0 Bobbi Brown Long wearing gel liner - Caviar Ink

So I finally ran out of my HG MAC blacktrack fluidline, (Have to wait for my payday to repurchase it as i've burst my budget for the month) luckily, a friend of mine gave this to me so at least I still have a liner to use. I hate using pencils for my upper lid. It just doesn't give the smooth finish that a gel or liquid liner does, at least for me.

So this is my review on this particular color Caviar Ink gel liner from Bobbi Brown.

Product feature:
1. It's kinda brownish greyish black (sorry that my cam isn't able to capture the brown in it as it appears more black in the cam), definitely softer than your usual black eyeliner.
2. It comes in a 3g glass jar (same amount as MAC's fluidline but @ a slightly higher price)

1. It's long wearing on my eye lids
2. Does not flake 
3. Smudge proof and water resistant but NOT water proof. Meaning that it can resist slight rain and tears, but u CANNOT swim in this
4. Takes a short time to set on the eye lid

1. I don't really like the texture. It's definitely more dry and less creamy than MAC's fluidline which I am used to, but if u have oily lids, u might prefer BB's gel liner though.
2. Because of the dryer texture of this, I foresee this to dry up faster than my MAC fluidline which i have no problems for keeping up to 2 yrs plus for it.

Personally, I prefer the texture of MAC's fluidlines, but I love the color of BB's Caviar Ink gel liner. It's black, but not black black and will appear softer on the eyes.

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