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A frequent sufferer of migraine and headaches and yet you don't wanna pop pills too often to relive the pain? If so, you can try Origins Sensory Therapy in Peace of mind to give on the spot relief for headaches

Key ingredients (not goin to list every single thing on the box as it is too long for me to list out, but I'll just pick out the key ones)
Water, rose flower water, peppermint leaf water, rosemary leaf water, peppermint leaf oil,basil oil, eucalyptus dives oil

How to use:
Massage the cream onto the back of the neck, temples, earlobes and breathe deeply 

General comments:
I love the cooling minty sensation of this cream (mainly from the peppermint leaf extract), which helps to relief my headache without taking panadol. After doing some googling on the internet, I found out from Wikipedia that Peppermint can be used for insomnia and it also helps to reduce pain sensing fibres (hence relieving headaches). Sometimes, even when I'm not having any headache, I love to use this on myself to clear my mind and relax especially when i'm having a not so good day @ work. Would definitely repurchase after finishing this. I would highly highly recommend this to people who suffer from frequent headaches and who do not want to rely on pills to relief the tension in their heads and also for people who wanna calm their minds and relax after a long hard day @ work.
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