0 MAC PRO chromaline gel eye liners in Primary Yellow and Marine Ultra

Being an addict for bright vibrant colors like yellow and blues, I got someone to CP this from the MAC pro store overseas. I actually wanted other colors as well, but alas, they were out of stock of the other chromaline gel liners, so this was what I ended up with but never the less. I love the colors. They are very vibrant (I wished MAC expanded the line of colors in their regular fluidline range though..) and intense.

Lasting power: Excellent (I love MAC fluidlines and I love my new chromalines too)

I used Primary Yellow more as a base to intensify my other yellow eyeshadows and as for Marine Ultra, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS as a eyeliner. It's the perfect shade of royal blue eyeshadow for me. It's bright, but yet not too bright for everyday wear.

Texture: Has a slightly thicker texture than the fluidlines esp for Primary Yellow.

Size: Comes in the size of a paintpot. So one of this will last you a long time, if u are not using this on other people.

By the way, this is water resistant (able to withstand sweat, slight rain and tears and oil) but NOT WATERPROOF. SO u cannot wear this for SWIMMING...  Tried it and this is my conclusion. Otherwise, this is a very long wearing liner.

Would definitely repurchase again if i EVER FINISH up these. But I'm lookin forward to add more chromaline gel liners to my collection.

Marine Ultra Chromaline gel eye liner

 Primary Yellow chromaline gel eye liner

 Left to right: Primary Yellow and Marine Ultra
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