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Wanted to get all the eyeshadows @ first, but as i've overspent for this month, I had to limit myself to only 3. And it was a very hard time for me choosing ONLY 3 MES to buy. So after countless of swatching @ the counter until my whole hand and arm was full of glitters/shimmers, I settled on Blue sheen, Unsurpassable and Hint of Sapphire. If there are still stocks @ the end of the month (which I highly doubt there will be any left), I might go back for more... but otherwise, this is all the MES i'm gettin from semi precious for now.

 Hint of Sapphire MES

Hint of Sapphire swatch. Left to right: Dry, Wet
Blue sheen MES

 Blue sheen MES swatch. From left to right: Dry, Wet

 Unsurpassable MES

 Unsurpasable MES. From left to right: Dry, Wet

Do note that as each and every Mineralized eyeshadow is hand baked, color might slightly differ even if they are the same MES, as the swirls and mixture of colors are different. And all MAC MES, can be used wet or dry. The color becomes more intense when used with a wet brush as can been seen from the above swatches. I especially love Blue sheen MES, as the blue is so beautifully dark smokey blue when it's wet. Definitely nothing close to any color that i have, even MAC deep truth cannot compare to this gem of a color. If u love smokey eyes, I think blue sheen is a must buy. I personally find that it's best to use a synthetic brush like the MAC 242 brush to apply if u wan the color to be more intense and without the glitter fallout. 

Will be skipping Fashion flower ........ cause am not attracted to the colors in the collection (I already own Lucky green e/s and alpha girl beauty powder from earlier collections). Money saved! Till the next collection!!! I seriously hafta save money.....
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