0 MAC Yellow/ Orange/ Bronzy eyeshadows - Part 2

Part II of my MAC yellow / Orange / Bronzy eyeshadows - single pots

 Click to enlarge pic. E/S with * are LE

 Click to enlarged pic

Goldenrod (Satin): Reminds me of chrome yellow e/s, but a less intense  yellow than Chrome yellow. 

Off the page (Frost): Fell in love with this color when i first saw it and swatched it on my hands. It's a beautiful orangey gold that has a super buttery soft texture and great pigmentation. If you love oranges, yellows and bright colors, you will love this color. No base required for this color.

Firespot* (Veluxe Pearl):  Somewhat of a bronzy orange color in the pan and when swatched. LE from Moonbathe. I usually pair it with Cosmic (also from Moonbathe) or other yellows and oranges.

Fab & Flashy* (Frost): Looks good in the pan, but needs some work to get the color to show up as intense as in the swatch pic above. Recommended that an eyeshadow base be used.

Evening aura* (Frost): A light peachy orange. Can be used as a wash all over the eyes or a base color for other darker colors to go on. What u see in the pan is what you get. 

Orange (Matte): Very intense and true to the color in the pan. It's even more intense than Rule. Good for more intense or dramatic looks. 


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