0 China Glaze Nail polish in Turned up Turqoise (Neon)

When I first laid eyes on this color, I fell in love with this color and bought it as I am a big time lover of turqoise nail polishes. It is summer all time round in my country and I would so wear this color @ anytime @ anywhere.

Texture / color payoff:  It is a MATTE finish. Without my MAC overlacquer, It looked like I had just used some marker to color my nails. And I need at least 3 coats of this nail polish for it to be opaque. But it is a gorgeous color once a top coat is layered out it to give it more shine. It looks more green in real life than in this picture though. Some how my handphone cam and even my digital cam jus cannot capture the green in this gorgeous turqoise nail polish.

Time to dry: Relatively fast to dry as colored to regular nailpolishes as it is a matte finish

Lasting power: Average. Most nail polishes last at the most 2 days on me before they get chipped as I'm always using my nails to open stuff @ work.

0 Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheeks

For those who are have not heard or seen this brand before, it is a Japanese brand of cosmetics that is very popular in Asian countries, particularly in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. It is sort of like a western equivalent of a drugstore brand, but to be honest, their pricing are not really drugstore prices. 

Would say the pricing is more of mid range. I do think their products are kinda overraved, but I couldnt help get sucked in by the cute packaging of their blushers. They look like tin shaped maracoons...awww so cute and yummilicious looking that I had to buy them. Besides, the colors are quite nice as well, so why not? (But I still stick to my stand that their other products are over raved. hahahaha. No offence to Majolica Majorca fans though!)

Here is the packaging of the blushers. Cute right??? =))

And they all come with a cute little puff in them too, though I wont be using the puff for applying the colors

Color payoff : Sheer to medium buildable. Of the 3 shades, OR302 is the only matte shade with no glitter. The other 2 RD 414 (Coral) and PK 415 (Muave pink) have some slight silver glitter in them. 

Lasting power : Lasted on me for about 6 hours on my cheek area which is more dry than the T-zone. Faded slightly after that, but  still acceptable. 

Pricing : SGD $23 for 7g worth of product. Would be cheaper in Japan, but not sure by how much.

0 YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in #27 Fuschia Innocent

As much as I love my MAC, there comes a time / point when u want to venture out to try products from other brands. After all, I believe that every brands have their hits and misses, and if u don't try you will never know. I am not really the kind that will insist to have the whole cosmetics collection just MAC only as if I were to do that, I would be missing out A LOT.

 Anyway, to cut short, I've started using some YSL productsfor a few mths e.g. their le teint touche eclat foundation, skincare, nail polish and so far I've loved all of them. Being a bright pink lipstick fan, I decided to indulge myself in their hot sellin #27  (well at least the beauty advisor told me so) rouge pur couture lipstick. Here's the pics of the lipstick and how it looks on my lips.

Packaging : It comes in their usual gold chrome packaging with the YSL embossed label. It looks classy, but the only gripe i have with the gold chrome packaging is that it attracts fingerprints easily and I have to keep wiping to keep it look shiny XD

Color and Texture : I love hot pinks lipstick and so I love this hot pink as well. It is a pink which i can get away with wearing no make up or the bare minimum make up as it helps to brighten up my sallow complextion. Texture is creamy, smooth, non drying and doesn't emphasize the dryness of my lips. It kinda reminds me of MAC's amplifed creme texture, but more moisturising and lightweight on the lips

Price : Being a luxury brand, it's definitely on the high side. But I don't mind paying for quality products.

Overal, I would buy this lipstick again IF I EVER finish using it. It's a very wearable for everyday. It's bright but not too OTT. 

0 MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralized Skin finishes

Wanted so badly to buy the Skinfinishes and the mineralized blushers from this collection, but alas, unfortuntely, due to a delay in shipment, our local counters won't be receiving the Mineralized blushers and most of the MES yet (hopefully soon). Anyway, better than nothing, I managed to lay my hands on Rio, Lust and Adored MSFs. I already had Soft and Gentle from the regular range. Gold deposit was too dark for my NC20 skintone, so I skipped that. Here are the pics and swatches of the MSFs.

Do note in generally all the Skinfinishes in Tropical taboo have very high metallic shine, so Less is more is needed for this product otherwise, well U will end up with a VERY metallic looking cheek. And due to the sheer color pigmentation of the msfs, I would recommend these to be used as highlighters over blushers, with the exception of Rio msf where the Brown part can still be used as a slight contour on the face and the pink part as highlighters. 

I tried using Rio it as a cheek color by mixing the 2 colors, but the pink overpowered the brown and my cheeks looked way too shiny XD. I would probably use the brown alone seperately as a bronzer instead of mixing with the pink instead

As for Adored msf, I intentionally chose one with more seperate orange tones in it so that i could hopefully use it as cheek color. This works well as a light blush color for fair to medium skin tones but not anything more than that as if I layer too much of it, the frostiness shows through. 

I would say Lust would work better for Ladies with medium to darker skintones. Fair skin ladies have to use this sparingly to avoid looking bruise. It kinda reminds me of a less intense version of Brunette MSF from Blonde Brunnette, Red head though. See here for comparison swatches. This would work best with a fibre optic brush like the 159 that launched with this collection or the 187 / 188 or 131 due to the high shine of the MSFs in this collection

NOTE: Avoid using on areas with large open / blemishes, as the frostiness in these MSFs might emphasize them.

0 YSL Creme D Blush in #7

Bought this sometime back, but haven't got about to using it till yesterday. What I like about this cream blush is that unlike some other cream blushers that I've tried, this is very lightweight and blends into the skin like a dream. The texture is like a mousse type of blusher, it feels creamy in the pot, but after applying into the face, it becomes powdery and super easy to blend out. 

Color wise it is a sheer to medium and is buildable. Gives a very nice rosy pink flush that makes u look healthy without looking to Over the Top (OTT). The packaging is also very portable - it cames in a small acyllic square jar with the iconic YSL gold cover on top. Fret not, since it's acryllic, even if u accidentally drop it, U probably won't break the jar. Lasting powder is about 6 hours before it fades off slightly on me. U can either wear this alone or use it as a base with other blushers. Only downside is the price which can be a bit pricey for about 5.5g of product.

0 My Sculpted Face Kit Review

Bought this from a make up artist friend of mine who swore by this. And I have to say I'm very pleased with it. Whereas most contour powder turns out too orange on my NC20 skin, the contour colors in this palette works very well on me (at least for the 3 brown shades, the darkest one is a tad too dark for me and i use it for my eyebrow or eyeshadow instead). This kits consist of 2 highlight shades (one matte and one frosted) and 4 contour shades of different tones to work with different skin tones.

Even though it states it's a sculpting palette, but I also have use this as eyeshadow - white on the lid and the darker brown on the socket area. It works out pretty fine for this purpose as well. And for those who are new to make up and know nuts about contour or highlighting the face, fret not. This kit also comes with an insert guilding u on where to apply the contour (brown) and where to apply the highlight (white).Would repurchase this IF I EVER finish this. But i doubt i would finish this anytime in the near future.

Here are pics of the product and swatches

The leaflet inside guiding make up beginners on how to contour the face
Comes with 2 small mirrors
Close up of the highlight and contour colors 
 Swatches of the powders

0 NYX Beauty To Go box

Recently purchased Nyx Beauty to Go palette from a friend of mine. Here is the packaging and the contents:

 As u can see from the picture, the Palette consists of
1. 13 x 4 = 52 eyeshadows of different textures both matte and non matte
2. 6 blushers (the strips of pink in the small little pull out tray)
3. 6 lipstick colors (the strips of color also in the small little pull out tray)
4. 6 x eye base / concealer and corrector
5. 2 bronzing powders
6. 2 face powders
7, 6 lipgloss pots
8. 2 lip pencils
9. 1 mascara
10. 1 pencil liner
11. 1 liquid liner

The price I paif for this palette for SGD$80, I do not know how much this palette cost in the US, But I personally feel that for SGD80 it's quite value for money considering how mcuh stuff I get in side the box.

Here are some close up shots of the products

Overall, I am in love with this palette. I've swatched the eyeshadow colors by themselves (Will post swatches up later), the color payoff is decent and is buildable with an eye primer. The only gripe i have with is this palette is that the size of the blushers are TOO SMALL. WHAT  THE STRIPS OF PINK ARE BLUSHERS? HOW the hell am I supposed to get my big brush onto the samll rectangular strips of pink????? :X :X :X And the packaging is quite bulky, so its kinda hard to bring it for travel although it is possible to.  But I guess this is the only way they could get it to fit so many products in one beauty box. Overall, this is a good buy. I cant wait to use the colors in it.
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