2 MAC neutral / brown eyeshadows

As promised, this is part two of my pictures and swatch of the existing MAC e/s that I own. I know one or two eyeshadows does not belong to the neutral / brown palette. But that's because I've ran out of space in the other 15pan palette for my purple / pink eyeshadows...Gotta buy a new 15pan eyeshadow palette soon. But I'm so so so lazy to depot my eyeshadows. :X

So here are the pics of my neutral / brown 15 pan palette and some single e/s which I haven't got about to depotting.  I also have a few other regular browns and neutrals in Limited edition quads, So I didn't buy them in singles. But i will post them probably another time when I'm doing reviews and swatches of MAC e/s quads. This is gonna  be another long post again :X

Pls click to enlarge picture. E/s with a * next to them stands for Limited edition color.

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Paradisco (Frost): Ha Ha. I know this color is NOT a neutral nor a brown, but as I've no space in my yellows/oranges palette so I had to store this color in this palette. I pretty much love paradisco, the texture is smooth and blendable, color payoff good, and this color pretty much goes well with everything from brights such as yellows and greens to neutral shades. It's a peachy golden color which can be worn by itself as a wash for everyday wear or used as a base color for other brights. Does not enhance puffiness of eyes.

Relaxing* (Frost): Love love love this color as an overall base color for neutral eye make up. LE from Sundressing collection.

Naked Lunch (Frost): Also one of my favourite neutral and base color from MAC. It has a slight pinkish undertone to it. Blends well and applies well.

All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl): All time favourite e/s from MAC. A MUST have eyeshadow for every MAC addict. Has a slight pinkish brown tone to it. Makes a very good wash of color on the eye on Lazy make up days. Suitable for every skintone.
Jete* (Veluxe Pearl): A beautiful shade of neutral with pink undertones. Similar to All that glitters, but has much more pink undertones to it. Pairs very well with naked lunch and relaxing e/s and Satin taupe.

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Sable (Frost): A great brown for smokey brown looks. Can be used on the outer V of the eye, on the crease & Socket area, as a eyeliner. This is such a versatile e/s. Has some reddish undertones to it, so use it sparingly. Excellent texture and color pay off
B-rich* (Velvet): Being a velvet e/s, this applies lighter than it actually looks in the pan. I personally do find that  the velvet e/s in general leans towards the matte side (although there are some really subtle shimmers in them). It has very significant red undertones to it. It's still quite blendable for a velvet e/s, although texture cannot be compared to the Veluxe pearls, satin and frosts finishes. 

Satin Taupe (Frost): Nuff said about this e/s. This is one of MAC's star e/s from its regular neutral range. Everyone should own one of this. It suits All skin tones and can be worn as an everyday color or used for smokey eye looks. Color payoff is great and isn't as metallic or frosty looking as some of MAC's frost eyeshadows. So girls with puffy eyelids can also wear this eyes without further enhancing the puffiness of the eyes. Must HAVE from MAC

Soba (Satin): I bought this more for a socket area color to contour the eyes. It's a very very soft brown color that can also be used to fill in the brows (which i do sometimes as my brows are pretty full and dark and i need a light brown eyeshadow which does not further enhance the darkness of my brows.). If u are more into the soft neutral looks or looking for a contour color, this is pretty good. But do note that, this is a pretty light color.

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Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl): Generally a nice bronzy browncolor for medium to darker skin tones. Fair skin girls have to be light handed with this color, otherwise it can look a tad dirty on the eyelids. Pairs very well with Sumptious Olive and Greensmoke e/s and other neutrals like Satin Taupe e/s.

Romp (Frost): A nice golden brown shades with no hint of red undertones in it. So if u are lookin for a brown shadow with no red undertones in it, you can conisder this.
Mulch (Velvet): It's pretty much pigmented for a velvet e/s considering that most velvet e/s are pretty sheer on application. Advisable for use on the outer corner of the eyelid or as a eyeliner too much on the whole lid may give a bruised eye look as it has quite a lot of red undertones to it. It's a beautiful color though when used as a liner or on the outer corner of the eye.

Club (Veluxe Pearl): Never understood why this e/s is raved so much. It's a duochrome eyeshadow which has grey, green and brown undertones to it. I find that using it by itself it gives a very muddy look on me (which i HATE), so usually i prefer to use a green based shadow with it to bring out more of the green undertones or use it lightly over a silver e/s to play down the brown tones in it. Not my favourite e/s from MAC although color payoff is good and texture is excellent. But too much work to make it look right for me.

Pen n Pink (Matte): Not as chalky as some of other MAC's matte e/s, Color is blendable but color pay off is light. If u have puffy eyelids but but but still want to pink e/s, this would be the IT color. It's totally matte and won't make ur eyes look swollen.

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Vanilla (Velvet): Makes a very good base color. If u are lookin for something more matte and not overly whitish for a base and highlighting color, Vanilla is the one. 

Brule (Satin): Looks very very similar to Vanilla in terms of color and finish but it has more significant beige undertones than Vanilla which leans towards white.     

Shore Leaf* (Veluxe Pearl): Has a very obvious pearly white sheen to it with slight hint of pink undertones, Use it sparingly. Over using this color may result in an over metallic look. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice color although not very unique

Magic Dust* (Frost): It reminds me of a more toned down version of retrospeck in champagne gold color but without the chunky glitters of retrospeck. Limited edition from Barbie Loves MAC. Bought it mostly for the cute barbie imprint on it. 

Dazzlelight (Veluxe pearl): Not as pearly/frosty looking as Shore leaf even though both are of the same textures. It's like a toned down version of Shore leaf -pinkish white but with only a subtle sheen to it. It's good for a all over the eye color on lazy days jus to brighten up the lights slightly

Solar white* (Frost): LE from Cool heat. Frost finish with a pearly white gold finish to it. Looks pinkish white in the pan, but when applied it's more of a white goldish color. A beautiful highlight color and base color. 

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Patina (Frost): This has a duochrome finish to it, It has a little bit of grey, golden and brown undertones to it. By itself, it appears quite sheer. But what i usually do to bring out the color is to use MAC's bare study paintpot as a base and the color appears more true to its pan. I love pearing this with Sable, Satin taupe and Mythology eyeshadows (All from MAC). It's a beautiful neutral color, but a base is definitely needed for this.

Jest (Frost): Very similar to Naked Lunch. But this has definitely more pink undertones to it. Makes a beautiful base color or just as a wash of color all over the lid for everyday wear. Pairs well with other neutrals and browns, pinks and purples.

Neutral Pink* (Satin): Pinkish brown color with some slight sheen to it. Best paired with light base colors like Jest or naked lunch. Color is buildable. 
Illegal Cargo* (Satin): Kinda reminds me of Shale e/s from the regular collection but without the shimmers. Has a purplish grey undertone to it. Pairs very well with Patina e/s or other light pink based colors. Or can be used with other darker purples for a smokey look.

Elite*(Veluxe pearl): Bronzy golden brown suits all skintone. But don't use too much, otherwise it may look very metallic looking. Good color payoff and very  blendable

Cosmic* (Veluxe pearl): LE from Moonbathe. Has significant orange undertones to it.. 

Beautyburst* (Satin):  I hardly use this color as the red tones in it is so so so obvious. But when I do use it, it's more on the socket area for a cut crease look. LE from Barbie Loves MAC

Moth brown* (Frost): More of a silverish greyish brown color. Not too strong. Can be worn everyday. But as i'm not really a brown/neutral e/s person, I find myself neglecting this. 

And...That's all folks for this update. I am so sleepy after doing this update. Till the next post. Adios! 


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