0 MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes (MSFs) - Part 3

Part III of my MSFs review

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By Candlelight: Released with Warm & Cozy collection. On very fair skin ladies, it can be worn as a blush color alone, but several swipes are needed in order for it to appear as a blush color. Otherwise for medium to darker skintones, this is a beautiful shade of highlightin powder. Not much glitters or shimmers, but might be metallic of overapplied

Refined: One of my favourite MSFs as well. Great texture (no glitters, no frostiness or whatsoever) and Great color. Gives a healthy flush of peachy color to the face without being overly shimmery or frosty. May be used as a blush color. Not to mention I LOVE the look of how this MSF looks in the pan. I can keep on looking @ it and never get tired of it

Perfect Topping: Depending on which part of the MSF your swirl (the muavey part or the whitish part), you will get a different color - either pink or more whitish. I use this more of a highlighting powder rather than a cheek color as the Perfect topping I bought contains more white parts rather than muavey parts

Lightscapade: LE released with Danse. It's my Holy Grail highlighting powder which i reach out for everyday. I CANNOT live without this. It's buttery smooth and non frosty nor glittery. Love this!

Gold Spill: Plenty of chunky glitters in this and little color payoff. Not a fan of this MSF

Stereo Rose: Plenty of raves for this color. It's a nice coral color that will suit all skintones and no chunky glitter nor frostiness in this. So I can understand why others love this. But I feel this is overhyped and overraved. There are other BEAUTIFUL blush colors from MAC which wins this hands down e.g. Hipness and Instant chic. Those 2 are beautiful Coral colors....more so than Stereo Rose. But this is just my personal opinion. Others may not think it this way.

o yep this wraps up my swatch n reviews of my MSFs collection. Broke it into 3 parts, cause I thought that if i wrote everything in one post, It would be too hard for u guys to digest... See ya till the next post! =)


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