0 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part II

Part II of pics & swatches of my MAC natural / nude lippies. Products denoted with * are LE items and may no longer be available on the market

 Click for enlarged pic.

Click for enlarged pic
Lovin' this lippie. It's moisturisng, glossy and is the perfect nude pink on my lips and doesn't clash too much with my warm undertones. But I do have to put on some make up as with many nudes so that it does not look too out of place on my face

It's definitely not a nude. It's more of a natural brownish pink shade which helps to brighten my NC20 complexion. I can wear nothing else on my face but only this lipstick. It makes a good color for everyday wear to work. Am loving the finish and texure of MAC's lustre lipsticks.

Bought this after my friend recommended me this lipstick. If u  like lipsticks such as MAC's hue, high tea or Innocence beware (which was a LE btw), you will probably like this natural nude shade of peachy pink lipstick as well.  Can be worn with or without make up. 

This one of the Nudest shades from MAC (yeah, and it's pretty famous too. It's always being featured in mags as far as I know). I cannot get away with wearing this without wearing any eye make up. I would look soo soo dead. But it's a very pretty shade to pair with smokey eyes. The only rant I have with some MAC's cremesheen lipsticks like creme d nude (not all though), that they kinda apply unevenly and I have to spend quite sometime trying to even them out. I am sorry that in this pic, the lipstick is still not really evenly applied, but yeah, this is the color you would expect how creme d nude would generally look like on the lips.


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