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I hardly buy Benefit products. but being a blush whore, I had to buy some of their blushers to try out
 Click for enlarged picture. I do kind of like the packaging especially for coralista and Throbb. They look kind of funky and yet feminine. But I hate the bulkyness of it. Takes up lots of space in my make up pouch. Plus, cardboard packing isn't really value for money considering how much I pay for them. I would expect for the price I pay, the quality of the package would be better. Oh well....

Click for enlarged pic

Georgia: This is basically a WASTE OF MONEY. I am a MAC NC20, and despite how many times and how hard i swipe it on my cheeks, it DOES NOT APPEAR. I would say this would act more like a finishing powder rather than a blush. If u are any darker than me, Don't buy this, cause if it doesn't appear on me, it probably won't appear on u as well. Save your money for other things.

Dandelion: It's a pretty light blush, but it still can be build up to give a nice natural pinky flush on my face. Recommended only for fair to medium skin tones. I had to swipe about 3 or 4 times for this to appear on face.
Coralista: As its name suggest, this is a coral blush with a slight satiny frosty finish to it. It's definitely more pigmented than it's counterparts Georga and Dandelion and can be used by all skintones. 

Throbb: A very very cool shade of pink. It kinda looks unnatural on my skin which has lotsa yellow undertones. I would imagine that this would work better for people with pink based undertone skins.


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