2 MAC Cham Pale haul and review

Hi guys, sorry for the long long delay in updating my blog as I was really caught up with work and was too tired to update. Sorry to keep you guys waiting and would like to wish all of you a Happy New year as well.

This is my first haul for the new year of 2011. 5 items from MAC's cham pale collection.
Mainly i bought the following -  Chez chez Lame & Rose Ole Special reserve highlighting powders (I am a sucker for face products, so whatever face products mac releases i would buy them unless they are really too dark to work on me), Chilled on ice & Dangerous Cuvee Paintpots and Bubble Lounge Lipgelee

I really like the look of how the 2 special reserve highlighting powders look in the pan - just like crumpled tissues. And yes, as the names go, these are highlighting powders and are too Light to be used as blushers. The texture of these 2 highlighting powders are buttery smooth and contain no glitters except some subtle pearly sheen. And they are definitely not as frosty as some of the MAC msfs I own

As for the paintpots, I initially had no intention to buy any paintpot at all. But when i swatched Chilled on Ice, I instantly fell in love with it. It's somewhat of a cross between Bare study paintpot and Rubenesque paintpot and has a pronounced goldish sheen to it. Nowhere as white as bare study but no where as peachy gold as Rubenesque. As for Dangerous Cuvee, I bought it cause I thought the color was pretty unique for a cream e/s and I don't currently own any similar colors.

As for the lipgelee, I bought only Bubble Lounge. It's a pretty nice color, but as with all the lipgelees in this collection, it contains LOTS of shimmers / glitters. So if you are not a fan of shimmers/glitters, I doubt it if u would like them. And you only NEED a bit of product on the lips, if you over apply it, it would look like your lips are just FULL of shimmers and glitters. I would advise to use a lip brush for this or fingers to even out the product.


The Dollymix Diaries said...

Nice haul! I can't wait to get my stuff from this collection :)

Makeupaddict said...

Thank you =) I am loving the colors from this collection. they are very wearable for everyday, I do love the lipgelees, but only need to use it a little, too much will be too glittery

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