0 You know you are a make up addict when you ....

Are u guilty of the following? I am guilty of everything :X

1. Spend your free time surfing & reading beauty make up blogs, checkin out product swatches and reading product reviews
2. Rush down to the MAC counter on the first day of launch to purchase the latest collection before they go OOS!
3. Spend @ least 1/4 of your salary or allowance each month on make up
4. Buy the same shade of e/s, lipstick or blusher again and again even though you already own a dozen of  similar colors in your collection 
5. You don't buy any other things but only make up and beauty products
6. Buying the latest beauty magazines to check out the latest beauty trends and make up looks
7. Customize a special storage space just to store all your make up and beauty products
8. Have many unopened items just because you haven't got about to finish your old ones or because u don't bear to use the new items because they look oh so pretty in the packaging.
9. Once someone get u started talking on make up, u cannot stop and keep talking about it on and on
10. Everyone around you says you have too much make up
11. You cannot stuff all ur make up products into one traincase
12. Checking out the make up collections of other make up / beauty junkies and oogling over them
13. When you go shopping, the first department you will head for is for the cosmetics department
14. Observing and looking at the make up of other women when you are outside
15. Cannot leave the house without make up... that includes just a lipstick or lipgloss :P
16. Creating your own beauty blog and reviewing your favourite products
17. Creating an excel spreadsheet to keeptrack of your cosmetic inventory and how much you have spent on make up.
18. Buying a clear display cabinet to display your make up in it just like that in a store..
19. Tear out the make up spreads in magazines and file them up for your own reference
20.  Can spend the WHOLE day surfing beauty websites

Feel free to add on to the list :)
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