0 MAC select sheer pressed, Studio careblend, MSF natural

Most of the times we tend to review LE products, but neglect the regular items especially for base products. So this post is dedicated to reviewing the 3 MAC pressed powders that I currently own.

My personal preference is leaning towards Liquid foundation n pressed powders for setting/touch ups  as I don't like the feel of powder foundations on my face EVEN if i use a brush to apply. They still feel powdery on my face. 

Select sheer pressed
- For all skin types (But i feel this would suit combination or oily skin pple better)
- Delivers a natural matte finish
- helps to control oil
- Sheer to sheer med coverage depending on the type of applcation u use

General comment:  It's Ok for me but I don't love it....does control oil on my T-zone for me. But on dryer areas, it can get a bit dryin n powdery. And I always use a powder brush for this. Will not repurchase this again as I very much prefer the MSF natural and studio careblend pressed

Studio careblend pressed
- Contains MAC careblend essential oils
- More geared towards people with normal to dry skin, (not much oil control)
- Delivers a natural finish, not as matte as the Select sheer pressed, but doesn't give a satin finish like the msf natural. I would describe this as in between the 2.
- Sheer coverage

General comment:  Quite like this powder, it's pretty silky smooth and blends into my skin better than the Select sheer pressed. Would repurchase this again.

Mineralized skinfinish natural
- Contains 77 trace minerals
- Sheer to medium coverage
- Gives a natural satin finish (If u swatch this on ur hand, u will notice that there is very slight sheen / shimmer in it)

General comment: Love love love this. It always make my skin look super smooth even on days when i'm not wearing any liquid foundation below this. Although powder may feel a bit coarse when swiped on the hand (as compared to the other 2 pressed powders which feel more silky smooth on my hand), but it does not feel that way on the skin. It gives a very natural subtle glow to the skin n blends in nicely. If u want a natural matte finish though, I would still recommend u the select sheer pressed as the MSF definitely does not give a matte finish. But I love this n would repurchase this again.

0 MAC Posh Paradise Paintpots

I missed the old old collection of LE colored paintpots, and prior to this, all the paintpots I had were only neutral shades such as Bare study, Rubenesque, Vintage Selection and Chilled on Ice. The only colored paintpot I had was Dangerous curvee from Cham Pale. So when I saw MAC was coming up with new LE paintpot shades that are NOT neutrals with posh Paradise, I decided to get all except Nubile ( which is a neutral).

I bought:

Pure Creation - A satiny blue (Love blues, this will be the perfect base for all my blue based e/s)

Hyper violet - A matte brownish plum (hmm, It will be tricky to wear this shade, but i will work this out ..)

Imaginary - A satin dark Bluish purple (Good as a base for dark purple shadows which I have difficulty in making them appear)

Treasure Hunt - A metallic gold (To be used sparingly for this as due to the texture n finish, I can foresee if I over apply this, it be a bit cakey on the lid. More yellow gold than Rubenesque which is more of a peachy gold. Kinda reminds me of MAC's LE gold dusk pigment but in Paintpot form)

Idyllic - A bronzey Brown ( Perfect with Treasure Hunt paintpot or other gold based e/s, won't wear it all over the eyelid on its own though...)

Half Wild - a matte Purple (Kinda reminds me of MUFE's purple aquacream in #19 the dark purple... another good base for purple smokey eyes)

Genuine Treasure - Glittery blue - brown (Kinda reminds me of MAC's blue brown pigment. This was one of the first to be sold out @ our local MAC counters. I can see why, cause it makes such a gorgeous party color. Glitters is kinda chunky in it though. So use sparingly for everyday. I do like to layer this a bit over e/s like Sumptious olive or greensmoke just to add slightly more glitter)

And without further ado... pics and swatches of the products... Pls click for enlarged pics

0 Topshop blushers

Bought another 2 cream to powder blushers from Topshop (Pinch and High Five) and also a powder one in Pop

Pinch and High 5 are cream to powder blushers - and blends out very easily. They don't look as bright and scary as they look like in the pan after blending out the face. People with oily can skin can use these... It doesn't feel nor look oily at all. In fact the overall effect, if blended out well is pretty natural on the skin.

The only down side to Pinch and High 5 is that when I applied both on my face to compare the color with each other, they look almost identical to each other - pinkish red flush. So I would suggest that if u get pinch don't get high 5, and if u get high 5, don't get pinch cause they look almost the same on the face when applied.

Lasting power of Pinch n High 5
Is average when used by themselves..... hafta touch up after a few hours. Best used as a base for other blushers. 

I love Pop powder blush. It's a coral pink blush and i like to layer this over Topshop's cream blush in Neon orange to make it last longer. I always haf a soft spot for coral / orangey blushers. I find that they make me look more fresh as opposed to pinks. I'm Asian and NC20 for reference.

0 Urban Decay Naked Palette

Nuff said of this palette. I believe many of u have already own this palette or if not are going to get this palette. I am slow in getting it cause initially I wasn't intending to get this palette as firstly, it was always Out of stock at our local Sephora, and secondly, I was at that time not so into neutrals so I kinda found this palette blah at that pt of time when it was first launched.

Anyway, recently I've been in the neutral phrase (lazy day mood) and find myself always reaching for neutral e/s more so than the brights and colorful ones which i love. And it just happened that I was at Sephora the other day and saw the Naked Palette in stock, So i decided to get one for myself and see what the hype is all about. Pls click for enlarged pics

Firstly this palette is good for:
1. Lazy days (when u just want a sheer wash of color all over the eyes)
2. Beginners to make up (U can never go wrong with the lighter shades in this palette especially the first 6 colors of the palette)
3. It includes some darker shades which means u can transform ur day make up into night makeup instantly jus by adding on the darker e/s on your existing eye make up
4. More travel friendly than the Book of shadows which I find are too bulky for me to bring for travellin

Of course, Many people would wan to compare the colors in this palette to MAC colors... so here are swatches from me (not exactly similar, but the closest i can find in my existing MAC e/s that look similar to the colors in the Naked palette). However there are certain MAC colors which i don't own which i feel look similar to the colors in the Naked palette..

MAC Dupes
Virgin - Looks like the more frosty version of MAC's vanilla (oops i swatched naked lunch by mistake)
Sin - Looks like MAC's Jest e/s
Naked - Looks like MAC's wedge e/s (I don't own Wedge, but i've seen it and swatched it before and these 2 colors look pretty close) 
Sidecar - MAC's all that glitters, but Side car is definitely a hint lighter than All that glitters
Buck - Either MAC's soba e/s or MAC's cork e/s (I don't own cork e/s)
Half baked - MAC's elite e/s (which was a LE e/s btw), just that Half baked is of a lighter shade. Amber lights or casino is too orangey to be compared to Half baked
Smog - MAC's romp e/s (these 2 look pretty close in terms of color)

 Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

Darkhorse - I don't have or know of any MAC dupes for this color in my collection
Toasted - Has red undertones to it, a lighter version of MAC's sable e/s
Hustle - Looks a bit purplish brown in the pan but when swatched, it's not as greyish brown as MAC's satin taupe
Creep - I don't have MAC print e/s. But I feel that Creep looks awfully alot like MAC print e/s
Gunmetal - MAC's knight divine. Both are gunmetal grey in color.

Click for enlarged pic

 Click for enlarged pic

 Click for enlarged pic

 Click for enlarged pic

Textures and color payoff 
Smooth, creamy and very blendable. Some of the e/s contain some glitter or shimmer, but i'm fine with them as they are not the chunky ones like Midnight cowboy rides again. All swatches swatched on my hand are without the UDPP as base by the way..... so the colors by themselves do have pretty decent color payoff.... 

Value for money
I would say just with the rest of the BOS UD has released, this is definitely value for money. On top of 12 e/s color, u also get a brush (previously it was the 24/7 pencil) and also a UDPP.  

One downside is,I do hope UD stop repeating a few common colors in all their palettes like SMOG. with this palette I have now 3 SMOG e/s from my previous UD Palettes :X :X I mean it's nice, but it appears like in 80% of the palettes they make...what m i goin to do with all these SMOGs..and I have now 2 Toasteds........


0 Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba oil body lotion

Was never a bath n body person.... until recently when my ecezma kept giving me problems on the back the joints of my 2 knees. So I did some googling, and found out that to relieve and help soothe ecezmas problems, I ought to keep the affected area moisturized and dryness will only worsen the condition (which is very true, I rarely slab on body lotion on myself prior to this outbreak of ecezma on the back of my knee joints).

So I popped into a crabree and evelyn store and told the sales person that I had very sensitive dry skin and was suffering from ecezma and needed something to moisturize my body. So she recommended me the jojoba oil moisturising body lotion. I bought it on the spot.

I've been using it for a few days now, and I've to say this lotion really helps a lot. My skin is not so dry now.. and the ecezma areas feel way much better now - not as dry and flaky as before.

What I like most about this lotion is that unlike some other body lotions I have tried... this body lotion is very lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not feel sticky nor greasy at as some body lotions do. And I also like it that there's very little fragrance to this product so it does not get overpowering as some body products which lots of fragrance does to me

I googled the benefits of Jojoba oil and this is what I found: **
- It's non comoedogenic and non allergenic - it will not clog pores nor cause any allergic reactions.. (Yeah...very good for people with ecezma like me..)
- It does not cause a greasy feeling like other oils does (Maybe that's why the lotion feels so lightweight on my skin yeah?)
- It is anti-bacteria
- High content of vitamin E

**Source: www.thejojobaoil.com

Would recommend this to people who have sensitive skin like mine....I would repurchase this again when I finish this lotion. It's pretty effective on me.


0 Lunasol autumn 2011 haul

I love collecting Lunasol eye palettes as some of you who have previously followed my blog might know. Most of the times, I'm guilty of hoarding up these beautiful palettes and NOT using them. Cause they look so perfect, clean n pristine in the untouched state that I dun bear to use them....

Actually, I only planned on gettin maybe about 3 of the eye palettes from Lunasol's autumn collection, but when i went to the counter (as we all know how it is, we usually end up with more than what we actually planned to), and after swatching... I couldn't decide which to get as I liked all. So i ended up getting all.... 01 Neutral Beige, 02 Soft Beige, 03 Mysterious Beige, 04 Cool Beige and 05 Deep Beige. And i also ended up with a Full glamour liquid lips in 11 Natural light Beige. I kind of like the color of this gloss... It's nude but not too nude as to wash me out completely, and it's non sticky. As with most glosses, I need to touch this up after eating.

As for the eye palette textures, when I swatched them at the counter, they are definitely leaning towards shimmery (typical of Lunasol...Lunasol is known for their high shine eye palettes) and each palette has 2 matte shades for users to mix with the shimmer colors in the palettes. I find that the shimmery side, has more color payoff than the matte side of the palettes though. No swatches for the eye palettes yet, as I haven got about to using them yet...nor do i bear to swatch them yet. But when i'm ready to, I'll post swatches up. Sighs...I'm really such a HOARDER.... Pls click for enlarged images.

0 My Virgin Holika Holika mini haul

Met up with a friend today and while we were talkin bout make up, she talked about this blush with cat embossed on the powder from Holika Holika (a Korean cosmetic brand by the way). Being a blush addict, I was very curious to see how it looked like so immediately after that I made my way down to the nearest store to check out the colors.

I was indeed very attracted to the cat embossment and owl embossment on the blushers..... Even though I know that I probably won't use the blushers after I bought them, I still went ahead to buy. I like loving @ pretty things u know.

Color n Payoff
As for color payoff n texture, Midnight Owl (the owl one) seems to be more glittery n powdery (I swatched them in the store) than the other 2 i bought Hello Holika and Merry Holika although in general Holika Holika's blushers feel more powdery than the usual blush that I'm used to. Color payoff is sheer to med. And one can use different parts of the blushers for diff color.

I kinda like the packagin of the blushers... It gives me a very fairytale or magical kinda feel. U know what i mean, like Harry potter...

These are the pics of the products...

0 MAC Art of Powder haul

I bought all 3 powders from this collection. They are pcs of art by themselves... and nope, I won't be using them (I bought them mainly for collection purposes just like what I did with Marine Life from last yr's To the beach collection).

This is overall a very small collection which consist of a e/s (Street art e/s), a Bronzer (optical bronzer) and a highlighter (In the abstract highlighter). But imho, they are too beautiful to be used. And the designs are all embossed into the powder, so u won't haf to worry about the design fading off after a few uses (IF u bear to use the powders)

I would like to apologise that no swatches are availble for these products as I don't bear to swatch these products to :X :X :X :X many apologies!!!

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