0 MAC Nocturnal pigment sets haul

It's been quite sometime since I last updated this blog and during this period of time, I've acquired a no of new make up items, but have no time to review them as of yet due to work commitments. Anyway here are some of the cosmetics from my latest haulage.

From MAC nocturnals,
I bought the purple pigment set and the black and gold pigment set. For the price of one set of pigments, it's high value for money as compared to their full sized ones. So if u have not tried MAC pigments before, this is a good time to get their pigment sets and try them out while getting value for your money.

Each set contains of 2 glitters and 3 pigments. The pigments are multi purpose and depending on the color, u can either use them as eye color, highlighers for the face and even lip colors. As for the glitters, as they are really chunky i would advise using a synthetic damp brush to press them onto the eyelid (withe a GOOD eye primer). The pigmetns are pretty ok for me to handle, just that the glitters doesn't adhere too well to the skin and need a bit more work for me to apply without getting glitters all over my face.

I prefer this packaging to the previous years packaging for the pigments (excluding the crushed metal pigment sets) as the opening of the bottle is bigger and easier for me to pick up the color using my brush and slightly more stable the the old pigment set bottles which were slightly thinner and more unstable. 

Will update this post for swatches of the pigments at a later time. =) Have a happy holidays!
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