0 MAC peach-brown blushers

Here's just a quick post on the comparison pic and swatch of the peach-brown blushers that I own. 

Tenderling: Mostly peach tones, but also has just a tiny hint of pink undertones. Excellent for fair skinned people or people who wants just the tiniest hint of color in their face

Garb: Goes on more peachy than Tenderling but less peach/orange than Peaches. (This is a Limited edition shade from Pret A Papier collection)

Personal Style: Leaning towards the brown side, but still gives a pretty natural flush on the cheeks when applied. 

 Sincere: Looks really similar to Gingerly in the pan. But it has less reddish undertones than Gingerly. Both are of the same textures...sheertones. MAC Sheertone blushers go on lighter than in the pan and color pigmentation can be buillt up.

Gingerly: A slightly redder version of Sincere, recommended more for medium to tanned skins. Fair skin would do better with Sincere. 

Coppertone: Definitely a reddish brown shade. Being a Matte blush, it's extremely pigmented. Do apply with a light hand for this blush especially if u are leaning towards the fair side. 

0 MAC face and body foundation

Recently just bought this foundation from MAC called the face and body foundation.

Yeah, so basically it's a REALLY REALLY sheer foundation that is so lightweight that u don't feel like you are wearing foundation on the face

And also because it's a really sheer foundation, I would only recommend this to people with normal skin who don't need much coverage and also with normal to dry skin. In fact when i compared this to my MAC select tint (a tinted moisturizer) which i have previously used, it's even lighter than that.

No complains about this product as it evens out my skintone nicely. But for people who are looking for coverage, this is definitely NOT the foundation as its coverage is pretty sheer. Recommended to people with who do not need coverage. Finish is smooth and lightweight. 

And yep, since this is a face AND body foundation, u can use this over your body as well. It comes in a pretty big bottle of 120ml... And unless you are using this for the body as well, one bottle of this can last a pretty long time. Damage: S$58

Edited: I have been using this everyday for a few days now together with my MUFE translucent setting powder and I love love love the sheer, flawless and smooth look this liquid foundation gives. Feel so lightweight on my skin. My new Holy Grail now!

0 OPI nail polishes in Glitzerland and Catch me In Your Net

I am usually not a nail polish person, but recently while window shopping at Sephora, I decided to play around with some of the OPI colors there. And boy, I instantly fell in love with the wide range of colors and quality of OPI nail polishes. I swatched a no of colors on my nails and spent a long time in deciding which colors to get, but oh well these were 2 of the colors which I bought after much deliberation (Too many colors to choose from!). Lemming for more OPI nail polishes now!

I really like the champagne gold color of Glitzerland, It's something which is not too loud, but yet simple and classy. And also when and if it chips off, the chips will not be as obvious as other colors.

Loving this shimmery turqoise/teal color from OPI. If i'm not wrong, i think this is a Limited edition shade from their 2010 collection

4 MAC Pink lipsticks

Not a Big fan of bubble gum pink lipsticks as i feel that i need to complement my whole make up jus to match the pink. I am asian and although i'm considered quite fair, I have a lot of yellow undertones which makes it difficult for me to choose the perfect shade of pink. Nevertheless, i still own a couple of pinks from MAC. 

I personally feel the more wearable ones for Asian skin are Lovelorn, Hot Gossip, creme cup, Hue and Plink.I find Gaga and Real doll has too much blue undertones to it to look "Natural" on Asian skins. Those 2 lipsticks definitely has to be WORN with make up. Otherwise, yeah it can look kinda odd on Asian skins

Yeah I only own like 8 pink lipsticks from MAC...as Yeah..I'm not a pink lip person and yes...i'm not a lip person in general. Here are the 8 pink lippies which i own from mac : Plink!, Hue, High Tea, Please Me, Lovelorn, Creme Cup, Gaga and real doll.

I would not recommend Plink! hue or high tea to people with pigmented lips as the colors are really sheer and require layering in order for the color to appear. Best recommended to conceal the lips before applying Plink!, hue and high tea. . .MAC's lustre and glaze lip formulas are moisturizing for the lips but they appear more sheer than in the tube. And if u like a glossy finish, you would probably like the lustres and Glazes.

I personally actually quite like Please Me lipstick. It's one pink which i feel has more warm undertones and which i can actually WEAR...without looking too fake or odd like gaga or real doll. and Yes, it's a matte, and it' very pigmented. Note though, Matte lippies can be a tad drying so pls moisturize your lips really well with a lip balm before applyin. But the color payoff  and staying power is excellent as compared to other textures. 

Nuff of me typing and typing... Here are pics of the lippies

Lovelorn (lustre), Creme cup, Gaga and Real Doll lipsticks
Plink!, Hue, High Tea and Please Me lipsticks
Being a lustre formula, Plink! appears more as a sheer wash of light glossy pink on the lips by itself.
An excellent nude pink shade if u are looking for nudish pink lipsticks
Not exactly pink, but somewhere along the lines of pinkish brown. I like this as a sheer wash of color on my lips for the natural look. And i really like the lustre finish of MAC lipsticks,even though some people might find the color too sheer.

I hardly wear Matte lipsticks, But this and Honeylove, also from MAC are the rare ones which i do wear.
I would say that Lovelorn lipstick is one of my favourite pink lipsticks from MAC. It's not as sheer as some of the other lustre forumla lipsticks and it's not overly cool toned for people with warmer skintones like myself.
My all time favourite baby pink lipstick from MAC. The cremesheen formula means that it is creamy, moisturizing for the lips and with a highly pigmented and glossy finish. It's something like the creamier and more pigmented version of MAC's lustre lipsticks
BAH! I hate how this looks on me. It's WAY too cool on my really YELLOW skin tone. Just bought it for collection sake...
This was Limited edition from the Barbie Loves MAC collection. I can't say that i'm thrilled with this lipstick either as ever since i bought this i have only actually worn this out for like 2 or 3 times. :X

Finally, swatches of the 8 pink lip colours on my hand (click to enlarge)

Last but not least, pls note that lipstick shades varies from person to person. It also depends on the pigmentation of the natural lip color of the individual, so pls always try to get the colors tested at the color :P One man's meat may be another's poison and vice versa. Cheers!

0 Lunasol Fall/Winter 2010 make up collection

I'm not really a big fan of Japanese brand make up in general as personally speaking, I find most of their e/s to contain OTT (Over The Top) shimmer with very very sheer color payoff. 

Although Lunasol (It's under Kanebo Cosmetics for those who do not know) eyeshadows are sheer as compared to western cosmetic brands, but the colors are still buildable and pretty good for a japanese brand. Plus, the shimmers in the eyeshadow palettes are SHIMMERS and NOT glitters. There's a big big difference btw Shimmers and glitters. I like shimmers, but i don't like glitters! LOL. Generally, I prefer brands such as MAC or MUFE for their pigmented eyeshadows, but when i want to go for a more soft look, i would still reach out for my Lunasol palettes...especially on lazy days when i'm too lazy to blend e/s colors. Lunasol e/s palettes are really a breeze to blend even for make up beginners.

Downside is that, their e/s palettes are really expensive :X 77 SGD for one e/s palette.

Anyway back to their latest Fall / Winter collection, I bought all 5 e/s aurorized eye palettes  and 3 of the lipsticks...and without much further ado..here are the pics and swatches!

Aurorized Eyes series eye palettes



For Japanese brand lipsticks, I would recommend that if u have VERY pigmented lips, either u conceal your original lip color with a concealer / foundation otherwise, go for other brands like MAC which has much more pigmented lipsticks.  To be honest, I generally find that Japanese brand cosmetics (except Shu Uemura)  lippies to be really sheer although they are highly moisturizing for the lips. The same goes for Lunasol lippies. It almost feel like you are wearing a lipgloss in a tube form. Actually once u have bought a few colors,  I don't think u need to buy the rest anyway, cause they are so sheer until they look almost all the same on the lips... I only bought 3 colors from the collection, but i think they look almost all the same on my lips! OMG.. lol but yes they are very moisturizing n GLOSSY.

Damage: SGD 46 per lipstick . . . . . Splurge only if u have too much cash to spare. LOL!

MAC lustre lipsticks give the same glossy effect and are much cheaper... and not to mention their range of colors is much wider. If u are on a budget, but yet want a moisturizing and GLOSSY lipstick, u can try MAC lustre lipsticks.


The finish of the blushers are of sheer soft satin finishes with some subtle shimmers in them. Each blush comes with 3 different shades in the pan, the darkest being the cheek color and the lightest being the highlighting color. U can also choose to swirl and mix the colors together.

0 Make Up Forever HD blush

Bought 3 of these cream blushers after reading positive reviews about these products. 

Damage: SGD 55 Dollars

Although i do like the pump container, I only wish that i can control the amount of liquid blush that it dispenses. Many a times, i tend to pump out too much of the blush and the excess is wasted. Tsk.

Quality wise, the colors of these cream blusher are pigmented and vibrant. They can be worn alone without any power blush over it. Only a tiny amount is needed for the color to appear on the face. Lasting power is about 8  hours or so

Seeing is believing....these are the swatches of the 3 cream blushers i bought. Ain't they vibrant and pigmented? Not many brands in Singapore carry cream blushers. If you want a more natural make up look, cream blushers are actually the best as they blend in really nicely wth the skin.

I do intend to purchase more despite of the hefty price tag as i feel that the quality is worth paying for. 

0 MAC Fabulous Felines

Well, I promised myself to go on a make up ban, but as usual, I couldn't resist buying something items from MAC fall / winter collection - Fabulous Felines. Being the eyeshadow and blush junkie that i am, I got myself 2 quads & Leopard Luxe quad) and 2 blushers (Pet Me & Utterly Game mineralize blush) from this collection. Here are pics and swatches of the items...

Burmese Beauty Quad

Burmese beauty is my favourite quad out of the 3 quads from the collection that I own. I find this quad to be a very versatile quad that can be worn both for day and night. 

For day wear, I would jus use prized e/s all over the lid and Skintone 2 closest to the lashline up to the socket area using Showstopper as a light contour for the socket area.

For night,i would just pack on more Showstopper on the crease area and Burmese beauty e/s to make it into a smokey look.

The textures of the e/s for this quad is also superb - very smooth and blendable. Color pay off is excellent as u can see from the swatch.

Although Burmese beauty may look similar in pan to a MAC regular e/s Club, but no, they are not similar. Club e/s has more green undertones to it, where as for burmese beauty e/s it has a noticeably more red undertone to it.     

Leopard Luxe Quad

This quad has 2 orange under tone e/s in it - Wild by nature and Style Predator. If u are not a fan of orange e/s, I honestly think this may not be your cuppa tea as Wild by nature  and Style Predator can appear to be pretty orangy if used with a heavy hand. 

Wild by nature kinda reminds me of MAC's regular e/s in ricepaper except that Wild by nature is tad more yellowish beige than ricepaper.. As for Style Predator, it kinda reminds me of MAC goldmine e/s except that gold mine has more yellow undertones in it and style predator is well...more orange. 

Palace Pedigreed quad

At first sight, I was very much reminded of the purple quad from MAC'S Spring Color forecast earlier this year. The only difference being is the Russian blue e/s included in this quad.... I do find the colors of the e/s in this quad slightly more chalkier (esp for Russian Blue) and harder to blend. And even the lightest color in the quad, Courtly, I feel is not light enough to be used as a base color. In fact, over applyin Courtly on the whole eye might even make the eyes look sore. 

Definitely not my favourite quad from this collection. It's stiill wearable, but the colors in this quad may be a bit challenging for make up beginners 

Mineralized blushers


Being a sucker for blushers, I absolutely adore Pet Me and Utterly Game mineralize blushers from this collection. Unlike the past collections where MAC's mineralized blushers were mostly shimmery, the mineralized blushers in this collection is distinctively more matte than their earlier counterparts. Texture of the 2 blushers is also finely milled and color pay off excellent. Well, i'm glad that MAC has finally released matte mineralized blushers for people who likes mineralized cosmetics, but hate shimmers/glitters in their color makeup. Kudos to MAC.

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