0 The Matte Lip collection Lipswatches - Part 1

Close up pictures of Men Love Mystery, Tropic Tonic and D for Danger

Men Love Mystery on my lips

Comparison of Up the Amp (Amplified) and Men Love Mystery lipstick (Matte)

Tropic Tonic on lips

D for Danger on lips

D for Danger and Fashion revival comparison

0 Face of the Day - July 31st

Here's a smokey eye dark lip make up which i did last week on myself using colors from MAC cosmetics. 

Here are the items i used for this look. All items are from MAC cosmetics unless otherwise stated:

Illmasqua Empower palette (Fervent as base and Slick on whole eyelid over it up to socket)
Club e/s over Slick
Boom boom room dazzle e/s in the middle of the eyelids
Wedge e/s on socket
Rice paper e/s on brow bone

Mid tone sepia cream color base
Taupe blush

Nightmoth lip pencil
Instigator lipstick

0 Graphic eyeliner FOTD

Here's a pic of one of my latest Face of the day make up which  i did of a graphic eyeliner. The challenging part of this make up was balancing the both sides. But overall, I was pretty happy with the end result 

Items used in this Make up

MAC mineralized time check lotion
MAC BB cream spf 50

MAC #210 brush ( U need a very precise small pointy eyeliner brush to draw the edges)
MAC platinum pigment (on whole eyelid)
Inglot black gel liner for lining
MAC black tied eyeshadow as transition shade btw platinum pigment and the black color on the outer corner

0 Green eyeshadow and purple lipstick FOTD

Wow, it has almost been 1yr since i last updated this blog. And here's one of my FOTDs which i did since then and is also one of my favourites as i love the color combination of green and purple. (Those who know me well know that my favourite eye color is green

This is the pic of the eyeshadow which i used fro this fotd. Unfortunately it is LE from MAC 

Cheek color: MAC Hibiscus Kiss blush duo (LE from MAC riri hearts MAC)

Lips: MAC heroine lipstick and heroine lip pencil 

0 Face of the day 6 Nov 2014

Haven been updating my blog as often as I should as my laptop was sent for repair and I did not get it back until a few days back. Anyway here's my face of the day for 6th of November. I really love the lipstick color Embrace me. Such a beautiful shade of hot pink - not as neon as Candy yum yum and definitely more wearable. 

Here's the look for that day 

And the items that I used - All from MAC

Items from Look in a box pink - Embrace Me lipstick, the Veluxe pearlfusion eyeshadow trio, Unlimited style lipglass
Embark eyeshadow (Not in picture)
Riri hearts MAC Hibiscus kiss bronzer blush duo
Sweet sentiment mineralized blush
Embrace me Lip pencil
Blacktrack fluidline (not in picture)
Photograuve technakohl eyeliner on lower lashline (not in picture)

No brand false lashes

0 MAC The Matte Lip collection

This collection was just launched at my local MAC counters yesterday 28 Sept. The collection consists of 8 lipcolors as follows

1. Pander Me - Limited Ed
2. Living Legent - Limited Ed
3. Damn Glamourous - Limited Ed
4. La Vie En Rouge - Limited Ed
5. Fashion Revival - Limited Ed
6. Styled In sephia - Limited Ed
7. Nouvelle Vogue - Limited Ed
8. Heroine - Repromote / permanent

And 3 new Prolongwear blushers (Didn't take notice of the names) which are going to be permanent and repromote of some prolongwear lip pencils.

From this collection I bought 6 lipsticks In Living Legend, Damn glamourous, La Vie En Rouge, Fashion Revival, Styled in Sepha and Nouvelle Vogue. I had Heroine from the previous release, so I didn't buy Heroine. I passed on Pander Me as I m not really a big fan of natural / nude lookin lippies.

Here are the pics of the lipsticks and lip swatches

All of the Matte lipsticks have extremely smooth texture that makes it super easy to apply on the lips without becoming patchy. In fact I felt that the  texture of these matte lipsticks are somewhat a tad creamier than the other matte lipticks from MAC - Somewhat between that of a Satin finish and Matte lipstick. Which is good for me, as my lips are pretty dry and some Matte lipsticks can get really dry on me, but these did not dry up my lips.

A pity all these shades are Limited edition as all shades are so pretty that I couldn't decided which one to get and ended up getting 6 lippies which was more than what I had originally intended to get.

I Do hope that these will become part of the permanent line up in the future. But for now it is Limited ed, so grab them while stocks last. 

0 Face of the Day 27 / 9 /2014

Haven't been wearing my greens for a long time for now, but finally decided to wear them again after neglecting them for ages. In fact, green e/s used to be my favourite, but for quite a period of time I stopped wearing them as people always associated green e/s with me. 

So here's the Make up look

MAC overgrown e/s
MAC wondergrass e/s
MAC kelly e/s
MAC ricepaper e/s
MAC point black fluidline
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
MAC undercurrent pearlglid eye pencil

MAC Petal power mineralized blush

MAC Snapdragon lipstick 

0 MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 lipstick and Lipgloss

When I first saw swatches of this colour on line, I was like EHHH.. I don't think I am gonna buy this colour, I will probably look poisoned with it. But I ended up buying both the lipstick and lipgloss  as I thought that since it is for a good cause (Every single cent - excluding taxes,  of the proceeds of sales of Viva glam lipsticks and lipglosses go towards the MAC aids fund)

Here are pics of the lipstick and lipglass

The lipstick is of a frost finished and has some what of a greyish mauve - bronzey tone to it. And this is how it looks when applied alone on the lips

And this is close up of the lipstick with the lipglass layered over it

I personally prefer wearing the lipstick with the lipglass over it. The muavish pink multi dimensional shimmers in the lipgloss helps to give the lipstick more oomph. In fact, I personally prefer the lipglass better. I tried the lipglass with MAC smoked purple lipstick and I really like the finish it gives over the lipstick

This is smoked purple lipstick with VG rihanna 2 lipglass layered over. See the slight pinkish finish? That's from the lipglass.

For other ways of wearing the VG rihanna 2 lipstick, U can use a darker lipliner as a base on the whole lips and The lipstick in the middle of the lips to add more dimension like what I do in the picture below - Mac nightmoth lip pencil and VG rihanna 2 lipstick

In summary, the lipglass is a good colour for layering over lipglosses and of the 2 products, it is more wearable. And as for the lipstick, I would prefer using a lipliner with or mixing other dark lip colors with it. But this just my own opinion. Anyway make up is all about experimenting to find out what works best. SO have fun playing and exploring with these 2 colors if u buy them. And it's all for a a good cause!

0 Too Face Melted Liquid lipcolor In Melted Violet Review

One of my friends actually had recommended me this earlier, but i did not get about to getting this until recently. And I am so totally in love with it. 

It comes in a tube with a slanted Sponge tip applicator that makes it super easy for precise application of the lip color. And the sponge tip applicator dispenses just the right amount of colour - Not too much and not to little.

It is of a creamy texture that gives intense colour on the lips. And while I have many problems with creamy / glossy lipsticks and lipglosses after I had my temporary crowning done, this baby here surprisingly, did NOT stain my temporary crowning at all. I did not have to blot and reapply the lippie in order to prevent it from staining my tooth which most other cream / glossy lipsticks did. Another plus point.

Lasting power
It is pretty long wearing, still stayed on even after I ate which is a nice surprise as most creamy lipcolors tend to disappear after I eat foods such as ice cream or oily food

I would rate this a 5 / 5, I have nothing to fault this product about. It is the perfect shade of magenta purple for any women of any skintone. I highly recommend Melted Violet.

And last not least here are 2 pictures of me wearing Melted Violet. I cannot get enough of this lip colour!

0 MAC A Novel Romance haulage and review

Initially, I was planning on passing on this collection, but when I saw the colors, I caved in to the inner shophaholic in me and ended up getting:

2 electric cool e/s in Gilded Thril and Coil (Coil was a repromote colour which i didn't buy the previous time it was launched as I wasn't so much into neutral eyes at that point of time)
2 lipsticks in A novel romance and Good Kisser
1 Blush in Fun ending
1 Eye quad in A Novel Romance (Same name as the lipstick and the collection)

Here are the pics of the items I bought from the collection

Good Kisser lipstick (Matte)

A Novel Romance lipstick (Cremesheen)

A Novel romanace eye shadow quad

Coil electric cool e/s

Gilded through electric cool e/s

Fun ending blush (Satin)

My personal favourite items of the lot has to be gilded through and Coil electric cool e/s, A novel romance lip stick and Good kisser lipstick. 

The electric cool e/s has a mousse finish (a hybrid of cream and powder in one) and is very smooth and blendable on the eyelids. I especially like the shimmers in them. 

Here's a pic of me wearing Gilded through electric cool e/s, Fun Ending blush and A novel romance lipstick

And in this 2nd pic, I added on Coil electric cool e/s at the outer corner of the eye

And as for A novel romance lipstick, I like it that it is a light sweet pink and that it is very wearable for both neutral eyes and stronger eye make up. I find myself reaching out for this colour very often these days.

And this is Good kisser lipstick, quite close to Pleasurebomb which was LE..but Pleasurebomb is slightly darker

Comparison swatch of Good kisser and Pleasurebomb lipstick

And as for the blusher, on first look it seems quite close to Pink Tea from the regular range, but when swatched, Pink tea is just a tad more pink than Fun ending which has a tad more peachy undertones to it. Both blushers are of satin finishes. Although it may seem powdery when swatched on hand, when applied, it does blend into the skin pretty well. A very good neutral color for daily use.

I haven't got about to using A Novel Romance eye quad yet, I will update a review of the quad and swatches once I've used it. 

0 Name that Lippie 2

Bought YSL rouge pur couture Mat 208 In Fuschia Fetiche and Loving it. It is a gorgeous Red lippie with a slight pink undertone to it. Although it is a matte, It is non drying. This might jolly well be my new found holy grail red lippie.

And here is Sushi kiss lipstick on me. It is a satin finish. Neither matte or glossy. 

Dodgy Girl lipstick (Matte) from Kelly osbourne. Although it says it is matte, but this feels more like a Satin finish on me, Not as drying as the normal matte lipsticks. Looks similar to up the amp in the tube, but it is lighter and more pink than Up the amp which is darker.

Flat out fabulous lipstick (Retro Matte). My favourite magenta lipstick from MAC.

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