0 MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes (MSFs) - Part I

One of MAC's most popular and highly raved products, the MSFs (colored) ones are mostly limited editions and can be used either as highlighting powders, bronzers or blushers depending on the finishes of the product. As the products are hand baked, not one MSF is identical to one another. Each has its only unique swirl and mix of colors in it. It's actually like lookin at a piece of artwork really. 

                   Click for enlarged picture (All are LEs except for  Soft & Gentle)

       Click for enlarged pic

Northern Light: This does show up as a blush color on me by itself, but as the chunks of glitter is a bit big, I mostly use it over my blushers to add a some shimmer and glow to the face. 

Light Flush: Kinda reminds me of pink bronze pigment - a wee bit of orangy bronzy pink when worn on the face. It can be worn as a blush color on its own as well, but I do have to be light handed with this one, otherwise it can give a kinda weird orangy bronzy metallic pink look on my cheeks when I do not exactly like.

Glissade: One of the MSFs which contains the most chunky glitter of all. It's pretty sheer and too glittery to be worn as a cheek color by itself. If u don't like glitter on your face, or have open pores or acne scar on the face, lay off this. Cause the chunky glitters in this will only enhance the flaws. This is my least favourite MSF from MAC

Petticoat: Am loving this as a cheek color by itself. Gives a very nice raspberry pink flush of color to the cheeks.  And it looks delicious in the pan as well. I almost feel I can eat this. LOL!

Porcelain Pink: It's a pinkish highlighting color. Too light to be worn as a cheek color by itself

Soft and Gentle: Another highlighting color but more leaning more towards the neutral tone. I prefer this to shimpagne msf which i swapped off as I didn't like the chunky glitters in it. Suits all skintones. Be light handed with this though, it can look greasy if overly applied.


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