's a rich blend of essential oils, it gets absorbed into my skin quite fast. It is recommended to use this only at night when our skin is more receptive in repairing itself.

As this product is pretty rich, I skip my moisturiser (I am using this in combination with my YSL youth liberator face serum and Kiehls Clearly Corrective dark spot solution). And i loveee the smell of (Lavendar is one of it's key ingredients) this. The lavendar smell has a soothing and calming effect on me. 

I would buy this again and again if my wallet allows me too. I love this product so much. Very seldom do I swear by a skincare product. But I swear by this.

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