0 MAC Stylishly Yours Cream color bases

Being a hard core blush/face color, I bought all four of the cream color bases from Stylishly yours even though 3 out of the four are really bright ones. But once blended out, the colors are pretty wearable and they last the whole day on the face even without any powder blushers over them.

From top to bottom (left to right): Madly magenta, Virgin Isle, Tickle me Pink & Movie star red

From left to red: Tickle me Pink, Madly magenta, Virgin Isle & Movie star red

Although it's not advisable to use these colors on the lips, I went ahead and tested it on my lips anyway as all the colors are so bright n vibrant that I think they would make good lip colors as well. Textures are very smooth and blendable

Tickle me Pink: Gives a very sweet dolly flush on the cheeks. I like to use this as a base for my pink based blushers to help them last longer. I would also wear this alone by itself and it lasts the whole day on me
Madly Magenta: I love love love Madly magenta on my lips - It's kind of a hot fuschia purplish pink on my lips and although it does stain my lips a little, I don't mind it cause I love how it turns out on my lips, plus it's not drying. It makes a nice blush as well...but pls use it with a very very light hand as this is so heavily pigmented that it is so easy to over do it

Virgin Isle: May look VERY orangy in the pan, but once sheered out on the cheeks it actually gives a nice peachy coral flush.

Movie Star Red: This is kinda tricky color to use on the cheeks especially on fairer skin people. However, this would make a nice red lip color.


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