3 MAC Peacocky collection part II - Kissable lipcolors

Part II of my MAC peacocky Haul - the kissable lipcolors. These lipcolors are super duper pigmented. They are not like your normal glosses. They are as pigmented as any of MAC's regular lipsticks, in fact, they are more pigmented than MAC lustre lipsticks. Color payoff and finish is about that of a MAC cremesheen lipstick. They actually kinda remind me of MAC's slimshine lipsticks which is now dced. Creamy, moisturising and adds a nice glossy finish to the lips. I am not a lip make up person, but I'm loving the lippies from these collection. Alas they are limited edition AGAIN.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Woo me kinda reminds me of Honeylove lipstick, but a more glossy and sheerer version of Honeylove and of course, more moisturising for the lips

I love love love Super. It kinda looks a bit like Bare slimshine (which is now dced unfortunately) which i used to love. It's the everyday kinda color which u can wear it with or without makeup.

So Vain is one of my fav color from Peacocky as well. It's a nice coral pink on my lips. It's somewhat of an inbetween color between MAC Ravishing and Crosswires lipsticks. Have received compliments wearing this color. Lovin' this as well

Exxhibitionist is super pigmented. It can come off as quite a strong coral red color, but if sheered out with fingers over the lips, it actually gives quite a nice pop of color to the face without being too loud

Scandelicious is a super reddish pink lippie which i probably will not wear it everyday. It's a nice color, but i would probably only wear this on days when I'm feeling in the mood for loud make up

Strut your stuff is a very Hot chilli red which is an awesome color. Jus like Scandelicious, this is a bit too loud of me to wear everyday, but i would wear it when i'm feeling in the mood for it.

So this wraps up my review for the Peacocky items which I bought. Stay tuned for the next post. Cheers =)


she walks iin beauty said...

I love the Kissable Lipcolours! I just made a post on a few things I got from the Peacocky collection. (:


Makeupaddict said...

yeah I am loving the kissable lipcolors...beautiful colors and awesome texture. Glad that you enjoy the lipcolors as well! +)Will check out your post :) I always love to see hauls...makes me drool :)

The Dollymix Diaries said...

I'm loving those shades. x

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