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I personally find MUJI (A japanese brand by the way) has very good storage solutions although their prices are on the high side. I bought this 3 tier drawer plastic storage for my make up table to store skincare or make up samples, nail polishes and other miscellaneous items like sponges etc etc which are too small to be organized properly into my main dressing table drawer

The best feature which i like about this storage is that I can pull out the dividers and adjust them to the length that I want to store and organize my items.

 Ooops,,,sorry about the unsightly puff. I havened washed it yet, will do so soon. Anyway I hardly ever use puff for my powders anyway

First drawer: Nail polishes. I don't have many nail polishes as you can see.

2nd drawer: Samples of skin care and make up and other miscellaneous items (Sorry for the state of the puff!). You can see from this pic the adjustable divider. U can either take it out completely, or adjust the width to where u want

 3rd drawer: More samples and other miscellaneous stuff

In short, I feel this storage space is very good for :
1. People who have not much make up 
2. Storing nail polishes .... the size is perfect for my opi nail polishes
3. Storing accessories and tools e.g. sponges, puffs, curlers, tweezers, shavers etc etc.
4. Skincare samples or even pigment samples
5. Basically anything that is too small to put in a big drawer
6. Even though I don't store my mac pigments in here, I do find that this will make a good storage solution for MAC pigments as well...
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