0 The Face Shop color shimmer lipstick in PK103

Had nothing to do, so was goin through my lipstick drawer to see what lipsticks I had which I didn't wore in a long time and rediscovered this color which I bought quite a long time ago. I had worn this a few times, but soon after forgotten about this after getting new lipstick colors. So on a whim, I decided to wear this color again and re ignite my love for this color

1.  Has a very smooth creamy and moisturizing texture. Feels somewhat like MAC's cremesheen lipsticks but less slippery than the cremesheen lipsticks

Color payoff:
1. A rose pink with very subtle golden shimmers with a slight glossy finish and medium coverage

Lasting power:
1. Average..... Matte lipsticks are still the longest lasting of all, but i don't really like them as sometimes they can be a tad too dry for my lips which are prone to dryness and flakiness.

Sorry about the flakes  on my lips in this pic. When this pic was taken, my lip happened not to be in its best condition and it's definitely on the dry side....

In general, this is one of those few blue toned pinks which I can get away without wearing much make up. (I cannot wear most pinks without makeup, they look somewhat weird on my yellowish skin) Would repurchase if I ever finish, but I highly doubt so as I have other lippies to finish as well...
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