0 MAC Teal / Blue / Turqoise Eyeshadows - Part I

Here's the 3rd part of my MAC eyeshadow pics/swatches and review. Gonna split this in 2 parts if not the post will be too long to read. First part - the 15pan palette and 2nd part the single e/s

 Click for enlarged pic. LE e/s: Big T, Pompous Blue, Blue absinthe, Moonflower & Bang on Blue. Pro eyeshadow: Cobalt

 Click for enlarged pic

Aquadisiac (Lustre): One of the first MAC eyeshadows that I bought. For a lustre finish, it has pretty good color payoff with not so much of chunkly glitters. It's a beautiful shade of turqoise which I really love from MAC.

Jewel Blue (Veluxe): Not too sure if this has been dc by now. But it's also a beautiful shade of vibrant blue that gives a bright pop of color to the eyes. It's pretty pigmented and pretty easy to blend

Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl): Another of my MAC favourite regular color. If u are into colorful eyeshadows or blues, you will love this one. Great texture and great color payoff. I love this e/s even though it's not really those kinda everyday colors.

Big T* (Frost): Looks really intense in the pan, but needs a bit of work to get the color to show up as intense as in the pan. Eyeshadow base recommended for this color. Otherwise, it's a lovely color if u are into teals and turqoises as I am

Pompous Blue* (Frost): A tad darker than Big T, with the same texture. Also needs some work to get the intensity of the color to show, but still workable and blendable. Eyeshadow base recommended for this color

 Click for enlarged pic

Blue Absinthe* (Frost):  Looks very similar to Steamy, just that Steamy is just the tiniest darker and more green than Blue absinthe.

Steamy (Frost): Good color payoff and texture.But may be a bit metallic looking if over applied

Surreal (Frost): A very light turqoise with gold undertones to it. Good as just a wash of color all over the eyes. Pairs beautifully with other darker shades of turqoise, teals and blues. Used on the inner V corner of the eye, it helps to open and brighten the eyes with other darker colors

Zonk Bleu (Veluxe pearl): A wearable blue that doesn't scream too bright or too retro. Suitable for everyday wear as well. Good texture and color payoff.

Moonflower* (Frost): Nice as a liner color or for more intense colors such as smokey eyes. Pairs well with other teals, blues, grays, blacks and purples

Click for enlarged pic

Moon's reflection (Veluxe Pearl): Sky blue with a a silvery undertone. Can be worn for everyday as well. Great texture and color pay off.

Electro Sky (Satin): Satin finish, but feels and looks more like a matte finish. Slightly chalkier than the usual Satin e/s, but still workable

Cobalt : Not too sure of the finish, my brother CPed this for me from a MAC pro store in London in the refill form and er it didn't state the finish.... Lol So i'm honestly not sure the finish for this e/s. But it feels and looks matte to me. A nice blue with some purplish undertones. Needs to be packed on for the color to be more intense

Bang on Blue* (Frost): Looks very intense in the pan, but you really need to pack it on a lot for the color to go on more intense. Eyeshadow base required for this.

Electric Eel (Satin): This is a wham bam sorta color which you will not wear for everyday. It's a very intense electric blue color that goes on very pigmented onto the eyes. Blends well, applies well and great color. It's a must have if u are into colorful eyeshadows like i'm.


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