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This may seem like a random post, but i really do want to share with others what are my holy grail products and what i love about them... Unfortunately though, some of my HG products are limited edition :( 

Make up base: MAC Prep plus prime skin base visage
I swear by this. I have been using this for many many years and I always come back to this. I love the texture of this on my skin and it really helps in allowing the foundation to glide on more easily.

Liquid Foundation: Giorgo Armani face fabric liquid foundation
LOVE LOVE LOVE this texture.... SUPER Smooth

Loose powder: MUFE HD translucent powder
Love this as well, but will be switching over to MAC's prep plus prime translucent finishing powder after this as it's comparatively cheaper and they are Almost the same, given that both are silica powders.

Powder foundation: Have yet to find one. I hate using powder foundations in general, they are too powdery for my liking

Cream foundation: MAC mineralized cream foundation
Very moisturising and glides on to the face very easily. VERY Blendable. Does not cake up at all.

Concealer: MAC studio sculpt concealer
I have very bad undereye circles, this is about the only concealer that does a pretty decent job of covering them without caking if i DON'T apply too much

Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Nuff said about this liner. It's easy to use, smudge proof and glides on very easily. It doesn't crease or smudge on my hidden double eyelids


Neutral: MAC All that glitters (All time favourite. Must BUY!!!), MAC Patina e/s, MAC Satin Taupe & MAC Brule e/s
I love many of MAC e/s but if i really really had to chooose 3 neutral e/s from MAC, it has to be the above 3

Blue: MAC freshwater e/s  - Love love love this vibrant rich shade of blue....

Purple: MAC Beautiful iris e/s - It's the only MAC e/s which i have ever hit pan on

Yellows: MAC gorgeous gold & MAC going bananas

Greens: MAC juxt e/s and swimming e/s

Turqoise: MAC aquadisiac e/s

Oooops....I just realized that all my HG e/s are from MAC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC e/s, they have such a variety of colors and of different textures.

Eye make up base: hmmm None. I use a couple of eye make up base such as MAC paint pots in bare study and rubnesque and Too faced shadow insurance depending on my mood. I have pretty dry lids so I don't really need a base unless i wanna intensify the color


Highlighting powder: MAC lightscapade msf ( A DEFINITE MUST HAVE..but this is LE :( )

Blushers: All my MAC blushers.

Bronzer: No..I love to look fair. I don't use bronzing powder...AT ALL.


Nude lipsticks: MAC creme d nude, Mac Hue, MAC high tea, MAC Shy shine, MAC Hug Me, MAC honeylove, MAC shy girl

Red lipsticks: NONE. I Dun like wearing red lipsticks in general

Orange/coral lipsticks: MAC see sheer, MAC vegas volt, MAC Morange

Fuschia pink lipsticks: MAC Lickable, MAC madly magenta ccb, MAC show orchid

Lipglosses: MAC Cremesheen glass in Fashion whim ( I find myself reaching for this VERY VERY OFTEN that i have promoted it to Holy grail status, I LOVE MAC's cremesheen glasses in general though.)

Eye brushes: MAC 239, 242, 275, 209 and 217

239: Packs on eye colors nicely on the lid and can double up as a blending brush as well as its bristles are so soft
242: I find this effective for packing on pigments rather than the 239 as the brush is for stiff and this is good for cream based products such as paintpots as well

275: This is an angled fluffy brush for blending or contour eyeshadow colors on the eyes. If i cannot find my 217, this is usually what i use for blending out e/s as well

209: A must have for applying my blacktrack fluidline

217: It's either between this or the 275 brush for me. I can survive with either one but not without both

Face brushes: MAC 129, MUFE Kabuki brush
Lip brush: Nil


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