0 Giorgo Armani liquid foundation in face fabric

Heard many rave reviews on Giorgo Armani's foundation and got a friend to CP (custom purchase) this for me from Hong Kong as it is not available in Singapore. And after using this for several times, I have to say that I love this foundation.

1. It contains silica so it really goes on very smooth on the face. Makes me feel like keep wanting to touch my face again and again cause it feels oh so smooth on the face.
2. Softens and diminuishes any imperfections on the face e.g. large pores (mainly due to the presence of silica which helps to fill in the fine lines and holes)
3. Easy to blend and lightweight
4. Mattifying, oil control is pretty decent as compared to non silica based foundations
5. Non-drying (both combi and dry skin people can use this)
6. Provides medium coverage

1. Expensive (Again, Price is not much of an issue for me as long as the product works for me)

Would re purchase this again IF i ever finish this which i doubt so as I have quite a number of foundations to rotate and finish. I suspect the color i bought is jus slightly darker for me. But I corrected it by using a purple loose powder over it to brighten my face, so no issues with the color shade

2 MAC Dazzleglasses

As with the name, MAC dazzleglasses contain the most shimmers amongst MAC lipglosses. They actually contain the reflect glitters inside to give the glosses  multi dimensional shimmery color. They are not my favourite amongst MAC glosses (My favourite is still the cremesheen range) although I do like a few colors... Some like baby sparks n bare necessity are a tad too sheer to be worn on their own and are best to be worn over other lipcolors like a lipliner or lipstick to enhance the color. My favourite out of the lot that I own has to be Hi-faultin and glamour OD. Both of these colors appear very nicely on the lips by themselves.

Here are the colors which i have...

Click to enlarge. From left to right: Bare necessity, Steppin out, Smile, Baby sparks, Fabulous Fun, Glamour OD, Utterly posh, Miss  Fizz,  Love Alert, Funtabulous,  Miss Dynamite

Click to enlarge: Swatch of dazzleglasses

Er this looks kinda blah on my lips alone... I think bare necessity is best worn over other lippies

A little on the sheer side, but definitely has more color than bare necessity and gives my lips a nice pinky color.

A very sheer color, best worn over other lip colors. 

One of my favourite Dazzleglasses. Glamour OD leaves such a nice watermelon red color on the lips that helps to brighten the face but yet not overpowering at the same time

Looks VERY similar to Glamour OD dazzleglass. I almost cannot tell the difference btw both of this. Loving this color as well.

Love love love this color. It's a peachy pink gloss. It's somewhat of a cross between Smile dazzleglass and babysparks dazzleglass.

Hate the glitters in this dazzleglass. The glitters in this dazzleglass looks more chunky as compared to the other dazzleglass. Makes me look like a glitterbomb when i'm wearing this color :X

0 MAC regular mineralized blushers

Currently, MAC has 6 mineralized blushers in its permanent range - Dainty, Gentle, Love thing, Gleeful, Warm soul and Love Joy. Out of the 6 blushers, I own have 5. I first bought these from the Sonic Chic collection. They were first released as limited edition items (together with 3 other mineralized blushers in Pleasantry, Nuance and Merrily which were excellent but alas MAC didn't decide to make those permanent)but later made regular due to the popularity and increasing demand for mineral make up.

Although MAC has since released many other mineralized blushers, I still find that the original colors MAC released has the best texture and color payoff. Some of the LE mineralized blushers which were in duos or in swired texture were kinda glittery.. (Think glittery and Not shimmery...) for everyday wear. Although the regular MBs may look kinda shimmery when swatched on the hand, but the shimmers are actually very subtle when applied on the face and no where as shimmery when swatched on the hands.

Click to enlarge picture

Dainty - Peachy pink in pan and when swatched. This is my all time favourite mineralized blush. It works for many skintones from fair to medium-tanned skins, though on tanned skins it may take more work for it to show out.

Gentle - A muavy pink blush that looks similar to Coygirl blush in the regular collection but minus the shimmers. Works on all skintones. Pale skin ladies have to be light handed with this one as it's pretty pigmented

Love Thing - Has a lot of Red undertones to it. More recommended for people with darker complexions.

Gleeful - Looks beautiful on darker skinned ladies, But fair skinned ladies can still wear this abeit with a very very light hand. Has some tone of reddish brown to it. Not as dark as Love Thing

Warm Soul - A beautiful neutral toned blush. Good for nude make up. Shows up more on fair skined ladies. Medium to darker skin tones can use this as a highlighting powder on the face

2 MAC Cremesheen glasses

I am not a lip addict or a lip color person, but I have to admit that I am totally in love with MAC's cremesheen glasses. I swear by the texture.

 They are very creamy and moisturizing for the lips. (Highly recommended for people who have dry lips). And best of all, they are non-sticky. Ya don't have to worry your hair getting stuck onto the lips. Color pay off is sheer to medium coverage. You can either wear them alone as a sheer wash of color on the lips or layer them up on lipsticks to enhance the color. And yes, the cremesheen glasses are very glossy....Which I love. It makes the lips look so juicy and oh so kissable. Love love love this range. I hope MAC will NEVER discontinue this range. It's one of my favourite range of products from MAC. And for people who dislike shimmers in their lipgloss or lipproducts, this is one range that you will like as there is totally NO SHIMMERS in this range of glosses.

Although they come in a longer tube than the lipglass or lustreglasses, the amount in the tube is actually less than that of the lipglass & lustreglasses (2.7g for the cremesheen glasses as opposed to 4.8g for the lipglasses and lustureglasses). So we are actually paying more for less. And because it's non-sticky, more touch ups are required for this range of glosses as compared to the lipglasses and lustreglass which last relatively longer. And for people who like their glosses to be very pigmented, I would recommend you to go for MAC lipglasses instead, cause the cremesheens are pretty sheer by themselves.

Would i repurchase?? YES. I love the texture and glossiness of this gloss and it doesn't dry my lips up and doesn't enhance the dryness of my lips

Favourite colors? Hmm.....I love all the colors that I buy. They are all so wearable with or without make up.  Without further ado, the below are pictures of the colors of the cremesheen glasses which i currently own.

Click pic to enlarge. Left to right: Right image, Delight, Just superb, On the Scene, Richer lusher, Melt in your mouth, Partial to Pink & Boy bait

                                    Click to enlarge for bigger swatch picture

P/S Might be a bit slow in updating my blog as I have only one off day a week ... so pls bear with the kinda slow updates ya? Thanks!


One of my friends who is a fan of lip products had been raving to me about Chanel's lip products for a long long time, but I didn't care for lip products so I didn't get it any only recently. So what made me buy it? Hmm. I would say this is more of an impulse buy ya, but when i did like the color of it in the tube and when i tested it on my hand.

It seems like as with other brands, Chanel has a few range of glosses too. The one that I bought belongs to the Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss range (Pure Shine Intense Color Long Wear Lip Gloss). On Chanel's website, this range is described as

- offer the shine of a gloss and the colour intensity of a lipstick.
- presence of very finely ground mother-of-pearl helps intensify colour and light reflection with no pearly effect.
-  Shea butter and a canola oil derivative provide a sensation of well-being, while a Vitamin E derivative protects the lips.
My Review of #54 Liberte (Sorry I don't know french so i can't translate the name into English :X)

- Love the lightweight and moisturising texture of this gloss
- Gives a very nice glossy peachy pink finish to the lips (It's the perfect natural peachy pink on me)
- Non sticky
- I love the applicator that comes with it. Very soft and deposits the right amount of product onto the lips
- Generous amount of product = 10.8g to be exact

- Er as with most glosses, it has to be touched up now and then. Well, this is to be expected of all glosses anway, If you do not want to touch up often, go for lipstick
- Not very pigmented (Not much of an issue for me - I can either go sheer or pigmented for lipcolors)
- Opaque packaging - I HATE the opaque packaging. I CANNOT see how much is left in the tube. I wish they made the tube transparent
- Pricey (not much of an issue for me as long as the quality is there)

Conclusion? Would repurchase this again, as it's really moisturizing on my lips and deposits just the right amount of color on my lips. It's the kinda product that i would wear on both my "no make up days" and "make up days".

0 Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland palette

I know I'm very late in reviewing this eye palette, But since I was reviewing UD's BOS III in my last post, I might as well add this one on.

Comparatively, UD's Alice in Wonderland palette has a couple more neutral e/s than BOS III - good for people who are into neutrals but still want to try a couple of colors outside of neutrals.

As with the BOS III, I find all of the shadows to be pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. No issues with glitter fallout with the e/s in this palette. Love the cute pop out on this particular BOS - A popout of Alice walking through the Mushroom forest.

I'm not complaining but, maybe UD should add a couple of matte e/s in their palettes? I just noticed that most of their e/s are either of the metallic frosty, glittery or satiny finish, but hardly any mattes. I am not a fan of matte e/s but there are many out there who would appreciate a couple of mattes in the palettes ya?

As with the other BOS, this is also Limited edition. Also comes with their famous UDPP and 2 of their 24/7 liners.

Click for enlarged swatch pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic
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