0 Kose Sekkisei lotion and Emulsion

Basically i am more of a make up junkie rather than a skincare junkie Bought these in the promotional size to try out (lotion - 100ml and emulsion 70ml) after hearing some raves about this range of skincare products esp for the lotion

The lotion is something like a toner which helps to clarify, brighten and prepare the skin for better absorbtion of the emulsion aka moisturiser

Some people like to soak the cotton pad with the lotion and than pat it onto the face, but i find that this waste a lot of the product and I prefer to pour some on the hands and then pat it on to the face and neck until is fully absorbed into the skin before applying the moisturiser.

1. Yes, it does make my skin fairer and brighter after 2 weeks of usage (but not too sure whether it is due to the lotion only or a combination of both the lotion and emulsion)
2. Skin also feels more smooth and firm

Do note for the emulsion, only one pump is need for the whole face and neck as using any more than that might be a bit too much and rich for the skin especially for those with oily skin.
One down point is that the lotion does contain alcohol on the 2nd list...so if those who are sensitive to alcohol in their skincare. Do take note of this..

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