0 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part III

More pics and swatches ..... As usual products denoted with * are LE items and may no longer be available on the market

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic

This is one of the older MAC lipsticks that I own and also one of my favourites. It's the perfect natural pink lipstick that adds just a bit of color to my face and yet still looks like my lip color but better. Applies smoothly, evenly and glossy as with most MAC's lustre lipsticks.

I bought this after seeing how nice it looked on my colleague and on another person. But it wasn't what I was expecting this color. On my colleague and another lady, it looked more pink (But i'd have to say though that they are both darker than me, about NC35) on them, but when I applied this, it looked darker and kinda a muavey pink color. It's still ok for me, but it's not exactly the pink which I was expecting. Anyway, as i've mentioned before, the same lipstick can look different on different people. Nevertheless, I don't mind this color and would wear this often.

One of MAC's best selling natural lipstick. (Some describe this as a nude shade, but i wouldn't call this a nude shade, I would describe this as a natural MLB - My lips but better kinda color). It's more of a brownish pink and has a great texture and finish to it. Love this as well. I have 2 pcs of this color @ home. What happened was, the first pc, I bought it @ the MAC counter. And as for the 2nd pc, I forgot I had this color @ home and I went to the counter to B2M and chose this color and not realizing that I already own this color till I went home. But anyway, it's also another of my favourite day to day lip color from MAC. I would not advise ladies with pigmented lips to get this though, because it's pretty sheer and on pigmented lips, it would like almost like u are not wearing anything. 

I like this color too. It's a nice frosty peachy gold color which helps to give my lips a more 3d look. However, I need to moisturize my lips very well before wearing this. Otherwise, it will look like my lips are cracked........


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