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I used to keep my collection in traincase, but as it expanded, one traincase was no longer enough to store all my cosmetics. My mum, had this make up table specially custom made for me - the no of drawers and depth of all the drawers were specially designed to fit my make up in just nice - not too deep and not too shallow. Hmmm, although it's pretty big, but I am out of space again in my make up cabinet. I guess this means I should stop buying make up. But i can't. MAC keeps releasing LE collections each month and being a MAC junkie, I will spend on MAC every month...sighs. I need a bigger space for my make up :x

Click to Enlarge. There are basically 4 larger but shallower drawers on the top 2 layers - 2 dedicated to eyeshadows, one for lipstuff and one for blushers. As for the 4 drawers below, one is dedicated to eyeshadow  bases, one for blushers (Yes..I am a BLUSH whore... I have 2 drawers for my blushers :x), one for base make up and one for brushes. The two deeper drawers right at the bottom are used to store miscellanous make up items which I have no space to put into the other drawers and fake lashes. And yep, sorry for the messy table top, I keep some of my foundations and skincare on the table.

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 1: Contains my MAC 15 pan e/s palettes, quads, singles and pigments. 

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 2: Contains some miscellaneous MAC mineralized e/s, MAC holiday palettes and other non MAC eye make up and non MAC e/s palettes. The ones in the  brown packaging are e/s palettes from a Japanese brand called Lunasol. Currently have about 26 of their palettes..

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 3: Contains both MAC and non MAC lipsticks and lipglosses... plus 2 chanel blushers which I have ran out of space of to put in my blusher drawers

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 4: Contains both MAC and non MAC blushers and face color powders - highlighting powders plus msfs (Msfs are stored in the bottom layer hence hidden in the picture)

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 5: MAC blushers only drawers............... I LOVE MAC Blushers...

 Click to enlarge. Drawer no 6: Eyeliners, Eyeshadow bases, Cream eye shadows, Mascaras and other miscellaneous eye stuff from MAC and other various brands

Click to enlarge. Drawer no 7: Base make up - Foundations, loose powders, concealers, cream foundations, mineral make up.....

 Click to enlarge. Drawer no 8: Full size brushers and travel size brushers (in the smaller pouch). Brushes which i use more frequently are stored in brush holders on my make up table

 Click to enlarge: Drawer no 9: Other miscellaneous make up items and skincare which i have no space to put in the other drawers - UD's Book of shadows 3, Black palette, Summer of love palette, Benefit's posietint and benetint, 2 Shu uemura eye palettes and 2 chanel blushers and some sheet makes plus contact lenses...

 Click to enlarge. Drawer no 10: False lashes drawer and other stuff drawer

Last but not least....I have a clear display cabinet in my room which displays some of my other make up which i have no room for in my make up cabinet....It makes me happy just to look at my make up. I know most people think i'm crazy, but if u are a make up junkie like me, you will understand my obsession with collecting make up. =)

Click to enlarge. This clear display cabinet contains some of my other MAC holiday palettes, some random mac pigments, MAC msfs, MAC hello kitty items and some shu uemura cosmetics.

So yep, this kinda wraps up the post for my make up storage for now.......thanks for taking time off to read ya


Lily Seymour said...

I just had to comment on your beautiful collection! I think it's time for a blog sale!

maomiko said...

your huge stash of MAC blushers, just remind me a long lost nice cotter named geeko :)

Makeupaddict said...

:P I do used to frequent cozycot last time, but because of the change in layout, i stop visting cozycot...

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