0 Estee Lauder Cyber white Brillant Cells Full spectrum Brightening Moisture Creme

Am not really a skincare junkie, but I've to rave about this moisturiser because I really like this.

 What Estee Lauder says about this product:
1. Deep Down Hydration and extra comfort in a skin-cushioning creme
2. Helps strenghten skin moisture barrier
3. Skin immediately feels smoother suppler, looks brighten, more even toned
4/ Dermatologist and opthalmologist tested. Non acnegenic

My comments on this product:
1. Scent is light  (I kinda like this scent, but i can't tell what scent it is though..) and not overpowering with fragrance as some moisturisers are.  

2. Cream is lightweight on the skin (Is very important to me, because I'm living in a hot and humid place. So nothing too greasy nor too rich for me)

3. My skin feels hydrated, more smooth and firm after applying this. (can't help keep touching my skin after using this moisturiser)

4. Skin looks brighter 

As for long term effects of brightening dark spots and pigmentation, I cannot comment on this as I'm not using the full range of the Cyber white brillant cells skin care. But all i can say is that i really like this moisturiser. Would repurchase this again. Only thing is that it's kinda expensive but i don't mind as one jar of this would last me quite sometime.
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