0 Cargo blush - Rome, Tonga and Catalina

Cargo makes awesome blushers. Unfortunately just like nars, they are not available in my country. I bought these 3 online from a girl on a beauty forum and I love them!!!

1. Highly pigmented. ONE swipe is enough for the color to appear on the cheeks especially for Rome (if u use more than 1 swipe, u might end up with bozo the clown cheeks especially if ur skintone is on the fair side)

2. Long lasting, does not fade 

3. What u see in the pan, is what you will get on the cheeks. I especially like catalina, as it appears a true pink on me unlike MAC's pink swoon which turns peachy on me after applying... :X :X

4. Very smooth, blendable texture

5. They come in very very large tin pans with a generous amount of product. Only rant i have about the packagin is that the tin cover tend to come a bit loose after sometime, but otherwise no rant about the product itelf

Click for enlarged pic. From left to right: Rome, Tonga

Catalina blush

From left to right: Rome, Tonga, Catalina

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