2 Dior addict Ultra glosses

I am not a fan of Dior cosmetics, but I really really like their lip glosses, they give a very glossy look to the lips and are not sticky at all. Even the shimmers in some of the more shimmery ones are quite fine and doesn't give the glitterbomb lips effect. I recently added another 4 to my make up collection, so in total I have about 7 dior glosses up to date which is very few, but I will definitely be expanding my Dior lip glosses. Here are the 4 glosses which I hauled recently, but had no chance to post till now. I love the color and texture of all of them.

According to the Dior website, there are 3 types of finishes for their Dior addict ultra glosses mainly - Glow (nude shade to highlight femininity ), Pearl (Fresh and iridescent shades to add a dash of color) & Flash (audacious & vibrant colors to perfect a style)

 Click to enlarge. Dior addict ultra gloss in (Flash) in Extravagant Grenadine

Am Loving Extravant Grenadine, It gives a very soft touch of cherry red color on my lips without being over the top and perks me up even when I'm not wearing any other make up on my face.

Click to enlarge. Dior ultra Addict gloss (Pearl)  in 472 Bohemian Rose

A very wearable rosy pink shade of lipgloss that can be worn both by itself and over lipsticks to enhance the colors. Am loving this color as well.

Click to enlarge. Dior addict ultra gloss (Pearl) in 576 Sari Pink

Click to enlarge. Dior addict ultra gloss (Glow) in 342 Coral Confidental

Love love love this color. It gives such a nice MLBB (My Lips but better) color to my lips. Would see myself wearing this color again and again on both make up and non make up days.

P/S The above glosses are all part of the permanent line...


swirrruska said...

so preety :)

Makeupaddict said...

Thanks a lot babe. I'm more of a lip gloss person rather than a lipstick person. I like the sheer glossy kinda look.

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