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In my spare time, I love buying and browsing magazines for inspiration for make up colors. I especially like the 4 looks featured in this month's Cleo magazine because of the bright popping colors (I personally love bright cheery colors). Would like to share these pics with all of you. Pls click on the pictures for enlarged pics.

Green eyes, Fuschia lips. This is one of my favourite color combos of all time. Very Barbie like

Yellow eye shadow is another of my favourite color. It's such a bright, cheery and fun color.

Blue is a nice, but tricky color. If overdone, it can look a bit 80s. Nevertheless, i love blues as well

 Pink eyes, orange lips. I will have to try this combination on myself one day.

And i'm loving the eye make up from Chanel's advertisement for their latest collection...

Another of my favourite magazine I love to buy is the Make Up Store magazine. They feature many creative and yet wearable make ups in their magazines.  Due to copyright issues, I am only posting 4 of the bling bling eye make up here which was from one of the issues back in 2009. I love the placement of the crystals and also the constrast of the crystals against the eyeshadow colors. I would so wear any of these eye make up to a party. If u have any Make up Store in your country, I would highly recommend u to get their make up magazine. Very good source of inspiration for make up and not to mention their wide variety of colors as well

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