0 Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in #56 Imaginaire & #51 Insouciance

Pardon me for not knowing French. I don't know how to translate the above names in English, So I shall just type their names out as according to the name on the packaging. Ever since I bought my first chanel gloss, I fell in love with its texture and color, So I caved in and bought another 2 and I am now loving all 3 of my Chanel glosses.

Below are pics and swatches of the latest 2 Chanel glosses which I acquired.

#56 Imaginaire

Love love love #56 Imaginaire on me. It's the perfect pink gloss to wear for everyday. All I need is just to apply some loose powder, pink blush and and this gloss and I'm ready to go. It keeps me looking fresh. Texture is great, color is Awesome, I can't help keep touching up this lipgloss wheneveri wear this. I love this color!

#51 Insouciance

May look a bit dull in the tube or when swatched. But when worn, it actually leaves a very nice hint of brownish pink on the lips - none too dark and none too light. Great for everyday wear especially when I'm not wearing any trace of make up on the face. Reminds me a bit of MAC's delight cremesheen glass, just that this has a bit more brown undertones to it. Great texture, finish and color. Loving this too. Will definitely purchase more Chanel glosses in the near future.

As with my last post on my last review of another chanel lipgloss, I wish these two came in transparent packaging. I don't like the packagin cause it's in a black opaque tube and I cannot see how much is left.

Ok that kinda wraps up my blog posts for this week. Will be updating my blog in 5 days time which is my next off day. Cause usually on my non off day, I'm just too tired to update. So for now, this is it. Adios!


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