2 MAC natural & nude lipsticks - Part I

Pics and swatches of the few natural and nude lipsticks which I have from MAC (Not a big lipstick fan, so I don't have much lipsticks. I m more of a gloss girl). As usual, products denoted with * are limited edition and may no longer be available on the market.

 Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic
Ooops. Sorry for the typo error in the pic, The finish of this lipstick is a frost and not Frot. Sorry! One thing about frost lipsticks is that though they can give a nice frosty, metallic pouty look to the lips, but if the lips are dry and not moisturized properly, they can enhance your fine lines of the lips instead. So be sure to moisturize your lips a lot people wearing frost lipsticks.  

Honeylove is one of the few natural shades that most people, including myself can wear without looking washed out even with minimal make up on. I will usually add on a gloss over this to enhance the color as sometimes I feel matte lipsticks can make my lips look a bit "flat" despite the strong color.

Being pretty fair (NC20 to be exact), Half and Half looks a bit dark on me. I mean I love this color, but on my skintone, I wouldn't exactly call it a natural lipstick. But i've seen this one on ladies with medium to dark skin tones, it's the perfect natural lip color for them. Therefore, I'm a firm believer that for lipsticks, just by looking at swatches on other people's lips is not enough. What might work on one might not work for another. Better to head on to the counter to try the lipsticks first before deciding whether to buy or not. I do love the amplified creme textures a lot - they are pigmented, creamy and pretty moisturizing for the lips as compared to the frosts and mattes and sometimes even the Satins which can be a little drying @ times

Blankety is the perfect nude pink on me - it's slightly on the cool sight, but it's not too cool toned as to totally wash me up or look weird on my Yellow as banana skin tone. I still can get away with wearing only this lip color and some blusher on my cheeks without having to do up my eyes.


Cydonian said...

Honeylove is gorgeous! I may B2M for that as I now have 6 empties, haha

Makeupaddict said...

Yeah it's a gorgeous color. U shld b2m for it. I b2med for mine...it's a nude that's very wearable without lookin washed out

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