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Other than reviewing LE collections, I would also like to give some love and reviews on some of the MAC e/s that I own - both LE and non LE. E/s denoted with * means they are LE. And this will be the first part of MAC e/s review that I would be doing. Would be updating this blog at least once a week for the rest of my MAC e/s collection

 Click for enlarged picture. LE e/s: Metarmorph*, Newly Minted*, Wondergrass* MAC Pro e/s: Aqua, Kelly, Lime & Bio Green

Click for enlarged picture. 

Metamorph* (Frost finish): Although it is a frost finish, but I find this to be more powder and chalky and doesn't feels like a frost finish @ all. Color pay off is ok, quite blendable but just a bit Chalky

Lime (Matte finish): Highly pigmented, blendable and not chalky like some of MAC's matte e/s that i own. Easy to work with

Juxt (Satin Finish): Excellent texture, good for people who wants a bit of color for everyday wear but yet still not too loud. It's a very wearable soft pastel green.

Overgrown* (Satin Finish): Also of the same texture as juxt, Easy to blend, good color payoff. Looks very similar to Eyepopping though. So if you have one, you don't need the other even though both are of different textures.

Eyepopping* (Frost Finish): Almost identical to Overgrown, Overgrown is just a Tad more green, but honestly when u apply them on your eyes, you can't even tell the difference which shade u are wearing.

Click for enlarged picture

Swimming (Lustre finish): Usually MAC's lustres has lots of glitter fallout and the pigmentation isn't that good, But Swimming is one of the few exceptions. It has pretty decent color payoff and the glitters in it isn't that loud as some of other MAC's lustres like Honey lust (which I absolutely HATE by the way LOL) and it's blendable

Humid (Frost finish): Great texture with excellent color payoff. A must have for anyone who is into green e/s. Makes a beautiful green smokey eye look.

Sumptious Olive (Veluxe Pearl): It's not really green green, but it's sorta a khaki green with some brown undertones to it. Pairs very well with greensmoke e/s and other greens, browns and neutral e/s

Greensmoke (Lustre): Argh, This one has lots more glitter than Swimming and is relatively less pigmented. It needs some work to get the color appear, otherwise this is a lovely color for smokey eye looks as well. All you need is some patience to pack on this color on the eyes.

Plumage (Matte): I love this color but i hate the texture. It's absolutely chalky, I need A LOT OF work to get this to work for me, Plenty of packing on needed........ sighs... A GOOD eyeshadow base is needed for this color. Don't say I never warn ya....

Click for enlarged picture

Aqua (Matte finish): Why do I get this feeling that MAC doesn't have the consistency in its matte e/s. Some are sheer and chalky and hard to blend while others like Newly Minted has great texture and color payoff and not chalky @ all. Aqua is one of those chalky mattes, that needs lots of packing for the color to appear. Would advise that an eyeshadow base be used for this color as well.

Kelly (Matte finish): Generally easier to apply than aqua and Plumage e/s, not as chalky, but still require an e/s for this color to really pop

Newly Minted * (Matte finish): This is the best of MAC's matte e/s. It has GREAT color payoff and NOT chalky @ all and easy to blend. Color applied on eyes is true to that in the pan. Alas, it's Limited edition.

Bio-Green (Frost finish): A Great shade of vibrant green that every MAC addict should have. Has a slight touch of yellow undertone to it, but it's not very obvious. Texture and color payoff is excellent. This is a Pro product, which means u can only get it thru the MAC pro website or @ a MAC pro store.

Wondergrass* (Veluxe pearl Finish): Looks very similar to Bio green e/s when swatched, just that Bio green has a slightly more pronounced goldish yellow undertone than Wondergrass. Another great color from MAC. As with MAC's veluxe pearl e/s, this also has a great texture and excellent color payoff. LE from C Shock collection

Click to Enlarge. All e/s featured in this picture are LE except for Fresh green mix which is a semi permanent MES product in MAC's mineralized collection

Click to enlarge 

Aquavert* (Veluxe Pearl finish): Would say that being a light pastel kind of shade, I use this more as a base color for other greens and pastel shades such as purples and pinks. Or just as a wash all over the eye when i'm in a lazy mood for blending 2 or more eyeshadows together. LE from Lure collection.

Warm Chill* (Frost finish): This color is soo lightly pigmented that I have to keep swatching it more it to appear in my swatch. It's a VERY VERY light color. So if u want it to pop, pls use an eyeshadow base for it. This is LE from Cool Heat which i bought almost everything cause I am a sucker for greens, teals and turqoises. HAHA

Lucky Green (Veluxe Pearl finish): I first got it from MAC's belle azure collection, but MAC has since repromoted in the Originals collection if my memory dun fail me. I love love love this eyeshadow, It's a vibrant shade of yellow green with great color pigmentation and texture. Appears true to the color as in the pan. 

Sassy Grass* (Matte finish): One of the best greens ever produced by MAC. Has the same great texture like Newly Minted. Highly pigmented and blendable. Very very vibrant shade of true Green. If u are a fan of green e/s, this is a MUST have. It's LE from MAC's dare to wear collection though.

Springtime Skipper* (Veluxe pearl finish): LE from Barbie Loves MAC collection. Reminds me a bit of MAC's juxt e/s from the regular collection just that this has a slightly more pronouced goldish-yellow tone to it. And it's a tad brighter than juxt e/s

Sweet & Punchy* (Veluxe pearl finish): LE from To the Beach collection. Similar to Lucky green, but more yellowish than Lucky green. Great texture and color payoff

Fresh Green mix Mineralized e/s: Being a mineralized e/s, this can be used dry or wet for more intense color. But as this color itself is already pretty pigmented, I wouldn't even bother using it wet. 

Phew.....that's the end of my review for my MAC e/s for now... This has been a very very long post. Hope u gals find it useful. That's all for now...Stay in tuned for the next MAC e/s review which i will do on my next off day.


Jennifer Leigh said...

Nice collection! Newly Minted has been on my wishlist forever.

Makeupaddict said...

Thanks babe. I love green eyeshadows a lot. Newly Minted is awesome. Try to get your hands on it if u can. The green is super duper pigmented...if only MAC makes more Matte e/s as of Newly minted's texture. Many mattes are so chalky and hard to blend...

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