1 MAC pink / purple eyeshadows Part I

More pics and swatches of my MAC eyeshadows.... this time round is the pinks and purples =). Products denoted with * are LE and may no longer be available in the market.

 Click for enlarged pic

 Click for enlarged pic

Hepcat (Frost): To be honest for most plummish shades like this I would use them mostly on the outer v of the eyes or as a lower liner or as a eye contour color @ the socket area to contour the eye area. Too much red undertones in it to be used all over the lid

Plum Dressing (Veluxe pearl): Great texture and color payoff. Easy to blend. Has a tad more brownish undertones to it than Hepcat.

Nocturnelle (Frost): Good for smokey eyes. Blendable and good color payoff

Star Violet (Frost): Seldom reach for this, but i do like to pair this with neutrals such as patina e/s 

Passionate* : Bright reddish pink in the pan but sheerer when applied. Needs to be packed on for color to be more intense, but still color is still buildable

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Creme D Violet (Frost): Purple with a slight pinkish  undertones. Beautiful when combined with stars and rockets and navy blue e/s like Flashtrack e/s to create a purplish blue smokey eyes. Has a pretty good texture. Wouldn't wear it by itself though as it may make my eyes look a bit swollen if i wear this just alone. 

Stars N Rockets (Veluxe Pearl): A duochrome eyeshadow that shines a bit of pink and purple at the same time. A very unique color which u are not going to find else where. 

Iris Print* (Velvet): Greyish purplish in color. Very sheer when applied.

Mink Pink (Matte): It feels like Mink and it is Pink :P Nuff said bout this e/s LOL!

Pink Papillon* (Frost): It's one of those pinks that you can wear on your entire eyelid and pull it off without looking like you have swollen eyes. Very wearable. Smooth and blendable.
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Mystical mist (Frost): A dark shade of purple with slight bluish undertones. Good for eye lining, smokey looks and for the outer  v of eyes. Texture is smooth and blendable

Dovefeather (DC-ed): This color has been discontinued and I use this color mainly on the socket area to contour my eyes and make it look more deep set.

Slip Pink* (Velvet): Hate this color and regret buying this. It looks so pretty in the pan but when applied it turns out to be more of a dirty pink color which makes me look that i'm suffering from sore eyes. Duhz!

Pink Venus (Lustre): A nice wearable pink for everyday, only thing I wished for is that the shimmers in this weren't so chunky. It has a pretty decent color payoff for a Lustre e/s.

Da Bling (Frost): Only a little is needed for this color. If u have very crepey like eyes, avoid this as it will make your eye area look even more wrinkly due to the metallic and frosty texture of this e/s


Cydonian said...

Iris Print is a color I was trying to think of and couldn't remember the name! So thank you lmao

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