0 Obsession with blushers...

One of my new yr resolution is to try and stop buyin cheek products... coz I have too much for myself already...

Below are pics of the current MAC blushers n cheek products that I own. I have no time to take pics of blushers from other brands, but if I should add them in, I would have at least about 80 more blushers in the pics :X :X :X  By the way, I never buy backups of blush colors...so the below are all different colors. No repeats.

No more BLUSHERs for me!!!!

MAC mineralized blushers

MAC powder blushers 

MAC miscellaneous cheek products

MAC msfs

MAC cream cheek products

0 Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I am so glad that for last mth I manage to curb expenditure on make up by only buying one chromographic pencil. Although I have to admit that for this month I am very highly tempted to buy MAC's metal X cream shadow :X :X :X

Anyway instead of buying make up for this month, I bought one skincare from Kiehl's in the Powerful strength line reducing concentrate. According to the consultant, this is one of their best selling products and contains 10.5% pure vitamin C to help brighten skin and for radiance. I decided to give it a shot ... (Since I don't own any serum and any anti-ageing products).

Directions for use:
1. To use after cleansing and toning and before moisturiser.
2. Can be used for day and night

Comments on product:
It gives a really soft feel on the skin (somewhat of those kinda soft feel when u apply silica products on the face ya)and helps to plump up the skin. It's non greasy so it's suitable for oily skin as well. It does help to brighten the face and give slight radiance and the smooth feel helps me to apply my make up more smoothly onto the face. Only downside is the price is quite pricey for a small bottle... up to date, this is the most expensive skincare that i own. And i'm usually won't spend on skincare..... I can't say much about the line reducing effects as i still don't have much lines on my face. But i do like how it feels on my face - hydrated, soft and smooth.

0 Best of 2011 - Face and cheek products

My favourites for the yr 2011...some of which are HG products which I have been using for years and will always be my favourites.

Base make up
1. Best primer: MAC prep plus prime skin base visage (It's silica base and I love the smooth finish it gives on my skin)
2. Best concealer: Covermark basic formula cream foundation
3. Best Liquid foundation: Giorgo Armani face fabric foundation (Helps to minimise the look of my open pores and feels super silky smooth on my face and has a pretty light weight blendable texture)
4. Best pressed powder: MAC msf natural And MAC studio careblend (I like both a lot and I can't decide between the two :X )
5. Best powder foundation: MAC lightful foundation SPF 25 (This is a brightening foundation and from what I know is asia exclusive)

I don't really use loose powder that much so I don't have any particular favourites

Cheek products
1. Best powder  blush: MAC Joyous beauty powder blush - LE (I've found myself reaching for this blush almost everyday and this is says a lot considering that I have more than 200 blushers :X :X)
2. Best contour powder for fair skin ladies: MAC equilibrium blush (Is a brown base blush which helps to lightly scupt the face without being over the top)
3. Best highlighting powder: MAC Lightscapade msf - LE (This is HG material. Have been using this for the past 2 yrs...)
4. Best cream blush: MAC something special cremeblend blush (A very natural flush of peachy pink, works best on ladies with fairer skintones. Ladies with medium to tan skintone may wanna try Posey creme blend blush instead)

0 Best of 2011 - Eye products

So the year 2011 is coming to an end.... it's time to sum up my favourite products for the year (Both Limited edition and Regular...) ..... I will be starting with eye products...

Pressed e/s
1. Best yellow e/s: MAC pro long wear e/s in Sunny outlook e/s - New perm product
2. Best green e/s: MAC pro long wear e/s in Fresh flare - New perm product
3. Best base e/s: MAC ricepaper e/s (Multi purpose can be used for highlighting parts of the face as well)

4. Best brown e/s: A tie between MAC mulch and MAC embark e/s. I can't decide which one I like better :X 
5. Best Turqoise e/s: MAC Parrot e/s - LE
6. Best purple e/s: MUFE #92 e/s 
7. Best blue e/s: MAC Freshwater e/s
8. Best bronze e/s: MAC amber lights / casino (these 2 look really similar, so If u have one, U do not need the other)
9. Best LAZY day e/s: MAC naked lunch e/s
10. Best white e/s: MAC crystal avalanche e/s 
11. Best Black e/s: UD Black dog e/s from UD's black palette

Best eye palette
1. Lazy day e/s palette: UD naked palette
2. Colored palette: MAC tempting eye quad - LE from Cult of cherry which was donkey yrs back :X 

Eyeliners & Mascara
1. Best pencil eyeliner - Nil...all pencil liners smudge on my lower lash line..still on the hunt one that doesn't smudge on my lower lash line
2. Best liquid eyeliner: MAC liquidlasts  (Alas, they are dc-ing the whole range of colors except the black :( )
3. Best gel eyeliner: MAC Chromographic gel liner in Marine Ultra (I love love love this shade of royal blue eyeliner)
4. Best lengthening and curling mascara: MAC Opulash optimimum Black (It helps to slightly curl my stubborn poker straight lashes and lengthen it) 

Cream eye products
1. Best eye primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (prefer this texture to UDPP, a creamier texture but still helps my eye make up to stay on the eyelid maintainin the color intensity through out the day with little fading)

2. Best cream e/s: MAC bare study paintpot

0 OPI nail polish in Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

I can't say much about the texture of this nail polish, although the color is quite nice - a silverish gunmetal grey. But I kinda find the texture of this nail polish to be a teeny bit too liquidy or watery for my liking. One coat is definitely not enough for this color. The first coat applies on very unevenly n sheer and I need to layer on another 2 coats after waitin for the 1st and 2nd coat to dry. I personally prefer polishes which goes on opaque with just maximum 1 or 2 coats.. I find that I have to be very patient with this color coz I need to build it up by layering and I don't have the luxury of time to wait unless I am doin my nails on my off day and I don't wanna buy those kinda fans jus for drying the nails....

I like this color, but not the texture of this polish.... may or may not repurchase this again. Too much work for me in layering up the color. The color that u see in my nail swatch is after 3 layers... Once again apologies for the lousy nail painting skill....

0 OPI nail polish in Cajun Shrimp

Another of my favourite nail polish color from OPI. Well, I do think the name Cajun shrimp is very apt for this polish color - a hot coral on the nails. It's a pretty summery color. But I am one of those who don't believe in wearing colos associated with the season. U can wear Coral lip or nails whole yr round. Who gives a darn about what is the latest color in trend for the season as long as u love the color, be it on face, nails or clothes.I love Cajun shrimp and I would wear this the whole year round! 

Sorry forthe poor nail painting skills. I suc at nail painting I know that :X :X :X 

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