0 MAC Peacocky collection part I - Mega Metal Eyeshadows

I went bonkers for this collection and bought about 2/3 of the collection - 12 eyeshadows and 6 kissable lip colors and I am lovin all the colors that I bought. As I don't really like browns, I didn't buy the 3 browns e/s in this collection, but I bought all the rest....

Texture of all the mega metal eyeshadows are super smooth and blendable, and the darker colors like obalisque and noir plum and papparazz-she have reallly good color pay off on their own even without using a base. All colors swatched here are swatched without eye shadow base

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Top of Posh: A beautiful shade of pink with some light gold undertones in it. Can be used LIGHTLY as a cheek color or on top of other pink blushers to give a subtle pink glow to the face

Mating Call: Reminds me of a more toned down & metallic version of creme d violet e/s from the regular range

Noir Plum: The perfect shade of dark purple for purple smokey looks. Unlike some MAC purples which look dark in the pan but when applied, become sheer on th eyes. This is just as pigmented as how it looks like in the pan. What u see is what u get.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Dalliance: The perfect all over the eye base color. Great on both its own and combined with other e/s as well. A very versatile color. Kinda reminds me of Mineralism e/s from MAC's regular range, but without the glitter fallout and slightly more frosty

Peek at you: Great as a brow bone highlighting color, not a unique color though...I think it's pretty dupeable imho.

Prance: This also makes a beautiful wash of color all over the eyes. Has a slight taupe-pink undertone in it if u see it carefully in real life. Very pretty.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Odalisque: I love turqoises and teal e/s. And this is no exception. Great pigmentation and texture. It's somewhat of a cross between shimmermoss and parrot e/s

Ego: Looks greenish in the pan, but when swatched, the brownish grey undertones to it is more pronounced. I would imagine that this would work great with Club and Humid e/s from the regular range

Dandizette: An excellent navy blue for smokey looks. Blends better than Flashtrack e/s imho.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Tweet Me: Looks very similar to Expensive pink eyeshadow with the same pinkish goldish undertone. If u have Expensive Pink, you could skip this...

Paparazz-she: Bright orange with a brown under tone to it. Kinda reminds me of Firespot e/s from MAC's neo sci-fi collection

Sexpectation: Reminds me of MAC's cranberry e/s when i first swatched this on the hand....

Next part - the kissable lip colors from Peacocky collection which I bought.

0 MAC pink / purple eyeshadows part II

Part II of my pink / purple eyeshadows - in single pot forms.  Products with a * next to them are LE and may not be available in the market any longer.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

1 MAC pink / purple eyeshadows Part I

More pics and swatches of my MAC eyeshadows.... this time round is the pinks and purples =). Products denoted with * are LE and may no longer be available in the market.

 Click for enlarged pic

 Click for enlarged pic

Hepcat (Frost): To be honest for most plummish shades like this I would use them mostly on the outer v of the eyes or as a lower liner or as a eye contour color @ the socket area to contour the eye area. Too much red undertones in it to be used all over the lid

Plum Dressing (Veluxe pearl): Great texture and color payoff. Easy to blend. Has a tad more brownish undertones to it than Hepcat.

Nocturnelle (Frost): Good for smokey eyes. Blendable and good color payoff

Star Violet (Frost): Seldom reach for this, but i do like to pair this with neutrals such as patina e/s 

Passionate* : Bright reddish pink in the pan but sheerer when applied. Needs to be packed on for color to be more intense, but still color is still buildable

Click for enlarged pic
Creme D Violet (Frost): Purple with a slight pinkish  undertones. Beautiful when combined with stars and rockets and navy blue e/s like Flashtrack e/s to create a purplish blue smokey eyes. Has a pretty good texture. Wouldn't wear it by itself though as it may make my eyes look a bit swollen if i wear this just alone. 

Stars N Rockets (Veluxe Pearl): A duochrome eyeshadow that shines a bit of pink and purple at the same time. A very unique color which u are not going to find else where. 

Iris Print* (Velvet): Greyish purplish in color. Very sheer when applied.

Mink Pink (Matte): It feels like Mink and it is Pink :P Nuff said bout this e/s LOL!

Pink Papillon* (Frost): It's one of those pinks that you can wear on your entire eyelid and pull it off without looking like you have swollen eyes. Very wearable. Smooth and blendable.
Click for enlarged pic

Mystical mist (Frost): A dark shade of purple with slight bluish undertones. Good for eye lining, smokey looks and for the outer  v of eyes. Texture is smooth and blendable

Dovefeather (DC-ed): This color has been discontinued and I use this color mainly on the socket area to contour my eyes and make it look more deep set.

Slip Pink* (Velvet): Hate this color and regret buying this. It looks so pretty in the pan but when applied it turns out to be more of a dirty pink color which makes me look that i'm suffering from sore eyes. Duhz!

Pink Venus (Lustre): A nice wearable pink for everyday, only thing I wished for is that the shimmers in this weren't so chunky. It has a pretty decent color payoff for a Lustre e/s.

Da Bling (Frost): Only a little is needed for this color. If u have very crepey like eyes, avoid this as it will make your eye area look even more wrinkly due to the metallic and frosty texture of this e/s

0 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part III

More pics and swatches ..... As usual products denoted with * are LE items and may no longer be available on the market

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

This is one of the older MAC lipsticks that I own and also one of my favourites. It's the perfect natural pink lipstick that adds just a bit of color to my face and yet still looks like my lip color but better. Applies smoothly, evenly and glossy as with most MAC's lustre lipsticks.

I bought this after seeing how nice it looked on my colleague and on another person. But it wasn't what I was expecting this color. On my colleague and another lady, it looked more pink (But i'd have to say though that they are both darker than me, about NC35) on them, but when I applied this, it looked darker and kinda a muavey pink color. It's still ok for me, but it's not exactly the pink which I was expecting. Anyway, as i've mentioned before, the same lipstick can look different on different people. Nevertheless, I don't mind this color and would wear this often.

One of MAC's best selling natural lipstick. (Some describe this as a nude shade, but i wouldn't call this a nude shade, I would describe this as a natural MLB - My lips but better kinda color). It's more of a brownish pink and has a great texture and finish to it. Love this as well. I have 2 pcs of this color @ home. What happened was, the first pc, I bought it @ the MAC counter. And as for the 2nd pc, I forgot I had this color @ home and I went to the counter to B2M and chose this color and not realizing that I already own this color till I went home. But anyway, it's also another of my favourite day to day lip color from MAC. I would not advise ladies with pigmented lips to get this though, because it's pretty sheer and on pigmented lips, it would like almost like u are not wearing anything. 

I like this color too. It's a nice frosty peachy gold color which helps to give my lips a more 3d look. However, I need to moisturize my lips very well before wearing this. Otherwise, it will look like my lips are cracked........

0 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part II

Part II of pics & swatches of my MAC natural / nude lippies. Products denoted with * are LE items and may no longer be available on the market

 Click for enlarged pic.

Click for enlarged pic
Lovin' this lippie. It's moisturisng, glossy and is the perfect nude pink on my lips and doesn't clash too much with my warm undertones. But I do have to put on some make up as with many nudes so that it does not look too out of place on my face

It's definitely not a nude. It's more of a natural brownish pink shade which helps to brighten my NC20 complexion. I can wear nothing else on my face but only this lipstick. It makes a good color for everyday wear to work. Am loving the finish and texure of MAC's lustre lipsticks.

Bought this after my friend recommended me this lipstick. If u  like lipsticks such as MAC's hue, high tea or Innocence beware (which was a LE btw), you will probably like this natural nude shade of peachy pink lipstick as well.  Can be worn with or without make up. 

This one of the Nudest shades from MAC (yeah, and it's pretty famous too. It's always being featured in mags as far as I know). I cannot get away with wearing this without wearing any eye make up. I would look soo soo dead. But it's a very pretty shade to pair with smokey eyes. The only rant I have with some MAC's cremesheen lipsticks like creme d nude (not all though), that they kinda apply unevenly and I have to spend quite sometime trying to even them out. I am sorry that in this pic, the lipstick is still not really evenly applied, but yeah, this is the color you would expect how creme d nude would generally look like on the lips.

2 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part I

Pics and swatches of the few natural and nude lipsticks which I have from MAC (Not a big lipstick fan, so I don't have much lipsticks. I m more of a gloss girl). As usual, products denoted with * are limited edition and may no longer be available on the market.

 Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic
Ooops. Sorry for the typo error in the pic, The finish of this lipstick is a frost and not Frot. Sorry! One thing about frost lipsticks is that though they can give a nice frosty, metallic pouty look to the lips, but if the lips are dry and not moisturized properly, they can enhance your fine lines of the lips instead. So be sure to moisturize your lips a lot people wearing frost lipsticks.  

Honeylove is one of the few natural shades that most people, including myself can wear without looking washed out even with minimal make up on. I will usually add on a gloss over this to enhance the color as sometimes I feel matte lipsticks can make my lips look a bit "flat" despite the strong color.

Being pretty fair (NC20 to be exact), Half and Half looks a bit dark on me. I mean I love this color, but on my skintone, I wouldn't exactly call it a natural lipstick. But i've seen this one on ladies with medium to dark skin tones, it's the perfect natural lip color for them. Therefore, I'm a firm believer that for lipsticks, just by looking at swatches on other people's lips is not enough. What might work on one might not work for another. Better to head on to the counter to try the lipsticks first before deciding whether to buy or not. I do love the amplified creme textures a lot - they are pigmented, creamy and pretty moisturizing for the lips as compared to the frosts and mattes and sometimes even the Satins which can be a little drying @ times

Blankety is the perfect nude pink on me - it's slightly on the cool sight, but it's not too cool toned as to totally wash me up or look weird on my Yellow as banana skin tone. I still can get away with wearing only this lip color and some blusher on my cheeks without having to do up my eyes.

0 Topshop cream blushers & Bronzers

Yes, you've heard it. The UK fashion label has now its own make up line to coordinate with its fashion. Prices are very affordable - a cream blush cost SGD$13 (about USD$10.20) and their bronzers cost SGD$19 (USD$14.90). And they are made in Italy (yep, you heard it, not some made in China cosmetics products - I am very skeptical about made in china cosmetics), so they are perfectly safe to use. I bought 3 cream blushers from the label and 2 bronzers when they first launched in my country. 

Cream blushers

Packaging is kept minimalistic - a bit tacky imho, but still acceptable. After all, it's priced reasonably, what more can I ask for. Oh, and all its cheek products and bronzing powders have mirrors in side as well

Click for enlarged pic. Pic of the 3 cream blushers

Click for enlarged swatch pic

All the cream blushers are of a cream to powder finish and applies more sheer on the cheeks (when spread out with the fingers) than in the pan. Texture wise, they are very smooth and blendable. My favourite almost the 3 (although i love all 3) is Flush - it gives a really nice healthy coral pink flush to the face. The only downside to these cream blushers is that they don't last too long but I guess that's ok for me cause it's not a high end brand after all. So I don't have too much expectations from it. But i am loving the colors and texture. So i probably won't mind touchin these up again and again.

Bronzing powders
 Packaging of the bronzers

Click to enlarge pic
  Click for enlarged swatch pic

Click to enlarge pic

The bronzing powders are pretty matte for the much part with just the slightest hint of shimmer, but not much and you can hardly see. The powders are finely milled, easily blended and pretty pigmented. Each of them has 4 individual stripes of colors which can be used individually as e/s colors or swirled around together for an even mix of color as bronzing powder on the face. They are pretty good buys and value for money.

0 Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist & Anti-Aging Serum

For skincare, I keep mine to the most basic and minimal - Cleanse off oil, Facial foam, toner (which is the mist) and the serum (Moisturiser). I alternate the mist with my MAC's lightful softening lotion. 

I am been using the Anti-aging Mist and anti-aging serum from Intelligent Nutrients for one month plus now on a daily basis and I'm pretty happy with them. I have combination to dry skin and the combination of these 2 keeps my skin supple and hydrated. Plus, they are both organic -  free of silcones, parabens and petrochemicals and are very safe to use on the face.

 Anti-ageing mist and serum are in the two bottles in the middle

Anti-aging mist
It's a toner in a spray form and prepares skin for optimal serum / moisturiser application while providing refreshment for all skin types. Meaning, this can be used as a skin refresher as well, however, I find the glass bottle of this makes it pretty fragile to bring out. If u plan on using this as a skin refresher it's best to transfer into a smaller plastic  bottle.

The mist also contains functional aromatic essential oil blend (which relaxes and refreshes me greatly) and seed oil complex work together to deliver potent anti oxidant and anti ageing benefits.  For those who are curious... the below are the key ingredients of the facial mist: All very organic and nutritious for the skin!

Key ingredients:
  1. Black Cumin seed oil
  2. Pumpkin seed oil
  3. Red Raspberry seed oil
  4. Red Grape seed oil
  5. Cranberry seed oil
  6. Orange flower oil
  7. Everlasting flower  oil
  8. Carrot seed oil
  9. Ylang Ylang flower oil
  10. Bergamot fruit oil
Definitely more nutritious for the skin than the other conventional facial mists out there as it's a toner for the skin as well. Am loving the aromatic scent of this. Note: it does contain a bit of alcohol in the form of alcohol denat though.

Anti-Ageing Serum
They call this the anti-ageing Serum as it's very very rich and I would recommended this to be used only @ night. It may feel slightly oily on the skin upon application, but after the skin absorbs it (Overnight of course. Don't use this in the day though...it'll be too rich for day wear), it helps  the skin to remain supple, soft and very hydrated with NO OILY feeling @ all. Initially,Some may not feel comfortable with the oiliness of this serum, but honestly it has NOT broke me up and clogged my pores yet. And in fact, my skin feels more smooth and hydrated after using this in combination with the Mist. Only very little is need, 1 - 2 pumps (max) is needed)

Key Ingredients:
  1. Safflower seed oil
  2. Kernel Oil
  3. Red Grape seed oil
  4. Red raspberry seed oil
  5. Black cumin seed oil
  6. Pumpkin seed oil
  7. Orange flower oil
  8. Ylang Ylang flower oil
  9. Chamomile flower oil
  10. Geranium flower oil
  11. Rose flower extract
  12. Carrot seed oil
 All in all, I'm loving these 2 products, they are natural and organic and no clogging of pores or what so ever, Only thing that kinda puts me off is that the price is on the high side as with most organic products. But I will repurchase them again after I have finished mine.

0 Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in #56 Imaginaire & #51 Insouciance

Pardon me for not knowing French. I don't know how to translate the above names in English, So I shall just type their names out as according to the name on the packaging. Ever since I bought my first chanel gloss, I fell in love with its texture and color, So I caved in and bought another 2 and I am now loving all 3 of my Chanel glosses.

Below are pics and swatches of the latest 2 Chanel glosses which I acquired.

#56 Imaginaire

Love love love #56 Imaginaire on me. It's the perfect pink gloss to wear for everyday. All I need is just to apply some loose powder, pink blush and and this gloss and I'm ready to go. It keeps me looking fresh. Texture is great, color is Awesome, I can't help keep touching up this lipgloss wheneveri wear this. I love this color!

#51 Insouciance

May look a bit dull in the tube or when swatched. But when worn, it actually leaves a very nice hint of brownish pink on the lips - none too dark and none too light. Great for everyday wear especially when I'm not wearing any trace of make up on the face. Reminds me a bit of MAC's delight cremesheen glass, just that this has a bit more brown undertones to it. Great texture, finish and color. Loving this too. Will definitely purchase more Chanel glosses in the near future.

As with my last post on my last review of another chanel lipgloss, I wish these two came in transparent packaging. I don't like the packagin cause it's in a black opaque tube and I cannot see how much is left.

Ok that kinda wraps up my blog posts for this week. Will be updating my blog in 5 days time which is my next off day. Cause usually on my non off day, I'm just too tired to update. So for now, this is it. Adios!

0 Chanel Jouse contraste blush in #99 & Tweed duo blush in Tweed Coral

Click to enlarge pic

Click to enlarge pic

As with the other 2 chanel blushes that i own, the texture of these two blushers are also very finely milled and blends into the skin very well. If you love blushers that gives a natural flush to the face without being overly pigmented, you will love chanel blushers. However, if u are love blushers that are more pigmented. you may find their blushers to be pretty sheer. 

#99 Rose Petal: True to its name, it gives a very nice natural rosy pink flush to the cheeks. Neither too shimmery nor too matte. It gives just the slightest hint of sheen to the face. Suitable for all skintones

Tweed Coral: I love the tweed pattern of how it looks in the pan with peach, pink and golden tones all interlinked in one. It also gives a very nice peachy flush to the face. Definitely more pigmented than #54 Fresque. Would appear more on fair to medium skin toned ladies though

0 MAC Yellow/ Orange/ Bronzy eyeshadows - Part 2

Part II of my MAC yellow / Orange / Bronzy eyeshadows - single pots

 Click to enlarge pic. E/S with * are LE

 Click to enlarged pic

Goldenrod (Satin): Reminds me of chrome yellow e/s, but a less intense  yellow than Chrome yellow. 

Off the page (Frost): Fell in love with this color when i first saw it and swatched it on my hands. It's a beautiful orangey gold that has a super buttery soft texture and great pigmentation. If you love oranges, yellows and bright colors, you will love this color. No base required for this color.

Firespot* (Veluxe Pearl):  Somewhat of a bronzy orange color in the pan and when swatched. LE from Moonbathe. I usually pair it with Cosmic (also from Moonbathe) or other yellows and oranges.

Fab & Flashy* (Frost): Looks good in the pan, but needs some work to get the color to show up as intense as in the swatch pic above. Recommended that an eyeshadow base be used.

Evening aura* (Frost): A light peachy orange. Can be used as a wash all over the eyes or a base color for other darker colors to go on. What u see in the pan is what you get. 

Orange (Matte): Very intense and true to the color in the pan. It's even more intense than Rule. Good for more intense or dramatic looks. 

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