3 MAC Teal / Blue / Turqoise Eyeshadows - Part 2

Part II of my MAC Teal / Blue eye shadows - Single pots

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Click for enlarged pic
Deep Truth (Frost): Looks a lot like Flashtrack both in the pan and when swatched on the hand, Just that Flashtrack is just slightly more blue than Flashtrack which is slightly darker. So if u have one, you probably won't need the other. Great for smokey eyes.

Flashtrack (Veluxe pearl): Great texture and gorgeous for smoky eye looks. Needs a bit of packing of color for the color to show up more intense though

Contrast (Velvet): Applies sheerer than in the pan.  Recommend to use it with an eyeshadow base. 

Submarine* (Frost): A beautiful blue......Texture is ok, a bit chalky, but still workable without an eyeshadow base. I love the color of this  blue though

Blue  Flame* : It looks VERY VERY similar to Deep Truth and Flashtrack. I almost cannot differentiate it when i apply it on my eyes with the other e/s colors. I like the color, but this color is definitely very very similar to deep truth n flashtrack.

Climate Blue* (Frost): A bit chalky which is kind of a pity as the color looks beautiful in the pan but turns out more sheer than expected. Eyeshadow base required.

Click for enlarged pic
Click for enlarged pic

Love Lace* (Veluxe Pearl): Some what of a greenish grey kinda eyeshadow. Good texture and color payoff. Very easy to blend and work with. 

Suave Intentions* (Veluxe Pearl): Applies brighter than what it looks like in the pan. Mostly sky blue with some grey undertones to it. Pigmentation and texture are as with more veluxe pearl eyeshadows excellent.

Birds & Berries* (Veluxe Pearl): In the same color family as Love Lace e/s, but is darker and stronger green undertones to it. Love this e/s as well

Blue Edge* (Velvet): Color is sheerer when applied on the eyes, texture is slightly on the chalkier side. Needs an eyeshadow base for the color to appear more intense

Click to enlarge pic

Click to enlarge pic

 Haunting* (Satin): LE from Alexander Mcqueen. Kinda reminds me MAC's aqua e/s but with just a bit more tinge of green in it. A beautiful turqoise color.

Gulf Stream* (Frost): Love love this teal colored e/s so much that I  bought a back up of it.Great color pay off and very easy to blend. It leans towards more of a matte finish even though it's a frost e/s, with little shimmers or sheen.
Shimmermoss (Veluxe Pearl):Almost identical to Steamy eyeshadow, just that it's off a different texture. If u have Steamy e/s, you won't need this as well. Cause they really look almost the same once applied onto the eyes

Parrot* (Frost): Another highly raved product from MAC. It's a beautiful color - a metallic bluish green with great color payoff and texture. But if u were to ask me to fork out a high price on ebay. It's no for me, I have a MUFE e/s that looks very similar to MAC's parrot as well. Beautiful color, but if u can't get your hands on this color. Do not fret, because there are some dupes for this color as well such as one of MUFE's teal e/s and Shu Uemura ME 638 e/s.

Cool Heat* (Frost): Looks very similar in color to Parrot. But I find Parrot to be more blendable and slightly of a metallic finish while cool heat is slightly darker and less metallic, well at least for me.

Waternymph* (Frost): LE from Lure. Reminds me of MAC's teal pigment but in pressed form. Great color and pigmentation. Not very metallic as some frosts can turn out to me.  


The Dollymix Diaries said...

Blue flame is gorgeous!!

Makeupaddict said...

Yeah it is. But it's really similar to flashtrack and Deep truth once i've swatched it. But being a sucker for MAC's e/s I still bought it when it was released with Cool Heat anyway. When i went home to compare it, wow..it looks really similar to deep truth n flashtrack.

Cydonian said...

I so should have gotten Love Lace ><

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