0 Giorgo Armani liquid foundation in face fabric

Heard many rave reviews on Giorgo Armani's foundation and got a friend to CP (custom purchase) this for me from Hong Kong as it is not available in Singapore. And after using this for several times, I have to say that I love this foundation.

1. It contains silica so it really goes on very smooth on the face. Makes me feel like keep wanting to touch my face again and again cause it feels oh so smooth on the face.
2. Softens and diminuishes any imperfections on the face e.g. large pores (mainly due to the presence of silica which helps to fill in the fine lines and holes)
3. Easy to blend and lightweight
4. Mattifying, oil control is pretty decent as compared to non silica based foundations
5. Non-drying (both combi and dry skin people can use this)
6. Provides medium coverage

1. Expensive (Again, Price is not much of an issue for me as long as the product works for me)

Would re purchase this again IF i ever finish this which i doubt so as I have quite a number of foundations to rotate and finish. I suspect the color i bought is jus slightly darker for me. But I corrected it by using a purple loose powder over it to brighten my face, so no issues with the color shade


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